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*These are “suggested” retail prices. Outside of a few rare occasions this does not reflect what stores are selling bottles for and shouldn’t be expected* While prices for Pappy and the Van Winkle rise take a look at what the retail prices for these bottles are. Even if you find a bottle on the shelf most stores have jacked the price above retail. Suggested retail prices are as follows: $49.

99 – Old Rip Van Winkle Handmade Bourbon 10 Year Old 107 proof $59.99 – Van Winkle Special Reserve Bourbon 12 Year Old $99.99 – Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye Whiskey 13 Year Old $79.99 – Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve Bourbon 15 Year Old $149.99 – Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve Bourbon 20 Year Old $249.99 – Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve Bourbon 23 Year Old Now, take a look at what Pappy Van Winkle is going for on the secondary market: Economics of Pappy Van Winkle Now, take a look at what Pappy Van Winkle is going for on the secondary market: Economics of Pappy Van Winkle

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(Last Update November 30, 2017. Bars are getting a fresh supply of 2017 Pappy!)  Want to Win Some Pappy? Go Here! When I started this site months ago, I had a dream, albeit a humble one. It wasn't to change the world, but rather to find a tasty corn elixir distilled in Kentucky named Pappy Van Winkle. I had read an article about it, by a guy, a sportswriter, that was also a damned good bourbon storyteller.

I already loved bourbon but had never met Pappy, but I did and liked him. At 12, he was exceptionally good, but at 20, taste-bud blowing. Now, of course, Pappy is not a person, but a distilled bottle of sour mash that is harder to find then mermaids or gold at the end of the rainbow. Beginner's Luck --- Finding Pappy Van Winkle But somehow, I did find it two years in a row. First Pappy Van Winkle 12 year which was smooth and next the 20 year.

..which was...well  let's just say I wish I had another bottle and leave it at that. No More Pappy But alas, there were no more bottles of Pappy in the land until the next go round. Fall? November? So I've given up. Not on Pappy. But on finding Pappy Van Winkle  in a bottle, at least at a liquor store in this great U.S. of A. My New Dream So here is my new dream and it's a bit more humble still.

I will pursue Pappy in the bars across the land or overseas. Wherever it may be found. So if your favorite watering hole has it let me know. Or, if you like Wright Thompson -- the before-mentioned sportswriter/bourbon storyteller -- run across it in an airport, dive bar or high-class bourbon bar, please let me know and I'll add it to THE LIST. So far I have sent a few tweets out and received a few locations.

Kentucky -- The Epicenter of the Bourbon Universe, BBall and My Fav Monk Guess where? Of course, the land of Bourbon and Basketball. And my favorite monk. Yes, I have a favorite monk. Thomas Merton who lived in a hermitage near Louisville and drank bourbon and beer and wrote some profound things until he got electrocuted by a fan in Bangkok. The List But anyway, back to THE LIST. If you can't have a bottle, you should at least, have a shot, a pour, or even a double if you have a nice, crisp benjamin (Franklin) on you.

So far THE LIST is very short (but growing): 1. The Husk - Charleston, SC 2. Bluegrass Tavern - Lexington, KY 3. Parlay Social - Lexington, KY 4. The Village Idiot - Lexington, KY 5. Henry Clay's Pub - Lexington, KY 6. Haymarket Whiskey Bar -Louisville, KY 7. Azur Restaurant and Patio - Lexington, Ky 8. The Aviary - Chicago, IL 9. Pappas Bros. Steakhouse - Dallas, TX 10. Pour Cafe and Wine Bar - Mt.

Kisco, NY 11. Otto's - Covington, KY 12. Percy Street BBQ - Philadelphia, PA 13. The Crunkleton - Chapel Hill, NC 14. Palate - Millford, MI 15. Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar -Covington, KY 16. WiseGuy Lounge - Covington KY 17. Congress Street Social Club - Savannah, GA 18. Seven Grand in Downtown LA -  Los Angeles, CA 21. On The Rocks - New York, NY 22. Hardwater Bar on Pier 3 San Francisco - San Francisco, CA 23.

Charr'd Bourbon Kitchen and Lounge - Louisville, KY 24. Noorman's Kil - Brooklyn, NY 25. The Rhino - Missoula, MT 26. Acacia - Pittsburgh, PA 27. Butcher & the Rye - Pittsburgh, PA 28. Red Fish Grill - New Orleans, LA 29. Stache - Ft. Lauderdale, FL 30. Luxbar - Chicago, IL 31. Jack Rose Dining Saloon - Washington, D.C. 32. Hotel at The Lafayette - Buffalo NY 33. The Silver Dollar - Louisville, KY 34.

