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OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACE INSTALLATION KITTypical items needed which can be purchased from Abbott Boiler Parts at828-687-4074. Typical for furnaces with a built-in hot water heat exchanger, such as Hardy; one heat exchanger and hot water hookup- 50 ft. from furnace Pex tubing underground outdoors aka thermal insulation underground Pex or insulated boiler pipe Outside 50' of insulated Pex Pipe - U.

S. made two Pex pipes (2 x 1" ) $4.55 a foot OR  $227.50 Only 2 manufacturers use 4 line Pex50' of insulated Pex Pipe- U.S. made four Pex pipes (2 x 1" and 2 x 3/4") $6.05 a foot.  $302.50 50' 12/3 wire*(from Lowe's, Home Depot, Manards, etc) 58.00 $250 - $325 1/3 to 1/2 yard concrete or you can use solid concrete papers if you put gravel and plastic underneath.  varies (from Lowe's, Home Depot, Manards, etc) Inside: 16" x 18" Heat Exchanger (98,500 Btu) US-made (just an example)  Starting at $62.

39 but most average $136-200 most common applications) For use in ductwork.See list of HEAT EXCHANGER PRICES  This one is $135.79 But a 12"x12" is only $86.49 (Import) For use with radiant heating systems and indoor boilers; water-to-water or plate heat exchangers Starting at just $115   Hydrocoil kit (SharkBite type fittings for the water-to-air heat exchanger); simple push-on-by-hand fittings $17.

37 elbow/pr$15.57 straight pr DO NOT usedifficult crimp ringswith expensive pliers orcheap plastic Quest fittings that WILL break; when you can use brass simple push-on-by-hand fittings above and below! Might not be exactly as pictured  Fittings for a plate heat exchanger (needed for radiant heat, indoor boiler hookups and snow/ice melt systems)< 1 1/4 to 1' reducer bushings $15.65/pr <Simple push-on-by-hand fittings; 1" MPT straight coupler shown 14.

78/pr $30.43 for both Outside Wood Boiler Installation kit includes all fittings, adapters, shut-off valves, drain, etc. 61.87 Hot water heater installation kit includes all Pex fittings, pipe, MPT fittings, flanges, thermostat etc. H/W Kit SHOWN INSTALLED 66.09 2-wire Thermostat (from Lowe's, Home Depot, Manards, etc) 16.00 25' 12/2 wire*(from Lowe's, Home Depot, Manards, etc) 12.00 Bare Pex is available for running the Pex pipe in your home, if it is heated air space.

It can be purchased for as low as $33.00 a 100 foot roll (.33 per foot/ non-barrier) 3/4"36� foot 1"57� foot 110 V 15 Amp breaker (from Lowe's, Home Depot, Manards, etc) 20.00 *Priced at Lowe's Water Circulation Pump May not be the one pictured Please call for options If heating domestic hot water add $92 for a pump. We also have a hot water kit that includes a thermostat, pump flange and all of the fittings for the top and bottom of the heat exchanger.

($64.19) $89 up Labor averages $459   Total: $698 - $775     Pre-insulated Pex pipe for outdoors - underground. Only $1-2 a foot more than pipe you make/insulate yourself! $4.55 a foot* for 2 Pex pipes insulatedin a 4" black tile pipe.$6.05 a foot* for 4 Pex pipes insulatedin a 4" black tile pipe. Download Diagram for Boiler and Hydronic installations such as for water radiators, water baseboard heaters, etc.

(PDF file - Adobe reader required) Download Diagram for hooking up a Pool, Hot Tub or Spa. Sales and Customer Service for installation PARTS CALL FOR A FREE CONSULTATION and PRICE QUOTE! Ted: 828-687-4074 I am normally available 9 AM - 9 PM ET - Monday to Sat.,except Tuesday and Friday, 9 AM - 4 PM ET.  Building codes (or lack thereof) often allow a homeowner to do much, it not all of the work themselves.

 In other locations a licensed electrician and plumber may be required to do the actual hookup. But no tools are needed to plumb it as all the fittings are push-on by hand fittings.This usually doesn't preclude you from putting in the concrete pad, trench, pipe and wiring. Never cover the pipe and wiring before an inspection, if needed! Check with your local Building inspector's office for your frost line level, in your area.

  Backup Power for your outdoor wood burning furnace We sell a battery charger and inverter combo that is easy to install and use, that will supply back-up power to you outdoor wood burning furnace! Utility Power - When stove sentry is used with a 90 A-HR Marine Battery (purchased separately), its highly efficient circuitry can provide up to 8 hours of operation when you have a power failure. How it Works: When electricity is present the Surefire Stove Sentry charges a battery and surveys the power line.

