Scrap Metal Prices Columbus Ohio

Picture of Scrap Metal Prices Columbus Ohio

ITEM PRICE UNIT Yellow Brass 0.90 USD/LB Type 2 Copper 1.90 USD/LB Type 1 House wire 0.90 USD/LB Type 1 Copper 2.30 USD/LB SUN, IBM Flat CPU's 5.00 USD/LB Steel Wrapped Copper Wire 0.10 USD/LB Steel 0.06 USD/LB Slot CPU Cards 8.50 USD/LB Servers(Incomplete) 0.15 USD/LB Servers Complete 0.20 USD/LB PowerStrips /Surge Protector.. 0.15 USD/LB Power Supply – Wire 0.25 USD/LB Power Supply – No Wire 0.

18 USD/LB Pentium PRO CPU's 30.00 USD/LB P4 Green CPU's 5.00 USD/LB P3Plastic/Fiber CPUs' 10.00 USD/LB P1 Ceramic CPU's 20.00 USD/LB Non Magnetic Stainless Steel 0.35 USD/LB Motorola CPU's 30.00 USD/LB MIXED Memory 8.00 USD/LB Mixed Comm/ Power Wire 0.60 USD/LB MID GRADE BOARDS 0.60 USD/LB Boards Low Grade 0.12 USD/LB LCD No Crack without stand 2.00 USD/LB LCD Monitor Non Funtional No.. 4.00 USD/LB LCD Monitor 15 2.

00 USD/LB Laptops Scrap / old laptops .. 0.90 USD/LB Intel 386/486 CPU's 80.00 USD/LB Boards High Grade 5.00 USD/LB Hard Drives without boards 0.20 USD/LB Hard Drives Complete 0.70 USD/LB Hard Drives (SHREDDED) 0.30 USD/LB Hard Drive Shredded No Board 0.15 USD/LB Hard drive Boards 8.00 USD/LB Docking Stations Laptop Dock.. 0.05 USD/LB Disk Drives (DVD/CD/Floppy) 0.12 USD/LB Dirty Aluminum 0.25 USD/LB Copper Yokes 0.

50 USD/LB Copper Heat sinks 1.35 USD/LB Copper Degaussing Wire from .. 1.40 USD/LB Computer Cables Mixed Powerc.. 0.50 USD/LB Coax Wire from cable TV 0.07 USD/LB Clean Aluminum 0.35 USD/LB Cell / Laptop Batteries 0.85 USD/LB Battery Backup/UPS 0.23 USD/LB Audio / Video Equipment 0.07 USD/LB AMD, IBM, Cyrix ceramic CPU'.. 25.00 USD/LB Aluminum Wrapped Copper Wire 0.20 USD/LB Aluminum Heat Sinks 0.40 USD/LB Aluminum Copper Radiators 0.

75 USD/LB AC ADAPTERS (with wire) 0.25 USD/LB AC Adapters (NO Wire) 0.15 USD/LB

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Home Welcome to Buckeye Recycling Center! For more than 22 years, our family-owned and -operated company has provided an array of recycling services to Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. From stainless convertors and generators to copper and aluminum, we accept a variety of scrap metal for top cash prices. If you cannot haul your scrap to our location, we offer plant and jobsite pickup services for your convenience.

With our years in the industry, you can expect a quick, hassle-free and rewarding experience with Buckeye Recycling Center. View our services to see a detailed list of metal we recycle. Contact us today for the best prices in town!

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