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Scrap Metal Recycling Guide Scrap metal yards throughout the United States accept a variety of different types of scrap metal and as a result of the ever increasing metal recycling prices, you can expect to make a fair amount of money from selling yours. As you would expect, some materials typically fetch more cash than others, however the detailed list on the right illustrates common scrap metal prices per pound.

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Similarly, if you are interested on finding out the prices of scrap metal on a more local level, then please follow the relevant links below.

We are now directly associated with almost ten thousand scrap yards, we also cover all 51 states in the United States and a large number of cities too. If you are not situated in the United States then please check out our other websites for international scrap metal prices:Australia Canada France Germany Italy New Zealand Poland Russia South Africa Spain United Kingdom Before I delve further into the more detailed prices for all of the differing forms of scrap metal, it is important for you all to understand how the metal prices are essentially decided by dealers.

Ultimately, scrap metal is traded in a very similar manner to stock, in that I mean it is driven by a perpetually shrinking and growing demand. This is set on a local level all over the United States, if you have a dealer close to you that is in need of scrap copper or scrap aluminum then you will get more for your money. However, if they have an excess of any particular metal then they will often offer you a small price for your scrap metal per pound.

As time goes on, the price of scrap metal usually increases. We can observe this by considering the steadily increasing demand of these metals and their prices over the years too. Wherever you are situated in America, you will find that scrap metal yards will prefer to trade per pound rather than by any other unit. This price is also based upon the total weight of clean metal of a certain grade too.

I will be providing a more detailed overview of what the different types of metal grades mean and what you can expect to receive for each of them.Grade (i) 1 – Metals made up of predominantly grade 1 material are very clean pieces with no metal alloys within them. These pieces of scrap metal will always be worth the most to scrap yards and they are therefore the most valuable too. In order to be classified as grade 1, the metal should not be corroded or damaged and not be bound to any other material either.

Grade (ii) 2 – Metals considered as grade 2 are fairly similar to grade 1, however instead of being a pure piece of metal, they are found with various other elements (metal alloys) associated with them. Likewise with grade 1 metals, grade 2 pieces should also not be corroded or damaged and not be bound to any other non-metal alloy.Grade (iii) 3 – Depending on the type of metal, there may be additional classifications that exist too.

Examples of this include aluminum and lead. There are a number of sub-classifications that exist here and they are often the cheapest and least valuable forms of scrap metal that exist.Un-graded – Furthermore, there are other types of un-graded pieces of metal that exist. Some examples of these include various forms of scrap metal castings, pipes and sheets that may be of use to some scrap yards.

In certain occasions these types of metal are more valuable and will return a larger sum of money than some pieces of grade 1 metal. Scrap Copper Prices Per Pound Generally the best way to ensure that you get the best scrap copper price per pound is to clean your metal before taking it in to a scrap yard or dealer. If you do this, it essentially saves the dealer a job and therefore they will usually pay marginally more in return.

This is particularly important when you are considering methods to attain favorable scrap copper prices because they are higher than all other materials, as a result you will see far more for your metal. Before you choose to clean your scrap copper, you should first ensure that it is pure and not mixed or simply plated. If it is mixed copper then you risk scratching the metal, if it is pure then there is no risk whatsoever.

There are a variety of other factors that need to be reviewed before you are truly able to determine what scrap copper prices per pound you are going to receive. As always you should try your best to strip away any other metals from the copper. It is common for people to bring in their recently sourced copper to the scrap yard with various other pieces of plastic or metal attached to it, the issue with this is that many dealers will simply reject it.

This is relatively common with wires, scrap copper wire prices are very dependent on this concept, in addition to the thickness of the coil and of course the length too. One of the most valuable types of copper is actually pure, or solid, copper tubing. While this type of metal is quite rare, if you manage to find some for yourself, make sure that you take it to your local scrap metal yard as soon as possible.

As I have mentioned previously, copper can be found absolutely everywhere and you are likely completely unaware of this. In actual fact, it is one of the most popular types of metal used within electronic equipment found in and around your home. Some examples of places that you can find copper wiring is within the insides of an old computer monitor or television. Within these pieces of hardware, there are often many components made partly or even entirely of copper.

Likewise, if you have any old laptops or desktop computers lying about, you should open these up and remove all of the valuable metals. Additionally, many household items are also either made of copper or contain it - take for example a microwave or coffee machine, the wiring within these appliances is also usually copper wire. The best place to find scrap copper wire in the home is actually within fridge freezers or clothes' washing machines.

If you have managed to source some of the metal, you can expect scrap copper prices per pound to be between $2 and $5. Scrap Steel Prices Per Pound Scrap steel prices per pound are also fairly difficult to determine without an experts advice. They do not vary quite as much as copper or aluminum, however steel is rarely seen as being pure and it is often contaminated with other types of metal too.

As a result of this it is extremely hard to find out the true worth of any particular piece. Fortunately, scrap steel is quite easy to find, especially if you are in the building industry. Steel and stainless steel is regularly used in building foundations and within the structures of houses too. Scrap steel is also fairly heavy so you may need some assistance moving large quantities of it around.

Do not expect to get a large sum of cash for your metal if you can carry it to the scrap yard by hand, you will likely need a large skip to be transported from your home carrying the steel if you are to expect a significant sum of money.Scrap stainless steel prices per pound are also fluctuating on a daily basis, they also vary massively from state to state, but the table above can be used to provide some sort of scale for what you may find your metal valuated at.

As with any types of metal, it is always good to get a vague idea of what your materials are worth before taking it to a scrap yard so you get a good price. Scrap stainless steel is often much more valuable to dealers if it is not damaged in any way, however even if it is damaged it will be more valuable than typical steel.In actual fact, stainless steel is one of the most highly sought after types of scrap metal in recent times.