At the instant that a power failure occurs, the Surefire Stove Sentry converts the energy stored in the battery to AC power. This assures operation of the wood furnace or pellet stove without interruption during the absence of electricity.             When AC utility power is restored, the Surefire Stove Sentry reinstates AC utility power as the prime energy source to operate the wood furnace or pellet stove.

Simultaneously and automatically the Surefire Stove Sentry commences the recharging of the battery, to return it to full capacity in preparation for the next power failure. Cost is $488 and you will need to purchase a deep-cycle battery. You can also install a small solar panel to charge the battery, instead of using line power and use a less expensive inverter. Please remember that you will also need a power supply (backup) for your furnace fan! A small generator will do the trick.

Click on picture for a HUGE image. Modem users click HERE.Scroll to bottom of large picture to see piping, heat exchangers, hot water hookup and wires in basement. Picture shown has heated garage in basement, but it could, just as easily, be a separate garage,  shop or apartment.ALL of these parts are available from us a great prices and best of all they are high quality parts! For Pool and Spa Heaters, seeoutdoor-wood-burning-furnace-pool-heater.

htm Sales and Customer Service for installation PARTS 828-687-4074 or e-mail:   I am normally available 9 AM - 9 PM ET - Monday to Sat.,except Tuesday and Friday, 9 AM - 4 PM ET.  Many garages or shops use an air handler like the one below. An air handler is also known as basically a water-to-air heat exchangerwith a built fan, self contained in a metal box. Some are in big boxes, like above and some are simple hanging units like below   Hanging Modine Style Heat Exchangers with a Squirrel Cage Fan Hanging Modine Style Heat Exchangers     Louvered Unit Heaters with a blade fan Unit Heaters - Heat Exchangers with blade fan Thermostats for hanging heat exchangers   For those that want to save money, you can make on yourself.

Many people use old squirrel cage fans (from old furnaces)which put out more CFMs which means more BTUs     Simply purchase a heat exchanger from Ted, like shown below.   Typical Heat Exchanger that is installed in the supply plenumor ductwork (the run that goes to the vents in the different rooms).   What's nice is that you have 4 Pex lines for heating 2 extra your hot water heater (only 2 manufacturers have this).

This also gives you a fill or supply line for your outdoor furnace.The 4 Pex pipes are surrounded by insulation- THREE and FIVE WRAPS of insulation with a black pipe around that.That's 66% more insulation than triple wrap pipe! Heat loss: 3-wrap/1.5 degree per 100 feet     Heat loss: 5-wrap/0.62 degrees per 100 feet For best results and less heat loss (less wood burnt) always bury Pre-insulated Pex pipe underground, below the Frost Line.

2 x 1"   MOST COMMON All pipe wrapped THREE times with insulation as opposed to being only wrapped 2 and three times by Our competitors - and many use Chinese (junk) Pex!   4 line PexFor outdoor wood furnaces with a built-in hot water coil to heat domestic hot water (hot water heater)  2 x 1" and 2 x 3/4"$6.05/foot Pre-insulated Pex pipe for outdoors. Made to be put underground. Totally insulated with  THREE wraps high-density polypropylene foil foam insulation.

$4.55/foot Includes 3-wraps of high-density polypropylene foil foam insulation surrounding the PEX tubing and placed in a 4” heavy-duty UV protected drain tile.        3-wrap insulated Pex with insulation between the pipes Heat loss of 1.5 degrees per 100 feet OR LESS. We also have a premium 5 wrap pipe at only 0.6 degrees heat loss per 100 feet! Prices are a little higher.  3-wrap $4.

55 a foot for 2 x 1" Pex pipes in a 4" pipe. $5.29/ft. for Triple Wrap with three Insulated Pex Pipes; (2) 1" NB and (1) 3/4" NB $6.05 a foot for 4 Pex pipes (2 x 1" & 2 x 3/4") in a 4" pipe. (For hooking up to your domestic hot water heater and also provides a fill line.)  5-wrap; 0.6 degrees heat loss per 100 feet!$6.49/foot $7.19/ft.  Five Wrap with three Insulated Pex Pipes; (2) 1" NB and (1) 3/4" NB    5-wrap; 0.

