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Phal. Fuller's Sunset ON SALE! 6" Pot SizeCode: Z_21317Price: $14.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phalaenopsis LD's Bear King 'RH-3'Code: Z-23344Price: $19.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phal. K. V. Beauty '5701' IN SPIKECode: Z-23212Price: $16.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phalaenopsis KS EagleCode: Z-23153Price: $15.00Quantity in Cart: none   Dtps.

Jiuhbao Venus In SpikeCode: Z-23149Price: $19.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phal. Funsheng Purple Velvet Mount 'T2154' in spikeCode: Z-23147Price: $16.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phal. KV Beauty 'T12-12' in spikeCode: Z-23146Price: $16.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phal. Queensland 'TN143' in spikeCode: Z-23145Price: $16.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phal.

Shu Long Rang Rang 'M20-2A' in spikeCode: Z-23143Price: $16.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phal. (Tinney Honey X Chian Xen Magpie) in spikeCode: Z-23142Price: $16.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phal. Bulls ;2E110' in spikeCode: Z-23141Price: $16.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phalaenopsis I-Hsin Sesame IN SPIKECode: Z-23121Price: $16.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phalaenopsis Yushan Sunset 'F01'Code: Z-23114Price: $14.

99Quantity in Cart: none   Phalaenopsis LD's Bear Queen 'MC1681'Code: Z-23053Price: $24.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phalaenopsis Joy Fairy TaleCode: Z-23003Price: $19.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phal. Ox Happy Girl '01591' In SpikeCode: Z-22973Price: $16.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phal. Star's Handlebar Mustache 'M242'Code: Z-22960Price: $32.

50Quantity in Cart: none   Phal. Lianher Happy Star '3E14' in spikeCode: Z-22874Price: $10.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phalaenopsis FANGtastic Green Envy 'Judy Su' in SpikeCode: Z-22862Price: $22.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phal. Everspring Prince in SpikeCode: Z-22851Price: $29.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phal. Horng Lin Vicky 'TF10-9' In SpikeCode: Z-22840Price: $10.

99Quantity in Cart: none   Phal. Younghome Pinkfly in spikeCode: Z-22194Price: $16.99Quantity in Cart: none   Dtps. K V Charmer 'Zhen Yu 5705' IN SPIKECode: Z-22784Price: $17.99Quantity in Cart: none   Dtps. (Mount Lip x Taisuco Darling) IN SpikeCode: Z-22757Price: $16.99Quantity in Cart: none     Phalaenopsis Zheng Min EtchingCode: Z-22687Price: $24.

99Quantity in Cart: none   Phalaenopsis TeluCode: Z-22649Price: $17.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phalaenopsis GrosbeakCode: Z-22574Price: $19.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phalaenopsis (tetraspis x Crimson Cherub)Code: Z-22573Price: $17.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phal. Younghome Princess 'Y0185' in spikeCode: Z-22570Price: $16.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phal.

Star Sparkle in spikeCode: Z-22566Price: $24.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phalaenopsis amboinensis var. commonCode: Z-22515Price: $19.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phalaenopsis (Sweet Strawberry x Sin-Yuan Golden Beauty)Code: Z-22447Price: $14.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phal. Ming Hsing Red Rose 'M194' in spike & budCode: Z-22446Price: $27.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phal.

amabilis 'T1410'Code: Z-22369Price: $16.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phal. Lianher Cranberry 'Pearl' in spikeCode: Z-22330Price: $10.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phalaenopsis Yu Pin Fireworks (Big-Lipped Phalaenopsis) in spikeCode: Z-21831Price: $24.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phalaenopsis equestris var. albaCode: Z-21757Price: $14.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phal.

Fortune Buddha x Dtps. Leopard Prince IN SPIKECode: Z-21381Price: $16.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phal. Fuller's Sunset 'A7431' In SpikeCode: Z-21377Price: $16.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phalaenopsis Fuller's Sunset In BudCode: Z-21317Price: $16.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phal. Jewelry Smile 'M78' In SpikeCode: Z-21184Price: $16.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phal.

(Timothy Christopher x amabilis) In SpikeCode: Z-21149Price: $16.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phalaenopsis Surf Song in budCode: Z-21015Price: $16.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phalaenopsis White Dream 'V3' AM/AOS In BudCode: Z-19464Price: $30.00Quantity in Cart: none   Dtps. Kenneth Schubert 'Blue Star'Code: Z-16558Price: $15.00Quantity in Cart: none   Phalaenopsis lueddemannianaCode: Z-15650Price: $14.

99Quantity in Cart: none   Surf Song Double Orchid Arrangement (For Chicagoland Delivery Only)Code: Surf Song 2Price: $34.99Quantity in Cart: none   PHALAENOPSIS IN BUD OR BLOOMCode: GZ-1101Price: $25.00Quantity in Cart: none   Fuller's Sunset Double Orchid Arrangement (For Chicagoland Delivery Only)Code: Fuller's Sunset 2Price: $34.99Quantity in Cart: none   Phalaenopsis (mannii x tetraspis)Code: CH-23064Price: $17.

99Quantity in Cart: none  

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Sort by: Phalaenopsis The 60 species that comprisethe Phalenopsis genus. Phalaenopsis orchids are found in Sri Lanka, India, New Guinea, Australia, China, Philippines, and Borneo and .  Mostly grown in hot, steamy lowlands with a few species adapting to cooler climates and higher altitudes.  Generally grown in moist and humid habitats.   The flowers often have large colorful leaves.  Lack of storage organs requires that these species have year around moisture and fertilization.

Fantasy Flower Fertilizer is recommended.  Growing in low light situations is common, however, slightly higher light levels can produce better flowering.  Warm, moist, semi-shaded areas are recommended for cultivation.   Good air circulation should be provided to prevent diseases.

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