Scrap Metal Prices Missouri

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ITEM LOCATION PRICE USD/LB Yellow Brass (FE) Salem 0.40 Whole Aluminum Cased Transmi.. Salem 4.00 Thermal Break Aluminum Salem 0.11 Stainless Turnings Salem 0.02 Stainless Steel Clean Salem 0.25 Stainless Steel (FE) Salem 0.08 Soft Lead (clean) Salem 0.20 Soft Lead Salem 0.20 SHEET COPPER Salem 1.45 Scrap Aluminum Salem 0.28 Red Brass (FE) Salem 0.55 Pistons Clean Salem 0.11 Painted Aluminum Siding Clea.

. Salem 0.31 Magnesium Dirty (FE) Salem 0.04 Magnesium Clean Salem 0.10 Litho Printer Sheets Salem 0.43 Lead Wheel Weights Salem 0.10 Insulated Phone Wire Salem 0.15 Heater Cores Clean-Brass Salem 0.50 Heater Cores (FE) Salem 0.20 Hard, Gear or Bronze Brass Salem 1.35 Generator Copper Salem 1.45 Extrusion Dirty (FE) Salem 0.30 Electric Motors(Copper) Salem 0.08 EC WIRE Salem 0.48 Die Cast (FE) Salem 0.

04 Copper With (FE) Salem 0.20 Converters Half BB Type Salem 3.50 Converters Full BB Type Salem 7.00 Converter Honeycomb Regular Salem 15.00 Converter Honeycomb Pre Conv.. Salem 2.00 Converter Honeycomb Large Salem 22.00 CLEAN YELLOW BRASS Salem 1.15 CLEAN RED BRASS Salem 1.30 Clean Old Die Cast Salem 0.12 BRASS TURNINGS Salem 0.20 Brass Auto Radiators Clean Salem 1.15 Brass Auto Radiators (FE) Salem 0.

70 Battery Small Salem 0.75 Battery Large Salem 6.50 Battery Auto/Light Truck Salem 3.50 Bare Bright Copper Wire Salem 1.80 Aluminum Radiators (FE) Salem 0.18 Aluminum Extrusion Clean Salem 0.43 Aluminum Clips (MLC) Salem 0.32 Aluminum Cans Salem 0.35 Aluminum Bumpers Clean Salem 0.14 Aluminum breakage Salem 0.06 Aluminum 6061 Salem 0.38 Aluminum - Turnings Salem 0.06 ACSR Wire Salem 0.13 ACRs FE Salem 0.

48 A Coils Uncleaned with (FE) Salem 0.35 #2 Insulated Copper Wire Salem 0.40 #2 Copper Salem 1.55

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CMC Recycling is a full-service metals recycler that welcomes all commercial and industrial businesses, brokers, dealers, and individuals looking to sell their scrap metal. Our core values of integrity and honesty ensure that our clients receive maximum value for their scrap metal. As a Fortune 1000 company, CMC is required to maintain certified scales and performs internal and 3rd party audits on a regular basis.

Click Here for printable price sheet Double the Money on Your Iron Now featuring our weekly drawing for preferred customers for the total of iron brought in per week (Monday – Friday). If your name is drawn we will pay double the amount on your ticket of the total weight for the week (Iron Only & Dealers Excluded). Price update 1/12/2018 Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal Prices (per lb.) Bare Brite Copper $2.

60 No. 1 Copper $2.50 No. 2 Copper $2.30 LT Copper $2.30 Welding Tips $1.00 Insulated #1 70% $1.40 Insulated #2 50% WO/PLUGS $0.80 Insulated #2 w/plugs $0.60 Plug ends $0.05 X-mas lights, Computer Cords $0.15 Copper Clad $0.10 Wire Harness $0.70 Heliax $0.70 Red Brass $1.75 Yellow Brass $1.50 Refinery Brass $0.25 Brass radiators $1.50 Heater Cores $1.20 Meter Brass $0.85 Aluminum radiators $0.

40 Aluminum breakage $0.10 Aluminum cans $0.55 Aluminum borings $0.40 Clean Painted Siding $0.50 ACSR / Neoprene $0.30 Cast Aluminum $0.45 Al/CU Radiators (AFCT) $1.20 Aluminum Sheet $0.45 Aluminum Extrusion $0.55 CI Aluminum wheels $0.60 Aluminum EC wire $0.60 #2 Auto pistons $0.40 Aluminum foil/screen wire $0.01 Thermal Barrier $0.35 Magnesium $0.01 Stainless Steel 304 $0.40 Irony Die Cast $0.

15 Clean Die Cast $0.30 Tungsten Carbide $2.25 Lead $0.45 Wheel weights $0.15 Electric Motors $0.10 El w/attachments $0.05 Steel comp/sealed units $0.10 Cast iron compressors $0.05 Starters $0.15 Alternators $0.25 Ferrous Scrap Metal Prices ( per Net Ton) Tin & Scrap $145.00 #2 Steel $200.00 Stove Cast $200.00 Clean Auto Cast $205.00 Dirty Motors $165.00 Torch Iron $120.00 Whole Autos $145.

00 PRICE CHANGES CMC Recycling reserves the right to change prices due to market conditions. LARGE VOLUME PRICING Click here or call your preferred location to inquire about large volume pricing. REQUEST A ROLLOFF Click here or call your preferred location to inquire about rolloff pricing. NOTICE CMC Recycling WILL NOT buy stolen material under any circumstance and has processes in place to detect stolen material.

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