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Buying Considerations for Social Media Management Software Monitoring capabilities Social media management tools can be complimented by native monitoring tools, or integrate with a social media monitoring software. It is likely that your company has multiple social media accounts across different platforms. Cross-channel monitoring features allow you to simultaneously track activity from all of your accounts.

This increases efficiency, improves notifications and response times, and collects data into a centralized place. Integration Social media management tools collect data that can be incorporated with other programs such as customer relationship management (CRM) software. This allows you to see data about customer behavior overall and customer behavior specifically in the aspect of social media, which can help you further understand customer motivations and how to improve customer satisfaction rates.

Some companies choose to integrate their social media management software with third-party customer service products in order to improve their support system and inquiry management. Analytics Following the implementation of your social media management software tool, you will begin receiving large amounts of data that will require analysis. Find a product that integrates with a social analytics software or collect and analyze data such as satisfaction scores, customer demographics, incident response and handling times, and social media presence statistics.

You may also want a product that has the capability to visualize your data in an organized report. Having access to many types of data allows you to accurately analyze the effectiveness of your social media strategies. Reputation Management Social media management tools often offer features that help analyze your reputation and market presence on social media platforms such as brand competition monitoring, employee tracking, and alerts and notifications.

It is essential to use your software to monitor alerts of social media mentions and conversations related to your company in order to engage with customers and respond to criticism. Filtering Customers differ depending on location, age, and other demographics. Therefore, it is important to analyze groups of customers in relation to their demographics. This allows your staff to further understand the needs and motivations of the customer base, and respond to any incidents accordingly.

Select a product that offers the capability to filter data and results depending on demographics. Key Benefits of Social Media Management Software With social media management software, you can: Manage multiple types of social media accounts Collect data from your customer base and social media following Efficiently respond to criticism or complaints Track brand competition Gain insights on customer behavior and satisfaction Common Features These are the common features of social media management software: Social Marketing Social Ads Amplify brand and community stories; reach customers by social profile and activity; optimize social ad campaigns in real-time Social Sharing Add intelligent social share buttons to your campaigns and content; track who is sharing your content and driving conversions Social Campaigns Schedule automated posts to one or more social accounts; use or integrate with URL shortening services; and measure likes, comments, replies, and retweets Social engagement Social apps including polls, sweepstakes, and referral programs can enhance audience engagement on your website, landing pages, Facebook pages, and emails Social analytics Uncovers customer sentiment and identifies trends to better accommodate customers Business Problems Solved with Social Media Management Software Social media management tools help users manage and automate processes related to social media accounts across a variety of platforms.

These tools provide a number of features to simplify social media practices by organizing content, scheduling actions, planning campaigns, and archiving posts. Managing Multiple Social Accounts This may seem obvious, but the overwhelming majority of social media management product reviewers said managing multiple accounts was the largest business problem solved. These tools allow users to consolidate accounts across multiple platforms into a single, centralized location where dashboards will display information and allow users to post to one or many accounts.

The tools often provide administrative features to assure your account information is up to date, profiles are fully customized, and campaigns are organized. Centralized social accounts can simplify efforts to outpace the ever-evolving social media market. When new platforms become relevant, many social media management products will adapt and integrate. This helps users stay ahead of the curve when working tirelessly to increase brand awareness and user engagement through social media practices.

It is also significantly simpler to navigate through and manage accounts when posting on the behalf of clients or separate company departments. Scheduling and Automating Social Activity Users repeatedly mentioned the benefits of scheduling multiple social media campaigns through one medium. Social media management software gives users the ability to schedule posts months in advance. When social media managers have surplus content, they can schedule posts accordingly to ensure they share as much content as possible.

Users can also utilize best practices to maximize social reach. Users can identify optimal times of day and days of the week, then schedule posts accordingly. Teams can plan in advance to publish timely posts related to holidays and events. Some teams may publish a weekly summary or monthly update. Social media management tools give users the ability to schedule timely posts, increasing relevance, awareness, and interaction.

Engaging with Customers on Social Media The simplified process of publishing content has given users increased time to engage with customers, according to reviewers. When users spend less time planning and scheduling social media posts, they are able to focus more on user interaction. Many reviewers connected their improved social engagement to growth and brand awareness. Users said their increased engagement connected directly to producing a more active user community.

Many social media management platforms provide users with alerts when users engage with their content. This eases the process of responding to negative reviews, thanking users for positive feedback, and assisting users with technical support. Companies can utilize negative user experience stories to improve their own product and improve that specific user’s experience. Positive feedback can be captured, shared, or retweeted as free marketing content.

Social media is also often one of the first mediums in which users attempt to contact companies. Social media management tools allows companies to respond more quickly and often. Reporting Relevant Social Data Another benefit of social media management software is the ability to create reports that analyze best practices. Not all products contain reporting and social analytics features, but ones that do save users a significant amount of time that would otherwise be spent analyzing effectiveness.

Depending on the product’s reporting features, users can analyze specific variables such as user demographics, locations, and trends. Reporting tools can also be used to produce content for demonstrations with teammates, partners, or prospective clients. Companies can demonstrate empirical evidence to explain their social media practices and their effectiveness. Reports can show trends over time and which variables had the most significant impact.

Many tools can often archive content as well to create a database of existing content, prior posts, and past campaigns. Other Business Problems Solved with Social Media Management Software Some of the other business problems solved with social media management software include: Adapting to new social media platforms Recording and storing historical data Identifying existing and potential users Creating triggered posts

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