6 degrees heat loss per 100 feet! $7.89 a foot for 4 Pex pipes (2 x 1" & 2 x 3/4") in a 4" pipe. (Four Pex pipes; for hooking up to your domestic hot water heater and also provides a fill line.) ______________________ NOTE:Heat loss for the 3-wrap is only 1.5 degrees per 100 feet!We also have a premium 5 wrap pipe (above) at only 0.6 degrees heat loss per 100 feet! Prices are a little higher.     Typical insulated Pex Pipe buried underground in a trench below the FROST LINE    Parts, accessories, and installation kits and applications available, including Woodmaster, Taylor, Hardy, Central Boiler, Classic, Royal, Heatmor.

AquaTherm, Clear Flame, Mahoning Outdoor Furnaces, Freedom, Acme, Earth Stoves. Nature's Comfort, Heat Master, Heat Source, Lil'House Outside Wood Heater, Portage & Main, Empyre Wood Burning Furnace, Shaver Furnace, Homesteader, HyProTherm, Wood Master, Wood Doctor, Northland, Greenwood, Royal, Woodchuck, Crown Royal Stoves, Global Hydronics, Johnson Stoves, Wood Boiler LLC, Tennessee Outdoor Furnace, Northland, Econo Furnace, Ozark Biomass, Ridgewood Stove, Free Heat, US Stove, United States Stove Company, American Royal, Shelter, Fire Chief, Burn Rite, Profab, Beaverton Wood Furnace Boiler, Heatmaster, HeatmasterSS, Econo Furnace,USED stoves - any and ALL parts; any make or model.

        Gas Hot Water Heater For a gas heater, there is usually a plate than can be removed to gain access to the tank itself. Simply mount the thermostat on the tank and follow the other instructions for water hookup above.   Hot water heater pump diagram, wiring and Pex Diagram Click on diagram above for a bigger pictureBe sure to click on lower right of diagram after downloading,to make it bigger, if it appears too small.

  Hot Water Kit and Pump Installed       All of these parts are available in a COMPLETE KIT See Domestic Hot Water Installation Kits Here           Simply mail a check or call us with your card number or check informationand we'll deliver your parts to your door - right away! Call me  (Ted) at 828-687-4074 I am normally available 9 AM - 9 PM ET - Monday to Sat.,except Tuesday and Friday, 9 AM - 4 PM ET.

  We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX,Checks, Checks by Phone as well as PayPal.            I am normally available 9 AM - 9 PM ET - Monday to Sat.,except Tuesday and Friday, 9 AM - 4 PM ET.  828-687-4074 Call NOW!   Outdoor Wood Burning Boiler Parts Boiler Rust Protection and Inhibitor Heat Exchanger Prices Water-to-Water Plate Heat Exchangers Modine style Hanging Heat Exchangers Unit Heaters - Hanging Heat Exchangers with fan Air Handling/Handlers Wood Fired Pool Heater Wood Fired Spa or Hot Tub Heater Domestic Hot Water Heaters and Kits Tube and Shell Heat Exchangers Insulated Underground Boiler Pex Pipe SharkBite style Pex Pipe fittings Water Circulation Pumps Wiring a Water Circulation Pump Installing a Water Circulation Pump Outdoor Boiler Hookup Kits Insulated Pex tubing wood boilers Radiant Heat in Floors The Barrier™ Ranco Wiring Instructions Water Pump Wiring Instructions Do you want to hire a meticulous house painter in Asheville NC? Choose Terry Rumler! outside wood boiler partswood furnace partsTaylor outdoor wood boilercoal boiler partswood stove OEMHeatmor wood boiler partsClassic wood boiler partsoutdoor wood furnaces

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This page is about the Amish-madeNature's Comfort BoilerGo on the links for theHyProTherm Boiler prices(wood and coal)and Waterless furnace prices and theTop Loader Log Burner prices(Chest style boiler) Remember, because of the new Federal EPA Laws, all wood boilers are outlawed, except for non-residential or commercial applications, in the U.S.WOOD BOILERS ARE available in Canada, the UK, Europe and all countries overseas! COAL boilers are permitted in most states because the laws talks about wood furnaces.

