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Non-Ferrous Metals Aluminum Wheels - $9.00 EachAluminum Breakage - $0.12 Per PoundAluminum Cans - $0.35 Per PoundAluminum Radiators - $0.30 Per PoundDirty Aluminum Radiators - $0.18 Per PoundClean Aluminum - $0.35 Per PoundDirty Aluminum - $0.30 Per PoundAC Combo Ends ACR - $0.45 Per PoundAC Combo Clean ACR - $0.92 Per PoundAC Combo Dirty ACR - $0.86 Per PoundAlt/Starters - $3.00 EachCompressors - $2.

00 EachBust Bar - $2.45 Per PoundBare Bright - $2.47 Per PoundBatteries - $10.00 EachHard Brass - $1.45 Per PoundIrony Brass - $0.60 Per PoundRed Brass - $1.45 Per PoundYellow Brass - $1.60 Per PoundBrass & Copper - $1.55 Per PoundCopper #1 - $2.37 Per PoundCopper #2 - $2.21 Per PoundCopper Radiators - $1.30 Per PoundSheet Copper - $2.19 Per PoundElectric Motors - $0.11 Per PoundLead - $0.50 Per PoundSealed Units - $0.

10 Per PoundStainless Steel - $0.33 Per PoundTin Coated Copper - $2.15 Per PoundChristmas/TV Wire - $0.10 Per PoundHarness Wire - $0.77 Per Pound#1 House Wire - $1.51 Per Pound#1 Wire (90%) - $2.03 Per Pound#1 Wire (80%) - $1.77 Per Pound#1 Wire (75%) - $1.64 Per Pound#1 Wire (65%) - $1.37 Per Pound#1 Low Grade Heliac - $0.25 Per Pound#2 Wire - $0.53 Per Pound#2 Wire (60%) - $1.14 Per Pound#2 (50%) / Cat5 Phone Wire - $0.

85 Per PoundHeliac Wire - $0.95 Per PoundBallast - $0.07 Per PoundCopper Transformers - $0.16 Per PoundStainless Breakage - $0.10 Per Pound Ferrous MetalsBrakes & Rotors - $150.00 Per TonEngines & Transmissions - $155.00 Per TonHeavy Metal - $150.00 Per TonSheet Iron - $140.00 Per TonCast - $145.00 Per TonForklift/Machinery - $145.00 Per Ton* All Ferrous Metals bought by the ton is NET TON-2000 lbs.


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December 11, 2017 Chicago has been a major player in the iron and steel industry since prior to the Civil War. Through the years it has been a leader through the rise and fall of the metals industry and still is a highly watched market today to predict new trends. Pricing in Chicago is assessed as a delivered to consumer market for 21 steel and iron scrap grades and 3 grades of stainless steel with historical prices online dating back to 1995.

Scrap Price Bulletin offers pricing and trends on the following metals in the Chicago market: no. 1 heavy melting, no. 2 heavy melting, no. 1 dealer bundles, no. 2 bundles, no. 1 busheling, shredded scrap, machine shop turnings, cast iron borings, cast iron borings (foundry), plate and structurals 5 ft. and under, plate and structurals low alloy 2 ft. and under, low-residual black foundry busheling, low-residual ductile-quality shredded clips, low-alloy punchings, scrap rails random length (del to dealers yards), reroller rails, rails 2 ft.

and under, no. 1 machinery cast, clean auto cast, cupola cast, stove plate, steel car wheels, 18-8 bundles and solids, 18-8 turnings, and 430 bundles and solids.  Scrap Price Bulletin publishes more than 50 steel and iron scrap price grades and reports on 18 major North American ferrous scrap markets.  Click here to visit the about our prices page or to find additional steel scrap terms, visit the glossary page.

Subscribers benefit from regional scrap prices for Birmingham, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Hamilton, ON, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Seattle-Portland, South Carolina,  St. Louis, and Youngstown assessed every week.  To see a sample price sheet, download a sample issue below or take out a free trial to experience scrappricebulletin.

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