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The services provided by Petrol prices: To check the today’s and tomorrow’s petrol prices, you just need to select the city where you want to confirm the petrol prices. This site will instantaneously return the today’s latest prices of the petrol for your selected city. Suppose you want to check the today’s or tomorrow’s petrol rate in New Delhi. You just select Delhi under the State and city and click button “Petrol Price”, to get the latest petrol prices at New Delhi.

In case, you select all, it will provide the list of places for which prices available within the region. Further this website provides an option to compare the petrol prices between different fuel station, petrol pump to know where petrol is the cheapest and where it is most expensive. Diesel prices: To check the today’s and tomorrow’s diesel prices, the same above steps to be repeated but the button “Diesel Price” to be selected for a desired city or State.

The results will be displayed for the user to see Diesel rate for the city. CNG prices: Similar way you can check CNG rate from different city. Currently CNG rate are available only for few cities. We are working to get update from all the cities. LPG prices: For Liquefied Natural Gas, there are two options available, The Auto LPG and Domestic Gas Cylinder. The same steps to be repeated to see price for Auto-LPG and Gas cylinder rate.

Historical Price: you can check historical price of diesel, petrol, cng, auto gas, LP cylinder on our site. Other information: we also provide the latest news related to petrol, diesel, LPG, CNG gas cost. e.g. fuel price changes daily. Take advantage of this site and compare prices of petrol, diesel, cng, auto gas from different fuel station and decide where to fill your vehicle tank. To control transport fuel expenses, be sure to visit this website before you go to petrol pump.

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Petrol prices vary in India from city to city. Depending on state taxes as well as import locations. We have compiled a list of Petrol prices in Metro cities and ...

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