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The Stihl company has been manufacturing chainsaw bars and chainsaw accessories in the United States since the 1970s. Originally a European manufacturer, the company first opened in Germany in 1926. Over the years, Stihl chainsaws have become industry icons due to the many innovations the company has introduced to chainsaw users. Among Stihl's firsts are automatic chain oiling, electronic ignition, chain braking, and the industry's first electronic fuel injection system design for handheld power tools.

Stihl's selection of electric and gas-powered chainsaws is designed to span the spectrum from light brush cutting to extreme felling. Chain guide bar sizing ranges from 10 inches to 59 inches in length. With all of the choices in chainsaws, buyers should pinpoint the best one for their needs by considering their intended usage, their strength, and their price point to make the best selection. Categories of Stihl Chainsaws The manufacturer sells chainsaws and accessories in several categories that group models for specific uses.

These groupings include Battery & Electric, Homeowner, Farm & Ranch, and Professional. Several models within each category give buyers a variety of choices and price points from which to choose.To make comparison shopping easier, Stihl designates saws with code letters to indicate their proprietary features as shown below. Code Feature C Comfort feature B Quick chain adjuster E Easy2Start™ Q Added chain braking feature Battery & Electric Chainsaws Stihl's line of battery-powered and electric chainsaws offers homeowners the convenience of electric start and environmentally responsible, emissions-free operation.

Because these units do not have gas tanks or internal combustion, they are far lighter in weight than chainsaws in other categories. However, electric saws are limited in range by the length of their power cords, and battery-powered saws are limited in running time by their power capacity. Currently, the manufacturer offers four models in this category, one of which, the MSE160 BQ, is battery-powered.

Model Quickstop Plus Quickstop Ematic Lubrication System Quick Chain Adjuster Adjustable Automatic Oiler Volts Motor Output Weight MSE 140 C-BQ Yes Yes Yes Yes -- 120 4 kW (11.7 amps) 3 lbs. MSE 160 C-BQ -- -- Yes -- Yes --   8 lbs.* MSE 180 C-BQ Yes Yes Yes Yes -- 120 8 kW (15 amps) 7 lbs. MSE 220 Yes Yes Yes Yes -- 120 7 kW (15 amps) 5 lbs.

*Weight includes lithium-ion battery. Homeowner Chainsaws This line of 12 gas-powered Stihl chainsaws is designed for general light to medium utility jobs that homeowners typically carry out around their residences. Sawing up fallen limbs and cutting small logs into firewood are some of the tasks that a homeowner can easily accomplish with any saw in this category. The models are easier to maneuver for operators who aren't used to wielding a chainsaw very often and where safety is a concern.

They are also an excellent entry level option for the first time chainsaw owner. MS 170 Chainsaw Powered by a 1.3 kW, 30.1 cubic centimeter (cc) engine, the Stihl MS 170 weighs 8.6 lbs and holds about a half-gallon of gasoline. This light-duty model is made for a 12- or 16-inch (30cm or 40cm) guide bar. Like all Stihl chainsaws, the MS170 is equipped with an anti-vibration system designed to make operating the unit more comfortable, and the proprietary Quickstop chain brake safety feature to prevent operator injury should kickbacks occur.

It also has the trademarked Master Control Lever that operates the choke, the throttle lock, and the off/on switch. Stihl MS 171 This model's focus is fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Equipped with the manufacturer's pre-separation air filter that requires up to five times fewer filter changes over the life of the chainsaw, the MS171 is a great choice for budget-conscious consumers.Powered by a 1.

3 kW, 30.1 cc engine, this chainsaw weighs 9.5 lbs and holds 9.5 fluid ounces of gasoline. It can use a 12- or 16-inch guide bar. It has Stihl's ElastoStart hand bar with a built-in shock absorber to make starting more comfortable. It also has a side-access chain tensioner feature for easier access when tightening the chain. Stihl MS 180 C-B and MS 180 C-BE Chainsaws This Homeowner model is a notch above the 170 in terms of power, yet it is a lightweight, easy-to-use residential model.

A 1.5 kW, 33.8 cc engine powers the MS180, and the saw weighs 8.8 lbs. It holds just over one-half gallon of fuel and accepts 12- or 16-inch guide bars. It features a tool-free, quick chain adjustment control.Identical in engine size and fuel capacity, the Stihl MS 180 C-BE features the trademarked Easy2Start system requires only one light pull of the starter to get the engine going. At 9.3 pounds, this model weighs a bit more than the MS 180 C-B.

Stihl MS 181 and MS 181 C-B Chainsaws The MS181 and MS181 C-B models feature 1.5 kWs of power with 31.8 cc displacement, and they weigh 9.5 lbs and 10.1 lbs, respectively. The use 12- to 16-inch chain bar guides. The 181 C-B has the Easy2Start feature. MS 192 C-E Chainsaw The MS192 is a super-light, 7.4-lb model has 1.3 kW of power and a 30.1 cc engine. Like the previous Homeowner models, it accepts a 12- or 16-inch chain guide.

Special features of this saw include a purge pump primer, that primes the carburetor with gas to facilitate a faster start, as well as the Easy2Start and ElastoStart functions, making it one of the easiest-to-use models in the Homeowner category. Stihl MS 211 and MS 211 C-BE Saws These MS 211 and 211 C-BE chainsaws have 1.7 kW, 35.2 cc engines and weigh 9.5 and 10.1 lbs respectively. Fuel capacity is 9.

5 oz and chain guide bar sizing is 12 or 16 inches. The 211 C-BE features Quick2Start, quick chain adjustment, a master control, and emissions-reduction technology. Stihl MS 230 C-BE Duro Chainsaw Another step up in size and power, the MS 230 C-BE Duro model has a 1.9 kW, 40.2 cc engine and weighs 10.8 lbs. It comes equipped with a Stihl PICCO Duro chain that is designed to remain sharp four times as long as regular chains.

