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  Salvaged or Recycled Materials: $3,000 or Less Kit: $5,000-$30,000 Labor and Materials: $8,000-$50,000+ Whether it's used as an animal barn, garage, workshop, storage facility or has some other function, a pole barn or building (also called post-frame construction) is a relatively low-cost way to provide basic shelter. Constructed of either wood or metal, in the United States a pole barn is essentially a roof mounted on a series of tall posts set in concrete.

Unlike block or frame construction, pole buildings do not require flooring or a slab foundation -- although those can be included. EasyBuildings.com provides an illustrated overview[1] .Typical costs: Kits containing the materials needed to build a pole barn start around $5,000-$10,000 for a smaller structure (15x20-foot to 30x40-foot, with 10-foot-high walls), depending on size and the number and type of options included such as large barn/garage doors, people-sized entry doors, windows, a storage loft and insulation.

A larger pole barn kit (30x60-foot up to 40x80-foot and larger, with 12- to 14-foot walls) can run $8,000-$30,000, also depending on size and options. Kits typically do not include a floor (cement can be poured after the building is built). DIYPoleBarns.com[2] offers metal pole barn kits ranging from 24x33x10-foot to 40x80x14-foot for $4,700-$15,000 (plus shipping costs if outside their delivery area).

LesterBuildings.com estimates it can take several days to several months to build a pole barn kit depending on the size and complexity of the project, and the number of people on the building crew. Many pole barn kit companies also do a complete installation, or it's possible to buy the materials and hire a local carpenter. Total costs for labor and materials can be $8,000-$50,000 or more.Graber Buildings[3] estimates that a 20x40-foot wood structure costs $10,000 for the materials and $4,000 for labor, while a 40x60-foot building would cost $18,000 and a 36x48-foot structure would be $29,000.

A Michigan resident[4] had a 14-foot high 28x40-foot pole barn built, including a concrete floor and three overhead doors, built for about $20,000 (without electrical costs or door openers). Do-it-yourself pole barns without a kit can cut costs significantly, especially if inexpensive or recycled materials are used. The University of Tennessee Extension program posts free plans[5] , and pole barn plans are available from $10-$70, from sites like FamilyHomePlans.

com[6] and EasiPlans.com[7] . Mother Earth News shares the story of a woman who built a 24x50-foot animal shelter pole barn with open walls and using old telephone poles, for less than $3,000. Related articles: Horse Barn, Metal Building, Handyman What should be included: Many pole barn kit companies offer free shipping within a specified delivery area. Building a pole barn uses basic post-and-beam construction techniques, which require standard carpentry skills.

The posts of a pole barn are typically set in concrete in the ground (although they can be mounted using anchor sleeves on a ground-level concrete footing or slab). For wood posts, 2-foot-by-8-foot posts are common. Telephone poles are often an inexpensive option, but vary in size and shape, making them harder to line up correctly. A concrete slab floor can be poured after the building is framed, using the building's skirt board as a frame.

In a time-lapse video[8] , Sherman Pole Building shows a professional building crew putting up a pole barn in two days. Climate and zoning may dictate what type of pole barn can be built in a particular area. Check with the local planning department for any regulations covering pole barns, and whether a building permit is needed (agricultural or certain small buildings are exempt in some areas). Generally, pole barns must meet certain requirements and copies of the plans must be filed with the local land use department.

For example, Boulder County, Colo., lists what's needed for a building permit[9] . Additional costs: There can be additional shipping charges if vehicle access is limited, such as on a dirt road/driveway. Discounts: Pole barn kits are heavy, but many companies provide free shipping within a specified delivery area; before paying shipping costs, check to see if there is a comparable kit available with free delivery from a manufacturer near the building site.

Shopping for a pole barn: Some companies advertise low prices for pole barn kits for simple structures, but the materials may be untreated, substandard or salvaged. Ask where the lumber or metal posts and other materials originate. Search the National Frame Builders Association for referrals to pole barn builders and suppliers. CostHelper News What People Are Paying - Recent Comments Posted by: Mike P in Jobstown, NJ.

Posted: November 27th, 2016 04:11AM Use for Building: Storage Contractor: self Built a 24' x 16 ' pole shed by myself (with the help of a carpenter friend) by buying materials at Lowes and Home Depot. Lots of work but came out nice so also very satisfying. I think cheaper than a kit or having to pay someone to do it. Posted by: Richard Larrabee in Blairville, PA. Posted: September 11th, 2015 07:09AM Use for Building: house horses Contractor: me I need a 40 x 288 ft barn , tack room, tool room,feed room.

Wash bay,office,rest rooms, hayLoft External Resources:  www.easybuildings.com/  www.diypolebarns.com/kits/  www.polebarn.com/cost/  www.tractorbynet.com/forums/rural-living/119902-how-much-does-cost-build.html  bioengr.ag.utk.edu/extension/extpubs/planlist97.htm#General Barn and Utility Shed Plans  www.familyhomeplans.com/project_details.cfm?ProjectNumber=6019&OrderCode=02WEB  www.

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Looking for a pole barn package? Our pole barn prices page is a great place to start forming a budget for a future building project. What you can expect from a Hansen Building Kit:Read what advice Mike The Pole Barn Guru has to offer when shopping for new pole barn packages – Comparing Pole BarnsSimply click on one of the customize my building links below or Call Us – 1.866.200.9657 Small Buildings - Pole Barn Prices Need a new garage? A place all your own to take your hobbies? 500-2000 square foot pole barn packages may be the ultimate answer! Tap into affordable garage kit prices to discover what best fits your needs and SAVE.

Available with a variety of siding/roofing options guaranteed to dazzle your dream pole building kit. *All prices shown below do not include any optional items and are designed to a 20 lb roof snow load. Prices will vary by location due to regional material prices and local design requirements.

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