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59 1030 Hamner AveSte ANorco, CA 92860 (951) 272-3388 Amazing customer service! I come here at least once or twice a month! Kyla and Carl's are amazing super sweet and nice to talk to! I will always be coming here because of their customer service. If I ever have my own company I'd hire them! I have a gift card that they gave for there 15 year anniversary. They said they could not accept it due to technical difficulties.

I asked if they still accepted debit/credit cards.surprise they do. Im calling b.s how can you process debit and credit cards and not gift cards. This place is located in a shopping center which features a Target store in the city of Norco. I ate here with my kids at their request. We have eaten here before and like an assortment of meat combinations. We ordered the Island BBQ plate which includes Hawaiian BBQ chicken, Hawaiian BBQ beef and Chicken Katsu.

I also ordered a Kalbi Short Rib plate for us all to share. I could have ordered less but we split them up and devoured all of the meat. I was a good boy and ate my cabbage but left most of the rice and all of the macaroni salad. In all I spent $40 for the 3 plates and 3 small sodas. I enjoyed the Chicken Katsu the most and the other meats were OK, nothing spectacular. The place is clean, the restrooms are clean, the cashiers were friendly, the food was OK and the prices a bit high.

I would say there is similar value and taste to Volcano which is across the street. 3 stars! A-OK. So I drive up at 8:56, the workers see me, rush to turn off the "open" light. I walk in at 8:58 and am told they're closed. Why have posted signs that you close at 9:00 when you actually close earlier? If u go here get ready to wait Not ur turn but until the staff decides to start making your order.

I went a few times and people whom placed their orders after me got theid meals first and on top of the staff tell you, your order is next, of course until they feel like it. On top of that. I ask Not to get any cabbage witch I got even extra and all of my chicken was not cut they gave me the whole big pieces This doesn't beat authentic Hawaiian BBQ from Hawaii itself, but it's the best Hawaiian BBQ I've eaten here on the mainland! Decided to take my bf so he could try Hawaiian BBQ for the first time and when I walked in, it was very VERY clean and there were tables for big families.

The menu is somewhat pricey especially since I only ordered food for two people, but the food servings were very generous! Spam musubi is a must here! I loved it and so did my boyfriend! I ordered curry chicken katsu, it was great, curry wasn't as spicy as I wanted it to be, but the taste was on point. As for my boyfriend, he got teriyaki chicken and regular chicken katsu, he enjoyed the teriyaki chicken more.

I love mac salad, so I got two orders! I was upset there was no Loco Moco though, that's my favorite Hawaiian dish and the price of most meals, otherwise this place would've gotten 5 stars from me. This place is great if you're feeling some aloha food! Come here with an empty tummy because it's definitely worth the try and I couldn't event finish my food! food great but ac does not work here. only in the bathroom.

drive the extra mile or eat else where. if you are trying to enjoy your meal in a nice ac resturant. I placed a catering order for my son's graduation party, the order was ready on time and the food was delicious! My family and I have dined at this location several times. We even had catering for our baby shower from here too. They're normally very consistent with flavor and portions. However, the last time we went, the kalbi ribs were very heavy in fat and not tasty at all.

Overall though, they're friendly, clean, and they have good food. The thing that made me upset was at all other locations I could mix what I wanted on the lunch combo for 50 cents more and here they told me I couldn't which sucked because I like the macaroni and steamed cabbage more than the salad I was craving hawaiian food and never been here before. I ordered katsu chicken and teriyaki plate.

It's delish. Service was fast. Will go back here again if I'm in the area. 0 stars !!!! Poor employees who are uneducated on the job they are doing . Coming from someone who worked in the food industry (customers first) I had a massive allergic reaction that almost had me in the emergency room of a hospital ; I called to ask what was in the dish and the Dick on the phone said " I can't tell you our recipes " .

... never eating at this place again ! I haven't been in here since it was a Starbucks. After being empty for at least a year, Ono's completely erased anything Starbuckish about it and went with a clean, but rather claustrophobic design of all wood, floor to ceiling. Not inviting to me, but if the food is good, I can handle it. This location of Ono's has only been open a month or so but is part of a fast growing chain found in California and Arizona.

We went out for a late night, after-Halloween pig out, the whole family, 7 adults and 2 children. One of their 3 (?) longer tables was able to comfortably accommodate 7 adult chairs and 2 high chairs. We have a couple of hollow legs in the group, so it just made sense to try out their Family Special. Each Special constitutes a choice of 3 meats, steamed cabbage, rice, and the traditional macaroni salad for $30, a very good deal.

I ordered two. Then we subbed one rice and one macaroni salad for two green salads, a 25 cent extra charge for the subs. We were not prepared for the incredible volume of food that came out. Each item was separately packaged in to-go boxes, the servings were huge. Each meat was cooked to order and was sitting on the healthy serving of cooked cabbage that further delighted our non-carb eaters in the group.

