Steel Scrap Metal Prices

Picture of Steel Scrap Metal Prices

#1 Bare Bright Wire Used in all kinds of electrical. Stripped Bare Bright Copper, no paint/heavy corrosion. VIEW METAL DETAILS $2.83/lb #1 Copper Tubing / Flashing Used in Plumbing for Commerical / Residential / Industrial. No paint / no solder / nothing inside. VIEW METAL DETAILS $2.55/lb #2 Copper Tubing / Bus Bar Used pipe/wire from rip-outs of old work. Paint, Solder, Small Brass joints, stuff inside.

VIEW METAL DETAILS $2.40/lb #3 Roofing Copper For decorative purposes. Also used in Solar Panels. VIEW METAL DETAILS $2.25/lb Brass (Plumbing, Pipe) Old Plumbing Fixtures/Handles/Nozzles. Water Spigets, Machine Shop Cut-Offs VIEW METAL DETAILS $1.65/lb Bronze Bronze is a clean alloy that has no attachments, steel, iron, or other materials on it. VIEW METAL DETAILS $1.85/lb Brass Shells Little plastic, dirt, or steel attached.

No residue inside and without primers. VIEW METAL DETAILS $1.50/lb Brass Water Meter Used by towns to know how much water is being used by each location. VIEW METAL DETAILS $0.85-$1.75/lb Clean Brass Radiators Free of steel sides and no coolant inside. VIEW METAL DETAILS $1.55/lb Aluminum/Copper Coil (Clean) This is the main component to what powers air conditioners VIEW METAL DETAILS $1.

14/lb Aluminum/Copper Coil (Dirty) Aluminum/copper coils with steel still attached. VIEW METAL DETAILS $0.90/lb Copper Yokes From TV's and will usually have plastic and coated copper wire attached. VIEW METAL DETAILS $0.50/lb Copper Transformers Has a steel core with copper windings surrounding it. Could have an outer case surrounding the copper as well. VIEW METAL DETAILS $0.10-$0.

20/lb Electric Motors Used to produce energy to anything from a washer or dryer to a cordless drill. VIEW METAL DETAILS $0.11-$0.15/lb Alternators/Starters From cars, trucks, vehicles with gas or diesel engines. Used to run the engine and are copper bearing. VIEW METAL DETAILS $0.13/lb Sealed Units/Compressors Found in appliances like refrigerators, are usually very heavy with electric motor inside.


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Atlanta and Worldwide Metal market prices and scrap metal prices (Atlanta and worldwide) are widely circulated and can vary significantly. The metal prices on this page reflect the trading prices on various market exchanges around the world. Known as “prime”, these metal market prices serve as an index and fluctuate on a daily basis according to market conditions. Scrap metal prices for copper, aluminum, stainless, iron and other metals also fluctuate on a daily basis, and while related to “prime”, scrap metal prices are also adjusted based on the quality and quantity of the materials at time of sale.

Metal Market Prices All metal market prices and scrap metal prices for copper, aluminum, stainless, iron and other metals are subject to change without notice throughout the day. Contact Metro Alloys 404.753.6063 for today’s metal market prices and for current scrap metal prices (Atlanta and worldwide). Copper* Aluminum* Nickel* Zinc* Scrap Metal Prices Atlanta Metro Alloys has customized recycling programs for manufacturers offering top scrap metal prices and timely payments.

Read more … Metro Alloys offers Xpress Recycling with convenient drop-off service that provides top scrap metal prices in Atlanta and instant payments. Read more …   * Spot – Live, Non-LME Prices** COMEX – Commodity Exchange** LME – London Metal Exchange Industry News Top Supplier

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