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kmm8256 Aug 15, 2013 Arkangels....I've been told they had a fire. They have another one by the Walmart. QUOTE Report as abuse Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Aug 15, 2013 Yikes, ArkAngels! That can't be good. QUOTE Report as abuse ArkAngels Aug 15, 2013 I went to the one in Wake Forest while ago and there is crime scene tape blocking the entrance and exit to the restaurant! Wonder what happened there and why it is closed? QUOTE Report as abuse DianeNC Aug 15, 2013 $3.

50 may be high, but I think $1.75 is a reasonable price for their cheeseburger. (I've had it in the past, and it's good.) QUOTE Report as abuse diana123 Aug 15, 2013 which proves my point, they charge too much $$. excepttheir drinks 2-5 half price and of course i am at workduring this period. QUOTE Report as abuse DianeNC Aug 15, 2013 I believe Sonic's cheeseburgers are normally around $3.50 (so today it would be just $1.

75,) but if I remember correctly, they make it with pretty much whatever you want on it. QUOTE Report as abuse wildfrenchrose Aug 15, 2013 diana123, they've been my fave fast food joint all my life, but recently changed their menu and no longer offer a hamburger--now you must order a cheeseburger minus cheese, and while they will charge you extra for extra cheese, they don't reduce the price if you have it left off.

I don't like cheeseburgers and don't want to have to pay for cheese that I don't eat! QUOTE Report as abuse diana123 Aug 15, 2013 why are you boycotting? QUOTE Report as abuse diana123 Aug 15, 2013 way too expensive even at 1/2 price. QUOTE Report as abuse wildfrenchrose Aug 15, 2013 This would be great, but I'm boycotting Sonic. QUOTE Report as abuse

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