Gamlin Whiskey House - St. Louis, MO 35. McCormacks Whiskey Grill - Richmond, VA 36. Murphy's Irish Pub - Sonoma, CA 37. Social Southern Table & Bar - Lafayette, LA 38. The Hamilton Kitchen and Bar - Allentown, PA 39. Twisted Spoke -  Chicago, IL 40. Tate's - Dallas, TX 41. Lilly’s Bistro - Louisville, KY 42. Rickhouse - Bardstown, KY 43. Springhouse - Alexander City, AL 42. Rye on Market - Louisville, KY 43.

Bourbon’s Bistro - Louisville, KY 44. Proof on Main St. - Louisville, KY 45. Doc Crow’s - Louisville, KY 46. Seviche a Latin Restaurant - Louisville, KY 47. Z’s Oyster Bar & Steakhouse - Louisville, KY 48. The Old Seelbach Bar - Louisville, KY 49. The Old Bourbon County Kitchen (OBC Kitchen) - Lexington, KY 50. Longman and Eagle - Chicago, IL. 51. Eddie V’s - Tampa, FL 52.

 Half Barrel - Knoxville TN 53. Spark’s Steak House - Manhattan, NY 54. Brick Alley Pub & Restaurant - Newport, RI 55. Bourbon - Columbia, SC 56. Barrelhouse Flat - Chicago, IL 57. Foxes Cigar Lounge - Gilbert, AZ 58. Brick Alley Pub & Restaurant - Newport, RI Where and How Much? - 29 Clarges St, London W1J 7EF, United Kingdom (near Greek Park Tube Station) Pappy 12, Pappy 13 Rye ($16 - 12 year, $19 - 13 year rye) per double shot glass Where and How Much? Fifth Floor Harvey Nichols, 109 - 125 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7RJ, United Kingdom Pappy 10, 12, 13 Rye, 15, 20  ($16 - 12 year, $19 - 13 year rye, $27 - 15 year, $48 - 20 year)  per double shot glass Where and how much? 9 Stoney Ln, London E1 7BH, United Kingdom Pappy 20 ($32) per double shot glass "Currently we are carrying the 10 and 12 as well as Buffalo Trace Experimental Batch.

" - Cliff Brown 63. Black Fly - St Augustine, FL  "10 and the 12 year bottles" 64. Morimoto - Napa, CA  65. Parker Garage - Parker, CO "They have the 10,12, 15, 20 and 23" 66. Barrelhouse Flat - Chicago, IL "Pappy 15-$29 glass" 67. Neat Kitchen + Bar - Westmont, IL "Has all 6 Van Winkle marks. His place rocks! One of the best whiskey spots anywhere!" 68. Modis - Breckendridge, CO 69. J’s Liquors - Owensboro, KY "They have every PVW year plus many other very rare bourbons at the cheapest prices I’ve ever found.

Awesome place." 70. Park Hyatt NoMI Lounge - Chicago, IL "Has a little 23 left for $110/pour, and I believe a younger also, but don’t recall price." 71. Bourbon & Branch. - San Franciso, CA. "$95 a shot for the 23." 72. Big Jones Chicago - Chicago, IL Stay updated on the Pappy List. *Thanks to all those who sent locations. Keep them coming. 73. The W - Lee’s Summit, Missouri 74. The Laundry Room - Las Vegas, NV 75.

 John Howie Steakhouse - Bellevue, Washington 76. The Franklin Room - Chicago, IL 77. Wang’s Table - Haverhill, MA. 78. Outlook Inn - Louisville, KY 79. Prohibition Pig - Waterbury, VT "12 year, $32 for 2oz and 15 year, $48 for 2oz." 80. Grand Hotel Marriott Resort, Golf Club & Spa - Point Clear, AL 81. Stogeez Cigar Lounge - Sioux Falls, SD 10yr  $12, 12yr $15, 15yr $25, 20yr $35, 23yr $55 82.

