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Lindsey Williams @45490 25 Jan 2018 We are a manufacturing company in McAllen, TX that makes medical devices from PVC pipe. We have SEVERAL large containers full of PVC scraps that we want to sell. Please contact Lindsey Williams at 956-598-3599 or Charlie Graham at 956-607-7122. Details

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Current Metal, Recycling Prices & News This scrap metal prices website was developed to provide readers with the latest scrap metal prices and scrap metal news across the world. SCRAP PRICES IN THE UNITED STATES East Coast Recycling Prices SELL YOUR JUNK CAR QUICKLY! MAKE MONEY ON THAT JUNK VEHICLE – WE PICKUP – TOP DOLLAR PAID! QUICK CASH! CALL (866) 827-1222 Midwest Scrap Metal Prices Michigan USA Recycling Prices  Indiana USA Recycled Metal Prices  Illinois USA Recycling Prices West Coast USA Prices California Scrap Prices SCRAP METAL FOR SALE – for a comprehensive listing of current listings of large lots of metal for sale, go to our Metal For Sale Page HERE! Scrap metal can be basically divided into various categories including ferrous and non ferrous scrap metals, exotics and auto and auto bodies.

FERROUS METAL includes: Light Iron , # 1 Busheling, Scrap # 1 Baling, # 2 Baling, Plate & Struct 2×5 , Plate & Struct (unprep), Heavy Melt 2×5, Heavy Melt scrap (unprep),  Punchings, Turnings , Borings , Rail , Mixed Steel Loads , HMS (Heavy Melt Scrap) – a magnet will stick to these scrap metals. NON FERROUS METAL includes: Bare Bright Copper , Copper # 1, # 2 Copper, Copper Rads, Aluminum Metal, Brass and Bronze, Zinc and Lead,  Aluminum Cans, UBC (used beverage cans) – a magnet will not stick to these metals STAINLESS STEEL AND EXOTIC SCRAP METALS include: Carbide Inserts/Shapes , High Speed Steel,Inconel, Monel ,Alnico Magnets, Nickel based alloys,Titanium, Hastelloy Solids , 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel – a magnet may be drawn towards some of these metals but will not stick.

AUTOMOTIVE AND AUTO BODY includes: Clean Auto Radiators, Unclean Auto Radiators, Clean Aluminum Rads, Unclean Aluminum Radiators, Copper/Aluminum Rads , Unclean Co/AL Rads , Electric Motors, Clean Motor Cast, Unclean Gas Motor, Trannys ,Starters, Alternators HOW TO MAXIMIZE YOUR METAL RECYCLING In order to maximize your scrap metal recycling efforts, there are some very basic techniques you can utilize.

Some suggestions to maximize the money you get paid for recycling includes: Sort various metals into different piles. Steel and iron should go into one pile, aluminum scrap in another pile, copper should go into another. You will get paid less for mixed loads of scrap. Deal only with reputable brokers or recycling yards Keep all debris, concrete, dirt and garbage out of your recycled metal piles Strip copper and aluminum cable.

There are many cable wire strippers available on the market. Strip your wire cable in order to get the highest value for your copper or aluminum. Always carry a magnet – you can use a magnet to quickly tell if the material is ferrous or non ferrous and then separate your metals into various piles

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