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The ShoreStation SSD10521 is a two-place freestanding pwc lift that supports up to 1000lb per watercraft. This cantilever style lift features independently operated lift platforms that are operated by either a brake winch or can be upgraded with electric drives. KEY FEATURES (per side) 1000 lb Max Lifting Capacity 52" Max Beam 42" Lift Height (actual cradle travel) All aluminum framework 72" Carpeted Hull Bunks Standard (vinyl and aluminum 20" Telescoping Adjustable Legs 4 - 20" Telescoping Adjustable Legs with Inverted Foot Pad 2 Year Basic and 15 Year Frame & Extrusion Warranty This lift is designed with 4 - 20" adjustable legs that make leveling on an incline possible.

ShoreStation offers a very sleek and clean look with all of there lifts and they are packed with features to make life easier. The UltraBunks are available for this unit as an option and are a vinyl over aluminum combination that provides superior support and protection. No more sand trapped in your bunk carpet. AVAILABLE ACCESSORIES 13' x 108" Complete Canopy Kit Vinyl and Aluminum Ultra Bunks Upgrade Electric Powered Winch Upgrade ADDITIONAL INFORMATION This product ships out common carrier freight.

Please contact us for a shipping prices and availability. Shipping available worldwide. © 2013 Happy to Help You! Ask Your Question 115 Characters remaining Most Popular Question Asked by other users We have this lift - it is about 7 years old. We are looking for a canopy frame and cover for it? Answer:  This is the canopy frame for this boatlift - 13'x108" ShoreStation Canopy Frame CF13-108 Your Question has been submitted, We will answer this question within 24 hours.

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Attention all Hand Crank Winch Owners!! Are you thinking about Installing an Add-On Winch Unit?   Read This Before Making Your Decision: After 12/13 Years of Manufacturing and Testing Add-On winch units we found that in more then 88% of all brands of hand crank winch units out on the market that where "Converted" to a Add-On winch unit that replaces the Large Wheel - that after 2/3 years the Original Hand Crank Winch unit literally fell apart due to the Fact that the Hand Crank Wheel Winch Units are "Not Made" to run as fast as a Add-On unit can spins them! (It normally takes a person 8 minutes or more to spin the winch wheel on a boat lift up 3 feet and longer to go even higher and very Exhausting too).

  So Now besides having to purchase a Add-On product for around $700.00 to $1,000.00 to operate your old hand crank winch (again where your wheel use to be!) - Now you will also in the near future have to replace your Original Hand Crank Winch Unit due - again - to it not being made/engineered to withstand the force and speed that the Add-On winch products.   Estimated replacement cost of your original hand crank winch unit is: $375.

00 to $600.00 depending on what model you have! So we stopped manufacturing these items 9 or more years ago and went to only selling our Patented Truly Direct Drive BigBoy units!! I am also the "Original" Inventor of the "SideWinder" that is out on the market still today with another company!   The Add-On products out on the market 15 or more years ago to include to this day - seem to also not have a very good record with Success Rates! With Performance! And are under Motored! That is why they simply do not list there Success Rate ("As we do" 99.

9% on the BigBoy 120 VAC unit & 98.9% on our 12 VDC units over thousands of units out on the market over the last 9 years) and the Add-On products presently out on the market are new to the market as of over the past several years and have been known to also have much remote control problems to also include Speed Problems (in most all products being 3 to 4 minutes or more to lift your boat up in the air 4 feet vs.

. the BigBoy winch unit being able to lift your boat up in the air 4 feet high in 1 minute flat!) So why would someone want to pay "Double" for a winch unit or "Have to set at your boat lift for some 4 minutes or more to have it crank up to storage height - and they call that an electric winch unit running at Turtle Speed!   Maybe at that speed a person should forget about purchasing an Add-On Unit altogether? Or let's talk about "Longevity" !! In Our l0th year now and to date we have "Never" sold a 120 VAC replacement motor.

  We offer a "Patented" Electric Boat Lift Winch Unit that "Totally" replaces your old "Noisy" Hand Crank Wheel Boat Winch, the BigBoy Units are a "Total Replacement Winch Units". These BigBoy 4000 lbs & 6000 lbs Electric Boat Lift Winch Units can fit on "Any Boat Lift on The Market Presently! On all round piped boat lifts - ShoreStation - you must purchase an adapter pole $65.00 - Because ShoreStation Welds their Winch Units right to their upright winch post that slides in and out.

  All State of the Art! Electric Braking System -- Quiet and Can Easily Lift your 4000 lbs Boat 4' feet high in approximately 1 minute flat (Safe & Easy!) 6000 lbs units available in 120 volt only w/wireless remote standard 4.5 amp draw. (On 120 VAC & 12 VDC - 4000 lbs units wireless remote can be added at any time or ordered with the remote installed!)   Available in 12 volt DC units or" 110 volt AC (low voltage draws only 2.

7 amps) This BigBoy unit can be run off of up to a 500' foot long extension cord!!!   Wireless Remote Control Available for 110 VAC or 12 VDC Add $235.00 and Aluminum Battery Trays $65.00 and Aluminum Telescoping/Adjustable Solar with 5 watt or 11 watt Solar Panel $110.00 / $155.00 includes all mounting hardware.   Locally owned for more then 27 years in the Marine Industries! Installation available locally and Dealers Wanted in your State!   Check out our Totally galvanized Marine and Sea Plane Track Systems with wireless remote controls that go up to 400 yards available in 120 VAC or 220 VAC.

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