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You will not find lower price for safe quality aircraft At Paramount Business Jets, we pride ourselves on offering the most competitive private jet charter prices and hourly rates in the industry. With an unrivalled commitment to safety, quality aircraft and reliability, our charter prices represent quality at best price. With over 3500 of the safest and finest aircraft in the industry, our preferred network of aircraft and operators enable us to deliver any size aircraft, anywhere in the world, at a moments’ notice.

Chartering a private jet has never been so easy and cost effective. Simply get a quick quote online or call us at +1-877-727-2538 at any time. We will provide the best aircraft options for you to choose from. Welcome aboard! we are looking forward to making your journey safe and comfortable while exceeding your expectations at every turn. “Paramount Business Jets flew the whole family to Hong Kong on a nine-seat airplane for $75,000.

Other airline companies were charging as much as $125,000.” The New York Times Choosing Your Private Aircraft Private jet hourly rental rates begin at just $1700 USD for a four-passenger turbo prop and go all the way up to $23,000 USD per hour for a VIP airliner with multiple showers and bedrooms. To find the right aircraft for you, read on for an overview of hourly price ranges, passenger capacity, flight range and air speed for each aircraft category.

Very Light Jets $2,000/hr - $2,200/hr €2,000/hr - €2,200/hr Select Pax Range (nm) Speed (ktas) Height (ft) 2 - 4 716 - 1,400 330 - 371 4.20 - 4.90 Light Jets $2,200/hr - $2,800/hr €2,200/hr - €2,800/hr Select Pax Range (nm) Speed (ktas) Height (ft) 6 - 7 1,088 - 1,929 308 - 492 4.10 - 5.00 Super Light Jets $2,800/hr - $2,900/hr €2,800/hr - €2,900/hr Select Pax Range (nm) Speed (ktas) Height (ft) 7 - 8 1,741 - 1,933 383 - 465 4.

10 - 5.00 Midsize Jets $2,700/hr - $3,800/hr €2,700/hr - €3,800/hr Select Pax Range (nm) Speed (ktas) Height (ft) 8 - 9 1,300 - 3,000 374 - 470 4.80 - 5.90 Super Midsize Jets $3,700/hr - $5,700/hr €3,700/hr - €5,700/hr Select Pax Range (nm) Speed (ktas) Height (ft) 8 - 12 2,450 - 4,000 375 - 530 5.70 - 6.30 Large Jets $5,000/hr - $7,200/hr €5,000/hr - €7,200/hr Select Pax Range (nm) Speed (ktas) Height (ft) 12 - 19 3,600 - 6,000 485 - 513 5.

97 - 6.25 Ultra Long Range Jets $7,800/hr - $9,200/hr €7,800/hr - €9,200/hr Select Pax Range (nm) Speed (ktas) Height (ft) 15 - 19 2,456 - 6,750 368 - 516 6.08 - 6.40 VIP Airliners $16,000/hr - $23,000/hr €16,000/hr - €23,000/hr Select Pax Range (nm) Speed (ktas) Height (ft) 19 - 50 3,800 - 6,100 469 - 485 6.50 - 7.33 Turboprop Aircraft $1,200/hr - $1,800/hr €1,200/hr - €1,800/hr Select Pax Range (nm) Speed (ktas) Height (ft) 6 - 8 739 - 1,938 189 - 402 4.

75 - 5.74 Helicopters $1,700/hr - $2,500/hr €1,521/hr - €2,275/hr Select Pax Range (nm) Speed (ktas) Height (ft) 3 - 8 250 - 660 96 - 190 3.90 - 6.00 Turboprop Airliners $2,800/hr - $16,500/hr €2,800/hr - €16,500/hr Select Pax Range (nm) Speed (ktas) Height (ft) 29 - 74 348 - 2,869 166 - 382 5.80 - 6.50 Regional Airliners $6,000/hr - $7,000/hr €6,000/hr - €7,000/hr Select Pax Range (nm) Speed (ktas) Height (ft) 37 - 50 1,006 - 2,000 434 - 534 5.

70 - 6.70 Short and Medium Range Airliners $17,000/hr - $22,000/hr €17,000/hr - €22,000/hr Select Pax Range (nm) Speed (ktas) Height (ft) 100 - 160 3,000 - 4,184 382 - 511 6.20 - 7.22 Long Range Airliners $16,000/hr - $30,000/hr €16,000/hr - €30,000/hr Select Pax Range (nm) Speed (ktas) Height (ft) 19 - 500+ 1,550 - 8,300 374 - 610 6.00 - 9.40 For more detailed information on specific aircraft models, use our Private Jet Rates widget below.

Simply select an aircraft type from the drop-down menu for an at-a-glance guide to charter and purchase prices and key aircraft information. Get A Quick Private Jet Charter Quote Now Access any type of private aircraft, anywhere in the world, any time you need it. To get started, simply fill in your details below and tell us where you want to go and when, and we’ll give you a quick, customized quote at an unbeatable price.

Top Tips for Saving Money on Your Private Jet Hire Reserve your aircraft early to access a greater selection of jets and lower rates. Schedule individual legs to coincide with the operator’s 2-hour daily minimums rule. Make use of floating fleets and/or empty leg journeys when available. Use private airports for lower landing and hangar fees and expedited departure and arrival. Use a knowledgeable, trustworthy broker such as Paramount Business Jets to act as your market advocate.

How We Calculate Your Private Jet Charter Quote Our innovative private jet charter quoting system relies on comprehensive data gathered from thousands of charter requests over many years. We always strive to give you the most accurate, transparent representation of costs, with no hidden fees or surprises. However, you may notice that the instant quotes you receive online differs from the final quote.

Why Is This? Your instant quote is known as a ‘soft’ quote, and is an estimate or ball-park figure based on factors like the aircraft type, hourly rate, total flight time and fuel surcharges. Depending on where you fly, landing fees may vary and you might incur additional costs related to local duties and regulations. Depending on when you return, you may need to factor in expenses like repositioning of the aircraft or overnight expenses for the crew.

Your final quote, or your ‘hard quote’, will take into account all of these additional factors for a more accurate picture of your costs.

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E135 flights operated by Delux Public Charter, FAA Air Carrier Certificate 4DPA097O. Phenom 100 and CJ3 flights operated by JetSuite Air. FAA Air Carrier Certificate 9SUA667M. JetSuiteX flights are public charters sold by JetSuiteX Inc. as the charter operator and flown by Delux Public Charter, LLC or JetSuite Air as the direct air carrier. JetSuiteX charter flights are subject to United States Department of Transportation Public Charter Regulations and require participants to sign an operator participant agreement.

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