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One of America’s best-selling machine made brands, Swisher Sweets Cigarillos Original Cigars, have a sweet, natural tobacco taste thanks to its use of high-quality Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed tobaccos. When you are looking for a quick, tasty smoke, you just can’t beat the outstanding quality, affordable price, and satisfying flavor of a Swisher.  Sold in 2 packs of 3.

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Cuban CigarsCigarsGas StationsTobaccoSmokingHow much do cigars cost at gas stations? How do they compare to other brands of cigars?Guy D McCardle, Jr., Member of the Cigar Cartel. I appreciate a good smoke.Answered 93w ago · Author has 809 answers and 7m answer viewsI don't know where you are from, but down here in Florida the average single gas station type cigar (Swisher Sweets, Phillies and stuff like that) usually go for about a buck apiece depending on their size.

  These gas station cigars are also known in the cigar world as "machine mades" because, you guessed it, they are made by machines and not rolled by hand.  Also, their "wrapper" is not made from a single tobacco leaf like a premium cigar is.  They take some left over bits of tobacco, combine it with some kind of vegetable based paste, roll it out into a flat sheet and roll the cigars out of that.

  At least that is how it is done for most of the machine mades.  I'll be straight out blunt (no pun intended):  most gas station cigars suck compared to premium cigars.  It's really not fair to compare them to a $6, $8, or $10 smoke.  Some of them aren't half bad though.  Some of them I go looking for when I want a decent cheap smoke and don't feel like lighting up a good stick.  For example:  Keep an eye out for Villiger cigars.

  You'll find them in convenience stores from time to time.  They should be about 5 bucks and change for a pack of five.  Well worth it.  They have a natural Sumatra tobacco leaf wrapper (not that chopped up left over tobacco bits and veggie binder crap) and the inner tobacco is grown from cuban seeds.  By far my favorite "gas station smoke".  Oddly enough they come from Switzerland.  Go figure.

  My second favorite low cost smokes are Avanti's.  These are made from 100% Kentucky and Tennessee tobaccos dry cured with hickory smoke.  Their most popular offering is flavored with natural anisette and has a pleasant licorice type flavor.  Avanti's come in packs of three or five and should also be priced at about a buck a piece.  The two smokes I noted above are well worth the money and are a good solid every day smoke.

  The type of thing you'd smoke when you are mowing the yard.  If you can't find them around where you live you can pick them up pretty cheap online at Cigars International. Shop Cigars, Humidors & More at Cigars International I buy a lot of my smokes there and can vouch for the fact that they are a top notch business.   A premium cigar is in a league of it's own.  It is something not to be rushed, but to be savored for it's own sake.

  It is a relaxing experience especially when combined with a favorite beverage. You owe it to yourself to set some undisturbed time aside and give a premium cigar a try.  I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised.    Max Malcolm, Smoked various tobacco products for 7 yearsAnswered 8w ago · Author has 1.1k answers and 351.7k answer viewsWhere I live they run between a dollar and a dollar fifty a piece.

This is how much I spend on factory seconds, and factory seconds are full sized cigars.I have tried Swisher Sweets, Black and Mild’s and a few weird off brands. There are new Al Capone brand cigars, but the advertising has convinced me that I don’t want anything to do with them. In the case of all but a very few (less than 5% of all gas station cigars) they are cigarillos, and often much worse flavored cigarillos.

I’ve talked to people that like swisher sweets, but they don’t like them for the tobacco. They like taking the wrap and putting something else in there. They are disgusting on their own, though I haven’t tried rerolling them.Black and Mild’s shouldn’t even be called cigarillos, because they have low quality pipe tobacco in them. The wine flavored wood tips are decent, but not really on par with a good pipe or cigar.

Every single full sized gas station cigar has made me too sick to finish.I suggest getting cigarillos from someone who knows how to make them, such as Braniff Villigers (I’m not sponsored by them, they’re just good.)Full sized cigars have more subtle notes. The difference between gas station cigars and regular cigars is the difference between cowboy coffee and coffee made from fresh ground high quality coffee beans.

Even factory seconds are far better, in terms of value and quality.Daniel J Bachrach, I've been in the cigar/pipe industry for 4.5 years, both retail and wholesaleAnswered 101w ago · Author has 58 answers and 27.6k answer viewsThe 'cigars' you find at gas stations are almost always what are called "little cigars" or cigarillos, brands like White Owl and Swisher. They might be a couple bucks give or take depending on where you are.

These are not premium cigars, they are machine made and not 100% whole leaf tobacco. You can't really compare them to premium cigars because they are in two different leagues, premium cigars are to fine wine what gas station cigars are to boxed wine. They have they're place, but they are not high quality, high end products. Ryan ConnellyAnswered 61w agoThey're cheap, for a reason. Cigars at gas stations are sh** and are normally meant to be bought by marijuana smokers, split open, emptied, and re-rolled with marijuana.

Buy from a tobacco store or, better yet, online. If you go into a “tobacco” store but they're selling obvious “water pipes” (bongs) or other marijuana paraphernalia, they're cigars are probably sh**. Go online. Great deals. Hell” I got some out of a magazine ( Time, surprisingly) and my poker buddies jokingly call me the Cuban now. ( me and my twin, who also plays, speak fluent spanish, so this fit their thin defintion of “clever”)Hunter Montgomery, Smoker since 17 years old.

I also study antismoking things.Answered 41w ago · Author has 1.1k answers and 841.2k answer viewsOkay let’s break it down. Gas station cigars are awful unless you are just out of smokes and even then don’t get them.The typical brands that sell at gas stations include Swisher Sweets, Phillies, Black and Milds (exception to rule of gas station cigars), Dutch Masters and a few more. You can also find some more “premium” cigars like Acid on occasion.

Those cost anywhere from $.75 - $8 a stick and are pretty much not worth it.How do they compare pricewise to other places of purchase? Comparing with Thompson Cigar, Cigars International, and Best Cigar Prices they are overpriced and often not well taken care of. They aren’t stored in a humidor unless it’s an upscale gas station and when they are the humidity isn’t set correctly, it’s generally set upwards of 90% which is not good for a cigar especially in a place that is well temp controlled at about 70 degrees f.

You can buy swishers for 60 cent a piece on Thompson and for less on Best Cigar Prices, Acid cigars are usually about $4 a piece on there as well sometimes less so gas stations are really losing money either.How do they compare quality wise with other places of purchase? Well imagine getting a rack of ribs at a bar in Nowheresville, USA and then eating a rack of ribs from Kansas City, Kansas. The quality of those Nowheresville ribs is pretty okay, but those ones from Kansas are freaking to die for.

Compared to other brands? Well most brands of cigars aren’t machine rolled and I find that hand rolled stuff is the best personally. Those cheapies are usually machine rolled to keep costs down (other than the Acid cigars). Most other brands taste better and are more complex and have better flavors.

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