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Should I bring in both shoes if only one of them needs repair? Will I still pay full price? Please bring in both shoes or boots regardless of whether you believe one or both are in need of repair. First, we offer complementary cleaning/conditioning/polishing with any repair, regardless of whether just one or both are repaired. Polishing only one shoe may be worse than polishing neither, so we need both.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, many repairs must be done to both shoes in order to be done properly. Often the balance of the shoes – and their wearer – would be compromised by repairing only one. At times the other shoe may appear fine but is actually on the verge of a similar breakdown and repairing both will save the customer a repeat visit in short order. Regarding differential pricing where in fact only one shoe or boot requires attention, we always charge a reduced price, although not necessarily by half.

This is often the case where repair is necessitated by an accident/trauma to one shoe only, as opposed to ‘wear and tear’ which generally affects both relatively equally. The ‘one-shoe discount’ will generally manifest itself in the customer being charged for a ‘small sew’, ‘small glue’, etc. rather than a medium one. 

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  Resoling Alden $92.00 Allen Edmonds $9200 Boots (General) $69.00 Cole Haan poly soles (Rubber)   $66.00 Cole Haan Leather Soles   $92.00 Ecco $64.00 Florsheim Full Leather Sole Poly Rubber sole   $92.00 $69.00 Havana Joe   $69.00 Mephisto   $68.00 Prada   $92.00 Rockport $52.00 Timberland   $58.00 Vasque Hiking Boots   $69.00   MEN'S LEATHER SOLES Full Soles and Heels $92/pr.   LADY'S LEATHER SOLES  1/2 Soles $36/pr.

!/2 Soles and Heels $48/pr. Full Soles (on flat shoes) $48/pr. BIRKENSTOCK RESOLE Replacing the sole, recementing uppers to cork, sealing and cleaning. $49.00 RESOLE AND RECORK Replacing the soles and recorking. (This work can be done if the damage to the cork isn't too far.)  Otherwise we recommend recrafting. $74.00 RECRAFT This will turn your old favorites into your new favorites, we will replace everything except the top leather.

$74.00 RECRAFT WITH SOFT FOOTBED SAME AS RECRAFT WITH CUSHIONED FOOTBEDS $85.00 We are a full service repair shop, for orthopedic and correction work please don't hesitate to call us. 626 487 2907  

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