Made to handle dirty wood, roots, and treated lumber, it holds nearly a gallon of gasoline to accommodate longer sawing sessions. This model is packed with convenience features such as quick chain adjustment, easy start, and the purge pump primer. MS 250 and MS 250 C-BE Chainsaws These top-of-the-line Homeowner Stihl chainsaws are 45.4 cc, 2.2 kW workhorses. The MS250 weighs 10.1 lbs while the 250 C-BE weighs in at 10.

8 lbs. Unique among other saws in the same category, these accept either 16-inch or 18-inch bars. They are designed primarily for cutting firewood. The 250 C-BE model has Easy2Start and the quick chain adjustment feature. The fuel capacity of both models is 15.9 oz. Model Engine Power (kW) Displacement(cc) Weight(lbs.) GuideBar Size (in.) C B E Q  MS 170 3 1 6 12-16 -- -- -- -- MS 171 3 1 5 12-16 -- -- -- -- MS 180 C-B 5 8 <ol ·  8 12-16 Yes Yes -- -- MS 180 C-BE 5 8 3 12-16 Yes Yes Yes -- MS 181 5 8 5 12-16 -- -- -- -- MS 181 C-BE 5 8 1 12-16 Yes Yes Yes -- MS 192 C-E 3 1 4 12-16 Yes -- Yes -- MS 211 7 2 5 12-16 -- -- -- -- MS 211 C-BE 7 2 1 12-16 Yes Yes Yes -- MS 230 C-BE Duro 9 2 8 12-16 Yes Yes Yes -- MS 250 2 4 1 16-18 --  -- -- -- MS 250 C-BE 2 4 8  16-18 Yes Yes Yes -- Stihl Farm & Ranch Chainsaws Stihl's Farm & Ranch line of chainsaws are designed to handle medium-duty tasks for homeowners with acreage.

These models are built for more rigorous duties than those in the Homeowners line and are made to endure more continuous usage. The Farm & Ranch line includes six models. Stihl Wood Boss Chainsaw A 12.3 lb chainsaw with 2.6 kW of power, the Stihl Wood Boss is a 50.2 cc saw that takes a 16- to 20-inch bar guide. The Wood Boss has a fuel-efficient engine that runs up to 20 percent longer between refueling the 1 gallon, 9 oz capacity gas tank, and emits only 50 percent of the exhaust of the MS 270 model.

It has a winter-summer carburetor shutter for year-round efficacy. MS 290 Farm Boss Chainsaw The MS 290 Farm Boss from Stihl delivers 2.8 kW of power with 56.5 cc of displacement. It weighs 13 lbs and carries up to one gallon, 2.9 oz of fuel. The Farm Boss has a balanced power-to-weight ratio that delivers steady, dependable performance. Stihl MS 291 and MS 291C-BEQ These similar chainsaw models have 55.

5 cc, 2.8 kW engines and weigh 12.1 and 13.7 lbs respectively. Operators can use a 16-, 18-, or 20-inch guide bar with the 291 models. They offer fuel-efficient operation for demanding sawing tasks, such as felling trees and cutting fuel wood. Each model has a fuel tank capacity of 16.9 oz for longer running times in field and forest. The MS 291 C-BEQ features tool-free chain adjustment and Stihl's Quickstop Plus, an added braking feature for stepped-up safety.

Stihl MS 311 Chainsaw This Farm & Ranch model has 3.1 kW of power in a 59 cc engine. It weighs 14.1 lbs and accepts chain guides from 16 to 20 inches. Featuring Stihl's advanced technology for greater fuel efficiency, the MS 311 can run longer on less fuel and creates fewer emissions. Its larger fuel capacity - 20.3 ounces - also facilitates longer work sessions. Side-access chain tension controls and an adjustable automatic oiling system add to the 311's utility.

MS 391 Chainsaw The most powerful model of Stihl's Farm & Ranch line, the MS 391 delivers 3.3 kW of power with 64.1 cc displacement. No heavier than the MS 311 at 14.1 lbs, this chainsaw can handle heavier duty chores. One of the manufacturer's most fuel-efficient models, it features the automatic oiler and side tensioner, just like the MS 311. Stihl Professional Chainsaws Built for heavy-duty work like clearing land and cutting larger timber, Stihl's professional chainsaw line is composed of 17 different models ranging in power capacity from 1.

8 to 6.4 kW and in weight from 8.82 to 22.7 pounds. Depending on the model, a Stihl professional chainsaw can accept guide bars from 16 inches to 59 inches in length. Because of their high-powered, heavy-duty cutting power, and weighty profiles, professional chainsaws may be unsafe for the novice, home-use operator and should only be operated by professionals like an arborist or logger. Finding the Right Stihl Chainsaw on eBay Even though Stihl makes a number of different chainsaws, finding the one on eBay in the category and price that works best is fairly easy.

Log onto eBay's home page to get started. Locate the search box toward the top of the page and type in a search phrase, such as "Stihl chainsaws." That will bring up a number of general results. If desired, select a category from the drop-down menu in the next box, such as Home & Garden. Click Search. To find a specific Stihl model, make the search phrase more specific. For example, typing in "Stihl Farm Boss chainsaw" will return only models and parts for that particular saw.

For new chainsaws, select New from the left sidebar menu. To limit the price range, type in values in the appropriate boxes to the left of the page. Conclusion With the right chainsaw for the job from a trusted manufacturer like Stihl, homeowners and professionals alike can accomplish the tasks at hand more efficiently. Stihl's convenience and safety features help keep equipment handling comfortable and safe.

By shopping eBay for a Stihl chainsaw, savvy consumers can save time and money on their power tool purchases.

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