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Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Calculator The RMD Calculator is designed to help you estimate the annual RMD from your IRAs. Enter the requested information below and press Calculate to see your estimated distributions. Please note: Your RMD will need to be recalculated every year. This calculator should not be used for Inherited IRAs. This is only a calculator; no distributions will occur. This calculator is for informational purposes only.

Your actual RMD amount may differ. Please contact a T. Rowe Price retirement specialist at 888-421-0563 if you have questions. For more detailed information about RMD calculations, please refer to the question, How Do I Calculate My RMD.

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IRAs (Traditional, Rollover, SEP, SAR-SEP, and SIMPLE) and 403(b)s If you have multiple retirement accounts, you must calculate the appropriate RMD for each one. Once you determine your total RMD for an account type (i.e., IRA or 403(b)), you can withdraw the combined amount from just one or more accounts of that type, if applicable, as long as you withdraw the total RMD amount each year. Note: IRAs and 403(b) accounts must be considered separately when determining your RMD total and making withdrawal decisions.

If you have several IRAs, you may take your total IRA RMD from one IRA. If you have several 403(b)s, you may take your total 403(b) RMD from one 403(b) account. See the example below.   Other Employer Plans RMDs from each employer-sponsored plan such as a 401(k) must be considered separately. Employer plans also cannot be aggregated with IRAs or 403(b) accounts for RMD purposes. You should contact your plan sponsor for details.

If you have multiple accounts of the same type (IRAs, 403(b)s), be sure to include all assets in your computations to ensure you satisfy IRS RMD requirements. If you're a participant in a T. Rowe Price money purchase pension, profit sharing, 403(b), or individual 401(k) plan, our retirement specialists can calculate your RMD  for you. Just call 888-421-0563 for help. See an example

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