Whiskey Street - Salt Lake City, UT 83. Eureka - CA, TX, WA (various locations, may not all have Pappy)  84. Chapter One – Santa Ana, CA 85. La Table - Houston, TX 86. Rainbow Lodge - Houston, TX 87. One Flew South - Atlanta,GA   Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (E Concourse) 88. Justus Drugstore, Smithville, MO  89. Midgley's Public House - Stockton, CA (Lincoln Center) "They have the 12, 15 & 23 year.

Great food and atmosphere too." 90. Basement Tavern - Santa Monica, CA "I physically held the bottle. Asked how much for a shot? $150 for the 23-year." 91. Modis - Breckenridge, CO. "They have Old Rip, 15 and I think 20 (if not 1 more). They even serve a Pappy 15 Old Fashion on the menu, but I’d rather have it without bitters, sugar and orange" 92. Bald Headed Bistro - Cleveland, TN  93. Picasso's at the Bellagio - Las Vegas, NV 94.

Ray's at Killer Creek - Alpharetta, GA 95. Ashton Cigar Bar – Philadelphia, PA 10,12,15,20, & 23 96. Oblix, The Shard - 31 St Thomas St, London, SE1 9RY Prices per 50ml shot: 13 yr ($50), 15 yr ($57), 20 yr ($67), 23 yr ($116) 97. Delta Sky Club Lounges - Atlanta, GA (Airport) 98. Whiskey Down at MGM Grande - Las Vegas, NV "had 3-4 bottles of Pappy including lot b but they also had a bottle of 17 yr old hand made Special Reserve barreled in 1974 bottled in 1994 101 proof" 99.

 The Federal Grill - Houston, TX "10yr, 12yr, 15yr, 20yr and 23yr very reasonable!" 100. The Metropolitan Grille - Seattle, WA "has 20 and 23 year old Pappy" 101. Japango - Boulder, CO "a Japanese and Sushi restaurant in Boulder CO, we typically get a large allocation due to our relationship and volume with Buffalo Trace, and in general our reputation for our whiskey and bourbon selection. We had our own Weller barrel this past year, and we will have our own single barrel of both Eagle rare, and Buffalo Trace for 2017.

We typically have all Pappy's throughout the year, as well as the complete antique collection. Largest Japanese whiskey selection in CO as well." 102. Barleymash - San Diego, CA "They had a few options (this was a year ago this month) but I had the 12 at the time.” 103. 35 Steak House + Martini Bar at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas, NV 104. The Collins Bar - Birmingham, AL "has them all and going fast" Just arrived in Door County! Mink River Basin (125+ whiskies!) in Ellison Bay, JJ’s in Sister Bay, Donny’s Glidden Lodge on the Lake just north of Sturgeon Bay.

Cheers! 105. Mink River Basin - Ellison Bay, WI 106. JJs La Puerta - Sister Bay, WI 107. Donny’s Glidden Lodge - Sturgeon Bay, WI "We always have a good allocation of pappy every year. This year we have the ORVW10, 12 and 13yr rye, PVW15 and 20." "Better belly burst than good liquor be lost."                                          -Jonathan Swift "won 2014 Great American Beer Festivals best mid-size brewpub and Brewers in the nation, also offer a full tasting flight of all PVW at both places.

" 111. CWS - Lake Worth, FL "Family reserve 20.   1 bottle" "15 year 2 oz pour is $4020 year 2 oz pour is $60" "We have over 120 whiskeys at each location, including many Pappy’s.  In fact, I have backups of 10,12,15 and 20 year old Pappy’s as well." "Pappy 10 and 12 year" "has the 10, 12, 15, 20 & the 23 year old Family Reserve." 120. Smoke - Plano, Tx (Dallas) "had the 10 and 23" 124.

Mad Oak Bar 'n' Yard - Oakland, CA "We have tons of Pappy on hand. 10yr, 12yr, 13yr, 15yr, 20yr & 23yr. 125. Emeril's Delmonico - New Orleans, LA 126. Prohibition Kitchen - St. Augustine, FL "They have the 10, 12 and 15, starting at 20 a shot." 127. Joe's Stone Crab - Miami Beach, Florida 128. Maxie’s Southern Comfort - Milwaukee, WI 129. Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar - Galt House - Louisville, KY 130.

 Industry Public House - Pittsburgh, PA (near Pittsburgh International Airport) "has Pappy 15 as of New Years Eve at $50 a pour" 131. The Reeds at Shelter Haven  - Stone Harbor, NJ 132. JW Marriott Hill Country Resort/Crooked Branch Bar  - San Antonio "located downstairs from the lobby. Bring $$$ as 10 yr goes for $42 a shot and the 23yr is going to run about $250!!! The 10yr is seeing some love but the 23 is still sealed.

