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Shoulder height: 9-11 inches Weight: 9-16lbs Shih Tzus are longhaired and can be a variety of colors including black, red, beige, and sometimes white. The Shih Tzu is an independent breed that is intelligent, lovable, affectionate, sociable, and cheerful. It is not as outgoing as most breeds. It seldom barks. This dog always behaves with dignity, and gets along with other household pets and children.

A lot of grooming is required. To prevent tangles, the coat must be combed everyday. It is necessary to provide a hair bow or something similar to keep the hair out of the dog’s eyes. Special eye drops must be applied to keep the eyes clean. The ear passages must be cleaned regularly as well. To keep the coat in good condition, it is necessary to take the dog to a professional groomer every two months to be clipped.

This breed’s somewhat obstinate nature makes consistency essential in the training process. Shih Tzus are happy with short walks. Make sure you understand and research the dog breeds you are looking to own before purchasing your Shih Tzu puppy from one of our reputable Shih Tzu breeders. Looking for your new pet can be very difficult. Each puppy breed is different. Do your breed research by reading our breed profile about the Shih Tzu dog.

Navigate our Shih Tzu  puppies page below to find your perfect puppy!

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Iron Butterfly Shih Tzu Nursery  Were Elite and Petite come together!  Unsurpassed Quality, Health, Stunning Beauty and Sweet Temperament....  Priceless!!  Our Nursery page is dedicated Exclusively to our tiny teacup Imperial Shih Tzu! I am sure you will agree that these Precious little Shih Tzu are some of THE most Exquisite tiny Shih-Tzu babies for sale! Just Amazing Examples of what this breed has to offer! If you are looking for that Stunning baby unlike no other you have come to the right place!   Rumor     &     Player DOB: 12-06-17  "NURSERY"  Please click on above Link!  Babies in Nursery!!  ?    &    ? DOB: 00-00-00   "NURSERY" Please click on above Link!  ?   &    ? DOB: 00-00-00 "NURSERY" Please click on above Link! ?     &     ? DOB: "NURSERY" Please click on above Link! We produce some of the most Stunning Tiny size Imperial Shih Tzu Puppies bar none!  Our puppies range in size from 4 - 8# and in price from $1500.

to $4000. Pet Price spay / neuter contract.  The lower being a bit bigger male and the upper a tiny female.  Price is based on Size, Sex, and overall Quality!   NOTE: Please take the time to read the above paragraph.  Yes we breed for the tinier sized Shih Tzu, but no we will never compromise Health, Conformation, and FACE just to breed exclusively for Tiny Size alone!  I will never let the Quality of the breed go by the wayside just to achieve the Tiniest of the Tiny!   We are one of the Top Breeders known for our "Quality" tinier sized Shih Tzu with our signature Stunning Babydoll Faces and Unique Colors!!  If you are interested in Adopting one of our Darling Puppies please feel free to contact us as we are always happy to talk about our babies!!  All our Adoptees will be asked to fill out our Adoption Questionnaire, this can be done by clicking on the link below.

 IB Shih Tzu Adoption Questionnaire   Please Click on Above Link ***We make contact back with everyone who fills out our Questionnaire!  Therefore, if you do not hear back from us please try again as we did not receive your Questionnaire.   *** Be the FIRST to know when we have puppies! Fill out our Questionnaire above and you will be added to our Email Notifier  alerting you to births, litter updates, photos, ect.

BEFORE they are even posted or advertised on our web site! Don't miss out be the FIRST to see our Babies!! *** *** Clients will only stay on our Email Update List for 2 years. *** If we hear from you and know you are avidly still looking this can be extended. *** Do not confuse our Email Update List with our Paid Wait List.     Adults For Adoption  Please Click on Above Link  Please Keep in mind that our Babies are Sold with Limited AKC Registration on a Spay / Neuter Contract.

Our puppies range in price from $1500. to $4000. Pet Price.   ** All puppies must be a minimum of 8 weeks and must be at least 2# and eating well before they can be placed in their new forever homes.  With small breed puppies this is very individualized and may vary.  We always put the best interest of our puppies first. **   Being on our Exclusive Wait List certainly has its Benefits!!  Enjoy the ability to choose your puppy before they are made available to those who are on our email list only or general public!  That in itself is the Major Benefit!  HUGE to be exact!  You will pick your puppy first!! For Additional information on how to get on our Exclusive Wait List please use the Wait List tab located at the bottom of the page!   Tickled Pink Testimonials!! Please Click On Above Link A Reference Page created with the Words of our Happy Adoptive Familys :) Common Small Breed / Shih Tzu Issues   Please Click On Above Link We Accept Credit Cards through PayPal!   You can also follow us on FaceBook! Just Click and Like!

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