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You can tell by our products we do not just sell a style, we love the state of mind a relaxing Cabin away from Home instills in all of us.   We specialize in reasonable Custom made Rustic Log Cabin Decor Lodge Decorating, Lake Cabin Fishing Theme items and gifts for the outdoors lover.  Moose Themes, Black Bear Decor, Fishing Decorating, Log Cabin Decor, Northwoods Decorating Ideas, Hunting Decor, Rustic Ranch Decor, Loon Lake Decoys, Log Home Decorating, Adirondack Frame, Mirror and Sign, Mountain Cabin Decorating, Cabin Decor, Northwood's Craft Supplies, Log Furniture, Nautical Beach Decorating, Coastal Theme Decor, Lodge Cabin Theme Ornaments, Natural Primitive Decorations, Authentic Native American Indian Crafts, Laughing Bear Art, Rustic Wall Pictures, Wildlife Accessories and more.

Please feel free to let us know what your looking for.  Unlike other online Cabin stores, each one of our 1800+ unique items are in stock - we do not drop ship our products from our vendors.  We also have reasonable prices everyday, we do not attempt to trick our customers into thinking they are getting a deal by raising our prices and then having constant "sales".

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For any person that is pondering entering into the company of promoting wholesale merchandise at retail costs, the very first thing that will come to mind is, exactly where do I get the wholesale products from? The next thought are going to be, which wholesalers or fall shippers can i have faith in?

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Worldwide Wildlife Products is a division of Atlantic Coral Enterprise, Inc., a family-owned wholesale business started in 1971. We are worldwide importers of animal horns, animal skulls, animal skins, animal mounts, ivory tusks, animal bones, wholesale sea life, wholesale seashells, and seashell gifts. We do not carry any endangered animal products. All our merchandise has been cleared for legal entry into the U.

S. by the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Department and U.S. Customs. We have all required governmental licenses and permits. All products will have a label “Made in India”, “Made in Philippines”, etc. These labels are a requirement of the U.S. Customs department and state the country of origin of the product. They do not mean the item was “manufactured”. All our products are natural. Create the look of a rustic cabin by decorating with natural elements.

By hanging authentic animal mounts on your wall and placing an animal skin rug in front of a roaring fireplace, you can transform your home into a cozy hunting lodge. Bring the wilderness indoors by using animal skulls, alligator products, shark jaws, and other animal products to enhance your indoor retreat. Artwork made from porcupine quills or painted on ostrich eggs is a unique way to decorate with natural animal elements.

Finish off the room with creative accessories such as lamps made from animal horns, beautiful ivory tusk and animal bone carvings, and a stunning antler chandelier centerpiece. Worldwide Wildlife Products, a division of Atlantic Coral Enterprise, Inc., is a wholesale importer of authentic animal products such as animal horns, animal skulls, animal skins, animal mounts, ivory tusks, and animal bones.

When purchasing any of our authentic animal products, you will be sent to the Atlantic Coral Enterprise, Inc. website to view product details and to complete your order. Animal Product Categories Animal skins and hides for sale for decorating and crafts. We have a wide selection of wholesale animal skins, animal hides, and authentic animal skin rugs for rustic cabin décor, hunting lodge décor, and for those that wish to add a touch of the wild to their home.

Products are listed on Wholesale priced animal skulls and animal skulls with horns for skull collectors and rustic cabin décor. We carry vervet monkey skulls, Hamaldryas baboon skulls, warthog skulls, giraffe skulls, alligator skulls, and animal skulls from African impala, kudu, springbok, blesbok, gemsbok, wildebeest, nyala, waterbuck, hartebeest, and other animals.

Products are listed on Wholesale priced animal horns and antlers for making shofars, antler chandeliers, knife handles, cane handles, antler lamps, and for rustic decorating. We carry kudu horns, gemsbok horns, sheep horns, ram horns, water buffalo horns and buffalo scales, springbok horns, African impala horns, blesbok horns, goat horns, polished kudu horns, and polished buffalo horns.

Products are listed on Animal mounts at wholesale prices for log cabin décor, hunting lodge décor, and rustic cabin décor. We carry springbok mounts, blesbok mounts, impala mounts, blue and black wildebeest mounts, gemsbok mounts, warthog mounts, and more. Products are listed on Wholesale priced ivory for carving; including warthog tusks and hippo tusks.

Warthog ivory and hippo ivory are used for making ivory knife handles, ivory jewelry, ivory carvings, ivory scrimshaw, and ivory handles for walking canes. Products are listed on We sell wholesale animal bones for carving bone and making bone jewelry, scrimshaw bone, bone knives, and bone gun grips. We carry camel leg bones, giraffe leg bones, and giraffe vertebrae bones.

We also carry the giraffe neck vertebrae sets and single giraffe vertebrae. Products are listed on We sell porcupine quills imported from Africa in six sizes: 2 to 5 inches, 4 to 6 inches, 6 to 8 inches, 8 to 10 inches, 10 to 12 inches, 12 to 14 inches, and 14 inches and over. African porcupine quills are used in porcupine quillwork, making porcupine jewelry, porcupine artwork, and in numerous other crafts.

Products are listed on Ostrich eggs at wholesale prices, imported from South Africa for African themed decorating. We have a wide selection of empty ostrich eggs for painting, decoupage ostrich eggs, carved ostrich eggs, and scrimshaw ostrich eggs with the African Big 5, African animals, and African scenery. Products are listed on We carry wholesale shark jaws from assorted common species of sharks and mako sharks.

These shark jaws are from 3 inches up to 22 inches in size, and imported from Taiwan, India, and the Philippines. Also available are shark teeth necklaces, mako shark teeth, and shark teeth sold in bulk for making shark teeth jewelry. Products are listed on Wholesale alligator heads from 2 foot alligators up to 10 foot gators, together with alligator foot back scratchers and alligator feet.

We also sell alligator teeth, alligator teeth necklaces, alligator foot necklaces, bulk alligator feet, gator toe necklaces, and alligator foot key rings for Gator football fans and collectors of weird and unusual items. Products are listed on

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