The BBQ Chicken was the big favorite that night. It was nicely grilled, still moist, all dark meat. Lots of it. The Chicken Katsu was crispy, nicely done, and sliced into manageable pieces, not bite sized though. The BBQ beef was nicely marinated, just the right amount of fat. Very tasty. The Kahlua Pork was tender, but some pieces drier than others. Not the best I have ever had, but still, it was ok.

I liked it more once I dipped it in some teriyaki sauce. The rice. Well, it was rice. Yup. Six scoops. The Hawaiian macaroni salad was exactly the way it should be. I detected small chunks of tuna in the mayonnaise dressing. Nice. Four healthy scoops. And the green salad was the real surprise with edamame, bean sprouts, carrots, red onion, crispy won ton strips, and fresh green lettuce in a light, non-mayo based dressing, and topped with black sesame.

It was addictive.... if salad could be addictive. Serve yourself drinks. Serve yourself dipping sauces = teriyaki and katsu. Pick up your order at the counter. And trash cans to bus your own tables. I realize this is probably a watered down spin off of real Hawaiian BBQ, but the entire experience was quite good. Our whole crowd walked away stuffed and amazed at how good the food was, and there were still leftovers to bring home.

Rarely can I say I paid just $60 to feed the whole, hard to please clan. I can easily say, Ono has some new friends here. Sad to give this place a poor rating, because the food is great, but this place has horrible customer service. front staff, shift leader Carlos needs to learn better customer service. Not willing to help at all!! very rude and and not professional!! Attitude and manners count towards customers!!! Amazing decor, but we waited a long time for our food and it was so expensive 24 for 2 people.

Crazy. But anyways the guys in the back were just messing around. It was stupid. Food didn't take to long but as I was I got to see the all male staff check out one of cooks girlfriends. One even told another he would give him his tip jar if he sat next to the her whole on lunch. The cook behind the counter was eating while making my food. I ordered the Chicken Katsu. Most of is was well undercooked.

I took back the order and the cashier brought my plate back to me that I had poured Katsu sauce over everything. He said he replaced the 1 piece of chicken that I complained about; said the rest was okay. What the hell gives??? Have eaten here a few times. I always order the #7 which is the Hawaiian BBQ and my son the seafood platter I always ask them to add more beef to substitute the chicken and they happily do for a small fee.

The food is of large quantity still it is good. The reason I didn't give this place 5 stars is because it is so expensive The place was clean, the staff was good and the restaurant ambiance was pretty nice for a fast food type place. The food was... Meh. Nothing spectacular. I went here with my daughter and we both had the Hawaiian BBQ plate, the presentation was OK and the amount of food was generous, especially the meat, but the flavor of the chicken was pretty blah and the sauce wasn't much for helping that out.

The macaroni salad was quite a bit different than what I've become accustomed to for Hawaiian macaroni salad, it wasn't quite worth the calories for me, so after a few bites I decided to abandon that dish. Perhaps I am spoiled to authentic Hawaiian food, but either way, IMO this was nothing to write home about, not even for fast food. No Loco Moco ???!!! This place was ok but once again I prefer authentic Hawaiian Mom & Pop.

Just too commercial for me:( Food was a little too squeaky clean and too much pre cooked food (always served lukewarm with is a dead giveaway).Cabbage was thrown in there for no reason at all unseasoned and under cooked.All food is being warmed up by children or at best extremely young adults.There really is no market for Hawaiian food in most their locations so I guess it's better than nothing.Count me out !!!! If you looking for just carbs and fat then this will hit the spot :|

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Chef Lawrence Hui, a graduate of NAIT's culinary program and Red Seal chef, has refined his skills over the last 13 years in the city of Edmonton. As sous chef, Hui worked in the kitchens of Cactus Club, Radisson Hotel, and Wildflower Grill. With the opportunity to run his own kitchen and introduce a cuisine not experienced in Edmonton, Chef Hui knew it was important to get it right. He was wary of being another mainlander with no understanding of the culture he was pulling from.

He knew he had to go to the source. It was on the gorgeous island of Maui where he experienced the relationship between the people of Hawaii and the land and water that surrounded them. Whether it was watching a local stride into the ocean to catch their meal, or discovering that unsold pineapples are not disposed of, but allowed to return to the soil, enriching it, it was evident there was a respect for the earth that permeated every inch of the islands.

  I was so humbled by the generosity of Maui's culinary pros. These amazing chefs invited me into their kitchens, homes, and hearts. I hope to give Edmontonians a taste of Hawaii, one that will make my new mentors proud.

Hazel Gordon

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