It is expensive to make and so scrap metal yards are keen for people to recycling their pieces so that it can be reused over and over again. This is certainly not the case with all ferrous materials. Scrap Brass Prices Per Pound Scrap brass prices per pound, much alike nickel, tin, silver and gold are very volatile. They also remain fairly low throughout the year and are not really worth seeking out unless you know that you have a substantial quantity of it in its pure form.

The average person is also unable to distinguish brass from other types of scrap metal and so when you take it to your local dealer you may not even know that you have it. It is also a very frequent occurrence for scrap yards to try to pass off aluminum or stainless steel as brass so that they can pay a lot less for these more valuable types of metals. Scrap Aluminum Prices Per Pound Aluminum prices also vary an awful lot wherever you are in America.

In fact, scrap aluminum is the most volatile type of scrap available and so it is exceptionally difficult for anybody to accurately figure out the exact price they will receive for any one component. Scrap aluminum prices per pound are usually between $1 and $5 per pound, however there is a wide range of factors that affect this. All in all, scrap aluminum is usually in high demand and while it does not always get valued at a high price, it is always easy to get rid of.

Some of the main factors that weigh in the pricing of aluminum is the type that you have. There are several different types of aluminum and the various grades of it too, one example of a good source of it is scrap aluminum can prices.Some of the most commonly found types of scrap aluminum include cables, cabling, casings, wheels, radiators, plates, sheets and also some alloy based materials too. With scrap aluminum prices per pound varying so much, I would recommend searching your home for all the different pieces you can find and then separating it into the different grades before trying to price it all up.

Once you have an idea of how much metal you have, you should only then take it to your local scrap yard for proper valuation. Scrap Iron Prices Per Pound Iron is extremely difficult to find in its pure form in recent times, it is often always contaminated in one way or another. As a result of this it is another sought after type of metal. Scrap iron prices per pound are fairly stable throughout the United States of America, although they do occasionally change dramatically based upon nationwide demand.

The stability can largely be attributed to the large amount of natural iron resources found in the northern, more mountainous states of the country. It is consistently mined in the USA and so the prices remain fairly flat. Due to this we can easily determine the price of scrap iron if it is pure, if not then you will unfortunately need to find an expert or take it to a scrap yard for a more thorough valuation.

Scrap cast iron prices per pound are another good source of income for many people, cast iron is difficult to come across in many homes, but it is regularly found in building sites across the states. If you happen to come across a large quantity of scrap cast iron then you are very fortunate, it sells for a good price and is in extremely high demand too. Scrap Lead Prices Per Pound Scrap lead is another metal that is very difficult to find in its pure form, unless we are talking about extremely small quantities that are found in pencils - for example.

Not only that, but lead is also very difficult to handle, it is a toxic metal and so searching for large quantities of it is probably not the best idea. Despite this, if you do happen to have a significantly sized portion of lead, scrap lead prices are usually very good and it is readily sold at scrap yards anywhere in the world. Once again, we do not recommend people to actively go in search for this particular metal, even in your own home, it is better for experts to deal with this type of dangerous material.

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One of the best ways to find prices for scrap copper is via the Internet. The World Wide Web provides one of the best venues for the most up-to-date prices for non-ferrous metals. Because of this, it is one of the best resources for ensuring that sales or purchases of copper are resulting in fair prices. Current Pricing Current prices of scrap copper have been trending at a steadily rising pace across the different copper grades.

No.1 heavy scrap copper has been leading the way at USD $3.65 per pound. At the low end of the pricing scale, copper/aluminum radiator ends is selling for USD $0.54 per pound. These prices reflect truckload or TL pricing. Less than truckload or LTL pricing is generally about USD $0.15 per pound less. Projections by the London Metal Exchange are predicting a further rise in scrap copper up to nearly USD $4.

00 per pound. Pricing Influences The number one factor influencing the price of scrap copper is the level of demand and the short supply of mined copper. While scrap copper prices remain at about half that of refined copper, the expectation is that supply will continue to remain low and further boost prices. Scrap copper prices are also affected by the overall world economy. The automotive, electrical and housing industries are the primary users of copper and as such, they also help provide a barometer that gauges the price of copper by how much of it they use.

Other factors that can affect the price of scrap copper generally reside within the mining industry, itself. Strikes and labor negotiations can have various influences on the price of copper, but current inventories of copper act as a buffer and help to stabilize the market. Advances in technology such as fiber optics compete with copper and can also negatively affect its price. Recycling and Reusing Scrap Copper One of the most intriguing aspects about copper is that it is 100% recyclable.

Many estimates show that nearly 80% of all copper that has ever been mined is still in existence. This percentage is much higher than that of aluminum, which is used as the measure for the effectiveness of recycling. Scrap copper can be reused over and over again and nearly any product made with copper can be recycled. Obviously, this makes scrap copper one of the more valuable recyclables available today.

Because of today’s sustainability concerns, it only makes sense to recycle scrap copper. Copper as a ‘Renewable’ Resource Because copper can be reused and recycled again and again without a loss in quality, it could almost be considered a renewable resource. Copper reserves are a finite commodity, however, so recycling this metal is very important. Recycling scrap copper is environmentally sound and under the right circumstances, recycling scrap copper can be a great business investment.

The returns on this investment aren’t just monetary, either. Reduction in landfill waste, savings in energy consumption and the impact on the economy are also excellent incentives to recycle this valuable commodity. In this day and age, recycling needs to be more than just a buzzword. The benefits that are provided by recycling scrap copper far outweigh any negatives that might be associated with it.

Anyone who recycles copper, whether you represent a charity, business-for-profit or are an individual, is not only bringing in a bit of cash flow, but is also doing what’s right for the environment.

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