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  Always looking for quality used grain bins      Mike & Bob Davis, are located in Central Illinois. We have been supplying Grain Bin Bolts and new and used Bin Equipment for more than twenty years.       Thousands of satisfied farmers have come to rely on the Davis Brothers and Binbolts,Inc for nuts to bolts and more.       Please call us for new & used equipment quotes, and for any other items not listed here on our website WANTED TO BUYQuality used grain bins to disassemble.

No Government bins.217-474-8820 217-474-9180Our LocationUsed grain bin Transitions for 24 to 48 dia, all in excellent condition. Complete 30' floor, flashing, and unload available in stock. Call for price. Delivery available.New 8 in grain bin center wells, slide or rollers availableIntermediate 8in grain bin wells slide or rollers availableGrain Bin Power heads6 & 8 inch hutch in stock Wall flanges for 6 and 8 inch New and Used 6 and 8 in tubes and screws for grain bins Grain Bin Hold down brackets for either standard 2.

66 or 4 in tall grain bin sheet Flat to corrugation seals for 2.66 and4 inch grain bins Grain Bin Transition for 12 in fan

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Sukup fan housings, control boxes and motor mounts are made of heavy-duty galvanized steel to resist rust and stand up to the elements.Plated screen guard over air intake provides for safe operation.Curved, spun inlet venturi improves efficiency. Green powder-coat paint over galvanized steel for ultimate rust protection.Adjustable leveling legs on single inlet fans allow for easy leveling and support while giving more flexibility for adjusting to inconsistencies in concrete pads.

Exclusive lip easily connects the fan to the heater or transition to form an airtight seal. Sukup’s special airfoil blades move more air due to the backward-curved, non-overloading design. Fan wheels are statically and dynamically balanced for smooth, trouble-free operation. Sukup engineers test motor amperage and temperature under long-term, maximum-load conditions to ensure the motors will stand up under tough operating conditions.

Controls include: Magnetic starter Overload relay Start-stop buttons 115v circuit to interlock heater with fan (7.5 – 50 hp 1750 rpm) Direct motor drive is standard for greater efficiency and less maintenance. Integral motor mounts Available models: ·        1 phase, 230 volt ·        3 phase, 230 volt ·        3 phase, 460 volt 50 Hz and other voltages available upon request.

Sukup Transitions: Galvanized steel ensures long life. All seams overlap to prevent air leakage. Units bolt together easily. Special “nutserts” are attached directly to sheet metal, so only one wrench is needed to tighten bolts for assembly. Optional transitions are available that fit between bin stiffeners. Sukup 3500 RPM Fans Sukup offers a full line of high speed (3500 rpm) centrifugal fans.

Ideal for deep grain depths, aerating small grains, and in situations where static pressure is high, as in commercial uses. Totally enclosed motors Dual Inlet Fans Dual inlet fans are available for 30 hp, 40 hp and 50 hp 1750 rpm fans. The double-blade design blows away comparable single-blade fans in airflow and efficiency. The double inlet pulls air over the motor, completely utilizing motor heat in the process.

Downstream heaters for dual inlet fans are available for high-capacity in-bin drying. Engine-driven dual inlet fans are also available.   Centrifugal In-line Fans Sukup In-Line Fans feature a centrifugal fan wheel built into an axial housing. 3500 rpm motor is specially engineered for high-performance Sukup blades to ensure maximum airflow. Ideal for higher static pressures found with small grains and higher grain depths.

CSA models available in 18”, 24” and 28” sizes. Extensive testing has produced a heater with an intense blue flame, allowing complete, clean combustion in up to 6” of static pressure. Independent tests have shown the Sukup heater burns within the highest efficiency range. A coiled vaporizer is available to burn liquid propane where more heat is required, such as in colder climates. Two-way adjustment allows for operation over a wider range of outside temperatures.

The exclusive Sukup vaporizer high limit features manual reset, so you will know if the vaporizer needs to be readjusted. By placing the heater downstream between the fan and transition, air goes through the fan and then is heated. Because air expands as it is heated, this design gives up to 20% greater drying capacity than a conventional upstream heater placed on the fan inlet. The standard divided control box separates gas and electrical components while protecting them from the elements.

Sukup heaters feature a special solid-state circuit board for simpler, safer and more trouble-free operation. Benefits of Sukup solid-state controls include: The Sukup stainless steel flame sensor is more reliable and will last longer than traditional flame probes. Unique, separate transformer produces an aggressive spark for reliable, easy ignition. Solid-state circuitry allows additional safety features for greater reliability.

Circuit board carries a three-year limited warranty. Sukup heater housings have a large service door to allow easy access to internal heater components. A sight glass in the top of the housing allows for easy inspection while burning. Model Typical Temperature Rise Hi-Temp 50o-180o F Lo-Temp 25o-75oF Super Lo-Temp 10o-30oF  Heater Control Options Thermostat cycles burner off and on.  Modulating valve automatically adjusts gas pressure to maintain constant drying temperature in the bin plenum.

High-low Thermostat continuous flame cycles between higher and lower gas pressures, providing more uniform temperature with greater reliability. Not for low temperature systems. Humidistat also available for lo-temp and Super Lo-Temp models. Dual burner controls with optional gauges allow control of multiple heaters from one control box, ensuring they are cycling on and off together for even heat.

The deluxe control box includes a static pressure gauge and thermometer, along with the temperature controller.

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