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American Ready Mix's volumetric trucks are a less expensive way to get small volumes of concrete delivered* *(Versus Barrel Truck Delivery of Concrete) HERE'S WHY:Other drum-style companies use barrel trucks that hold approximately 9 yards. If you only need three yards, you might be charged for a 4-6 yard minimum delivery, plus a possible clean out fee. And if there's leftover concrete, many other companies would need to dump the extra at your location.

DON'T FORGET:With our current fleet of trucks we can deliver up to 17 yards per trip. If you need more, expect a turn-around.

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Ready-Mix Concrete *Price per Cubic Yard Mix Description Slump Eastside / Seattle N. King County / Snohomish County 2,500 PSI 4" $127.70 $115.70 2,500 PSI 6" $130.70 $118.70 3,000 PSI 4" $129.00 $117.00 3,000 PSI 6" $132.00 $120.00 3,500 PSI 4" $131.20 $119.20 3,500 PSI 6" $134.20 $122.20 4,000 PSI 4" $132.30 $120.30 4,000 PSI 6" $135.30 $123.30 3,000 PSI Exposed 4" $132.20 $120.20 4,000 PSI Exposed 4" $134.

40 $122.40 4,000 PSI Stamp Mix 4" $133.40 $121.40 4,000 PSI Pump Mix 6" $134.50 $122.50 Fees Eastside / Seattle N. King County / Snohomish County Environmental $5.00 $5.00 Winter Heat (Nov 1 - Mar 31) $3.50 $3.50 Fuel Surcharge $5.00/Load $5.00/Load Additional Charges Minimum Loads: Our minimum concrete load is nine (9) cubic yards. A short load surcharge of $30.00 per every yard under nine (9) will be added to smaller loads.

Standby Time: A standby surcharge is assessed for concrete loads that exceed seven (7) minutes per cubic yard unloading time on the jobsite. Additional time will be charged at $105 per hour or $2.00 per minute.Overtime: Concrete deliveries between 4:30 PM and 6:00 PM are subject to an overtime surcharge per truck of $75.00 per hour and $120.00 per hour for plant. Truck overtime will be calculated until the truck arrives back at plant.

Plant overtime will be calculated until the last truck is ticketed. After 6:00 PM charges will be at double time or $150.00 per hour for truck and $240.00 per hour for plant.Extended Hauls: Deliveries over 45 minutes from plant will be subject to an extended haul surcharge at $2.00 per minute for each minute over 1.5 hours total travel time (or 45 minutes one way).Saturday Deliveries: A $20.00 per cubic yard premium will be assessed for all concrete delivered on a working Saturday.

Saturday delivery hours are between 7:00 AM and 1:00 PM.Pump Blowback: A pump blowback surcharge, at $200.00 per occurrence, is charged if a concrete pump cleans up or blows back into our ready mix truck.Color Washout: A color washout surcharge, of $100.00 per truck, will be charged for color added at job site.Returned Concrete: Returned concrete, over two cubic yards, may be subject to a $30.00 per cubic yard disposal surcharge and truck time to disposal site.

Late Cancellations: A cancellation surcharge of $150.00 per truck may be charged for firm orders cancelled less than 3 hours prior to confirmed pour.

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