" 133. Kindred Fare - Geneva, New York 134. Cask & Ale - Madison, WI "Old Van Winkle 10 & 12, Pappy's 15, 20, 23, and the Van Winkle rye." 135. Shellys Backroom Cigar Bar - Washington, DC "Drank the last of the 12 yr and most of a brand new 10yr! No one thought much of it!! Only 16$ per shot of 10, and 23$ for 12!!!!" 136. Peacock Inn - Princeton, NJ 137.  The Observatory - Spokane, WA "12 year $25,  23 year $75" 138.

The Padre Hotel - Bakersfield, CA 139. Rumi’s Kitchen - Atlanta, GA "has the 15, 20 and 23 yr" 140. Waterhouse Tavern - Chicago, IL 141. Bleau Bar Fontainebleau - Miami Beach, FL "They had everything except the 15yr.  Also had Macallan 1960 and 1970." 142. The Cove - Memphis, TN "has PVW 15, 20 & 23" 143. The Bull and Bear Steakhouse in the Waldorf Astoria - Orlando FL "had Pappy 10, Pappy 12b, Pappy 15, Pappy 20, and Pappy 23.

The Pappy 23 was a staggering $350 but they had it" 144. Union Lodge No. 1 - Denver, CO "they’ll do half pours" 145. Datz - Tampa, FL "a bottle of 10 year" 146. Julep - Kansas City, MO "Has 12yr Lot B($15=1oz), 15yr($30=1oz), 20yr ($50=1oz), and 23yr($75=1oz).  Also has all of the BTAC." 147. Harry’s Country Club - Kansas City, MO "Has ORVW($17=1oz), Lot B($35=1oz), 15yr($75=1oz), 20yr($150=1oz), 23yr($250=1oz).

 Prices are a bit insane!" 148. Southside Smokehouse & Grille - Landrum, SC "Has Van Winkle 10 and 12! Pappy 15 and 20! Over 100 Bourbons. Ryes. and American whiskeys! Many trophy Bourbons in the inventory!" 149. Comfort - Richmond, VA. "20 Year - Good pour and price!" 15o. 82 Queen - Charleston, SC "has 10yr Van Winkle" 151. Bowery Bay - Astoria, New York PVW 23 Year - $145 152. Local Gastropub – Memphis, TN "PVW 15, 20 & 23" 153.

 Dakota’s Steakhouse - Dallas "has 12-year-old Pappy’s" 154. 20byNine – Martha’s Vineyard, MA "Excellent bourbon selection including Old RVW 10, PVW 12, 15, 20 and 23." 155. Kreso's - Bardstown, KY "In Bardstown Ky,  the bourbon capital of the world. There is a small restaurant Kreso's on 3rd Street. The Main strip of this tiny town I discovered a wonderful meal and a healthy shot of 23 yr old for $150.

" 156. Bub City- Chicago, IL "has a ton of whiskey to try. I lost count." "The Pappy 23 is $90 for 2 ounces. Still a good deal." 157. DISH - Dallas, TX "had Pappy 10, 12, and 15. Two ounce pours for $32/$38/$56" 158. The Blackheart - Austin, TX "has Pappy 10, 12, 20, 23, among many other rare finds. Pappy 10 was only $25 a pour" 159. Mes Que - Buffalo, NY 160. Mezza Restaurant and Lounge - Buffalo, NY 161.

Bourbon and Burnz - Pawleys Island, SC "has 10 12 20 and 23" 162. Bourbon Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, LA "has it 12, 20, 23 year. Two ounce pours go for 'add a zero to the year.' " 163. Cítricos Restaurant, Grand Floridian Resort - Walt Disney World - Orlando, FL 164. Grange,  The Citizen Hotel, Autograph Collection - Sacramento, CA "has the 10 year for $70 and 23 for $95 (or maybe it was the 20 year for $95).

I had the 10 year and man it was delicious." 165. Del Posto - New York, NY  $90 a shot for 12 ye old Pappy "$90 a shot for 12-year-old Pappy" 166. Samba Steak and Sushi - Framingham, MA "Just in: Old Rip 10, Van Winkle 12, Family Reserve 15, 20 and 23...Pricey…. Starts at $95 for Old Rip 10" 167. Dry 85 Bourbon Bar - Annapolis, MD 168. Street Side Ale House - Atascadero, CA "Two to three are even discounted one month of the year, but still pretty expensive per glass.