So take advantage of these loopholes and order a simple and inexpensive furnace TODAY!    Nature's Comforthas them in stock NOW! Remember, the newFederal EPA laws have gone into effect as of Jan 1, 2016!   Layaway a furnace NOW with ZERO INTEREST!    LOOK!  The Nature's Comfort WOOD Boiler is only $5280 (NCB-120) Non-residential or COMMERCIAL applications only (barns, shops; wood, auto, body, etcand greenhouses, etc)and UK and Canada & elsewhere2 sets of ports,a HUGE forced air induction fan with damper(saves you wood)and an ASH TRAY!______________________________________ EPA APPROVEDWhite Tag Boiler for sale NOW! Nature's Comfort Wood Furnace NCB-80 Out of StockNature's Comfort NCB-120 Wood Boiler$5280 Wood/Coal $5980Nature's Comfort NCB-175 Wood Boiler$5980 Wood/Coal $6580Nature's Comfort NCB-250 Wood Boiler$6980 Wood/Coal $7580Nature's Comfort NCB-275G Gasification Boiler$7880 Wood/Coal $8480Nature's Comfort NCB-325G Gasification Boiler$8480 Wood/Coal $9080 Nature's Comfort Wood Furnace NCB-400G Gasification Boiler$9480 wood only 100% LEGAL in the U.

S.  EPA Phase II Qualified GT-6000Downdraft Gasification Wood Boiler       Buy a Nature's Comfort Boiler Furnace now and get an optional THICK firebox that is 3/8" thick! With OPTIONAL 3/8" THICK!   To purchase the Nature's Comfort Boiler Outdoor Furnace, please call us at 828-683-8055. We are normally here 9 AM - 9 PM ET - except Tuesday, Friday and Sat; 9 AM - 4 PM ET.  We can arrange delivery to your door, hassle free and there is NO SALES TAX when the factory ships the furnace to you (unless you live in Arkansas).

We can deliver on our truck and trailer and unload it! Plus we have the ability to move it to your pad, if desired. We also ship by freight (with a lift-gate to unload the boiler) to all states including Alaska, Canada and overseas.  If it is shipped freight, it can usually go as soon it is put on a pallet and crated ($125) A furnace can usually be picked up from Nature's Comfort Boiler the same day or the next day, usually.

When the furnace is delivered, it can be hooked up in a couple of hours! _______________________   Remember to order your outdoor furnace parts (Ted at 828-687-4074), pour your concrete pad (or use solid concrete pavers), dig the trench, lay the insulated Pex pipe and wire, backfill it, do your electrical hookup, thermostat installation, install the heat exchanger and hook up the hot water heater.

When the furnace is delivered, it can be hooked up in an hour or two! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Outdoor Wood Furnace Prices We now carry7 sizes of wood furnaces. Choose from 21 different COLORS available with MANY different color combinations! Not for sale for residential purposes - commercial only. i.e. barn, body shop, auto shop, wood shop, greenhouse, etc However, you may be able to take advantage of the less expensive ($3000+ less than an EPA stove) and simpler furnaces that can burn COAL and are built without electronics and circuit boards! Check with your local code enforcement office! 21 Colors from Nature's Comfort, to best suit your surroundings!   You can reach us by e-mail at   or  We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX, Checks, Checks by Phone as well as PayPal.

            We also have FINANCING AVAILABLE through an outside company.   Simply call us with your card number and we'll deliver your furnace to your door - right away! Lower your utility bills! Wood is very cheap or in many cases, FREE! You can eliminate your gas or oil bill simply by using a Nature's Comfort Boiler / Outdoor Wood Furnace. Wood hasn't gone up for years and is very plentiful.

In many cases our customers have enough wood falling on their property to keep them going for life!  Heating with wood outside of the house is CLEANER! No more smoke, ashes, bark, bugs, log piles and trash in the house. Instead of moving the wood and mess indoors, the boiler is outdoors - next to the wood.   Heat your hot water with your Nature's Comfort Boiler Furnace with a heat exchanger mounted on your hot water heater.

Many people save $30-60 a month on this feature alone! It takes care of all your domestic hot water needs; the element in your hot water heater need never come on.   Safety. Our furnace is made to be situated in the yard, away from the house. The usual distance is 40 to 100 feet but can be as little as 5 feet and up to 250 feet. Outdoor furnaces remove the dangers of wood stove fires in the house.

Any fire department that compares the safety of indoor units versus outdoor ones will have to admit that outdoor furnaces are the winners; this safety feature is usually reflected in lower insurance rates. With less electronics and fans on the outside of our furnaces, our unit is simpler and safer.  One furnace can heat multiple buildings; there is no need to purchase a heat source for each. Simply run an extra PEX pipe to the area you want to heat - even garages without an existing furnace!  Residential and commercial buildings, motels, factories, restaurants can all be heated easily with our furnaces.

 Simple, clean and efficient, one unit can heat your house or shop, garage, swimming pool, hot tub, greenhouse or factory.*   Nature's Comfort Boiler OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACE Get the BEST Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace Made - by the AMISH! Get a Nature's Comfort Boiler!  

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