I remember the 23yo being 120 per glass (never discounted)." 169. Doe’s Eat Place – Jonesboro, AR "PVW 20, under $100. Over 100 other bourbons, blends, whiskeys, scotch, Irish, Japanese. Super impressive list." 170. The Blackheart - Austin, TX 171. The Foundry Bar in the Westin Times Square - New York, NY "We have 25 year at the Foundry bar in the Westin Times Square. We have .5 oz, 1 oz and 1.

5 oz pours. The 1.5 pour is $415." 172. Knox Street Pub - Dallas, TX "has the largest collection of Whiskey in the city including a full run of Pappy. Including the 25 year age statement." 173. Council Oak at Hard Rock - Tampa, FL 174. Capt. Anderson’s Restaurant - Panama City Beach, Florida  "We do have the entire Pappy collection. We have had all Pappy in inventory for the last 5 years running.

 It is available in the lounge by the shot only." -Yonnie Patronis 175. Moxie:  Kitchen & Cocktails  - Jacksonville, FL "10 and 12 year. $15 for 10 and $18 for 12" 176. The Pinewood - Atlanta, GA "The bar had every year this year (10, 12, Rye, 15, 20, and 23). I didn't get the pour prices; however, I did get a flight. He was out of the 15 and 20 so I had the other 4. Flight was $100. Fantastic bar with great selections.

Food was phenomenal also (chicken and waffles). 23 is about to be empty." 177. Petit Bill's - Ottawa, ON "Just wanted to let you know that there are a lot of followers and searchers of Pappy Van Winkle in Canada as well. Petit Bill's has Pappy 20 for 60.00 CAD an ounce and Pappy 23 for 63.00 CAD an ounce." - Mike, Caskers of Ottawa Whisky Club 178. Stir - Chattanooga, TN 179. Butcher Bar - Philadelphia, PA "carries a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle 20 year reserve that they will begin offering on their 1 year anniversary, Tuesday, Sept.

12th" 180. The Enchantment Resort - Sedona AZ "has some, I believe it is a 15 year bottle" 181. The Gladly - Phoenix, AZ "12 year $70 per glass, 20 year is $115 per glass" 182. Hook & Hoof New American Kitchen and Cocktail - Willoughby, OH "10yr: (1)oz=$20 (2)oz=$38 12yr: (1)oz=$24 (2)oz=$45 15yr: (1)oz=$36 (2)oz=$68 2oz 10, 12, and 15 year flight=$140" 183. Hank's Fine Steaks at the Green Valley Resort - Las Vegas, NV "had the 10,12,23 and rye versions of Pappy.

The 23 was pretty pricey at 125 bucks a glass, but the others were more reasonably priced at 25 bucks. May be no more 12 left as after running up a 600 buck bar tab on pappy they let me buy what was left of the 12 for 50 bucks." 184. Cask -Cape Girardeau, MO "The airport bar in Terminal A of the Hollywood/Burbank (Bob Hope) airport.  It's $95 or $100 a shot (can't remember), and of course, you need a boarding pass to get there.

" "They carry the 10yr, 12yr, 15yr, 20yr, 23yr. We also carry the 13 year Rye as well."  "had some 10 and 12 yr" "has an extensive whiskey collection that includes the Pappy 10, 12, 15, 20 and 23 year labels." 190. Townhouse - Venice California. "They only had Pappy 15 @ $30 a shot." 191. New York Grill - Ontario, CA "they had Old Rip 12 & Pappy 15. My apologies don’t remember the price per shot.

. "1 OZ PVW $50" "has the 15 yr one. Still looking for someone to buy me a shot at $75 bucks a pop. Lol.Cheers" "Celebrated our 25th anniversary. Had a wonderful Pappy 23 for $49 an ounce."   "Over 200 labels, including impossible-to-find antique bottles of Buffalo Trace and Pappy Van Winkle." 202. Rocks - Chicago, IL "10, 12, 20 and 23 years all available for pours, reasonable pricing too.

" "They have Pappy 10yr 12yr and 15yr." 204. ​SeaBlue Wine Bar - Myrtle Beach, SC "They have Pappy 12,15,20 as well as many other hard to find bourbons." "Enjoying the 15 year old..."

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