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What Makes Us The Leading Kitchen Cabinet Contractor in Singapore?For the best kitchen cabinet contractor in Singapore deal directly with the local Singapore kitchen cabinet company, and place your order for the best designs and services. The company has everything it takes give your home a special treatment it deserves. So, if you want a new kitchen or to just make some changes in your existing kitchen, rest assured that the company will help you achieve your objectives.

The following are some of the features making Singapore Kitchen Cabinet Company the best in the market.High Quality MaterialsThe company exclusively uses products made from top quality materials. For this reason, you will not have to worry about items the company makes for you. Some persons have even claimed that they have used their products for an extended period of time. They function for a very long period without compromising on their quality.

The company has put in place to measures to ensure that all customers get the best products.AffordabilityBesides offering the high tech products and services, the company quotes the lowest prices in the market. It is for this reason that many Singaporeans opt for Singapore Kitchen Contractors for all their kitchen requirements. Additionally, the company has several attractive packages that will definitely meet your needs and budget requirements.

You, therefore, have the liberty to choose the most appropriate package that perfectly meets your preference. Generally, all the company’s products are affordable to mots inhabitants of Singapore.The company if your ultimate one-stop shopSingapore Kitchen Cabinet Company offers all woodwork solutions to all clients, ranging from kitchen cabinets, built-in wardrobes to full kitchen renovation works, thereby saving Singaporeans thousands of dollars.

Do not waste time moving from one service provider to another. Instead, contact this kitchen cabinet contractor, and have all your requirements taken care of by one able kitchen cabinet contractor. You do not have to engage the services of interior designers, who will later connect you to contractors at a fee. Simply place your order with this trustworthy kitchen cabinet company, and have your kitchen given the best servicing available in the market.

Tips when hiring the services Kitchen Cabinet contractorsTo get the best contractor, pay attention to the following tips that can enable you choose the most appropriate kitchen contractor for your kitchen cabinet workPlan well before contacting oneRegardless of whether you want a new kitchen or to simply remodel your existing kitchen, take your time to plan well for the same before actually contacting one.

While planning, be sure to think about factors such as color, size of the cabinet as well as burner location plus any other detail that you would like to be included in your kitchen. Make a rough sketch that can simply explain your requirements to your ultimate kitchen cabinet contractor. Make sure you plan for the budget as well.Make sure that the contractor has all the necessary paper workThis will ensure that you are safe from any form of legal trouble.

Do not even entertain any discussion with any contractor who is not in possession of all the required documents, insurance and approvals to do this job. Should you hire the services of a contractor who does not have all the essential documents and/or insurance, in the event that something goes wrong while the contractor is handing your kitchen cabinet design, you will face a lot of legal challenges.

So, take your time to double check all the papers before the services of any contractor.Check relevant work experienceThis is the most crucial feature you must pay attention to as it show how informed the contractor is concerning kitchen cabinet designs and materials. So, before engaging any kitchen contractor company, be sure to check its work experience, and if possible check its reviews as well as previous work.

To get the best outcome from this process, contact at least four contractors before settling for one that best fits your needs.Avoid any contractor who appears to be in a hurryNote that a good contractor will not try to coerce you to place an order in a hurry or even on the same day against your wish. After giving you an order, the contractor must allow you sufficient time to way the many options that may be at your disposal.

Benefits of Singapore Kitchen Cabinet CompanyBeing the leading Kitchen Cabinet specialist in Singapore, it exclusively makes modern top quality kitchen cabinets guaranteed to bring a wonderful touch of style in your kitchen. Backed by a long experience, this professional kitchen specialist is dedicated to offering high quality kitchen products to Singaporeans at an affordable price.The modern kitchen products and services the company offers take into consideration requirements of various home owners.

It also focuses on the design and implementation of custom home projects specifically tailored towards consumer’s specifications to cater for the different budgets and interests. So, if you need modern kitchen designs at an affordable price, Singapore Kitchen cabinet is ideal for you.The company will work with you hand in hand streamlining your custom built products so as to perfectly fit your requirements.

Your custom products will only be finalized once you are fully satisfied not only with the designs but also with material used. The company essentially transforms your kitchen to a modern kitchen complete with all state-of-the art designs. It balances your preferences, aesthetics and practical needs so as to come up with your ideal kitchen cabinet design. Feel free to share your ideas with the company’s competent personnel who will later spice up the same with a portion of knowledge, passion and dedication to come up with your dream kitchenConclusionWorking closely with all its valued customers, Singapore Kitchen Cabinet Company endeavors to bring you to a heightened level of both comfort and quality living space.

It also pays close attention to standard of each and every detail in workmanship as well as choice of materials. Utilizing a careful quality control, the company delivers a unique combination of elegance, comfort and modern style by handling every aspects of the design effectively achieving the impressive level of customer satisfaction.

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Photo: istockphoto.com Q: Our kitchen is ready for a refresh, starting with a new color for the cabinets. What’s the best paint for kitchen cabinets? I need advice on choosing the right primer, color, and finish. A: A fresh coat of paint will not only transform your cabinets, it can give your whole kitchen a clean, fresh look—and it sure will save you money over an entire cabinet replacement.

So kudos to you for extending the life of your wood cabinetry by sprucing it up yourself! The guide below will help you pick products for solid wood cabinets, and also work for plywood panel, wood veneer, and MDF cabinets with proper sanding. Choose the best color. You’ll want the new cabinet color to complement your countertops, flooring, and overall color scheme but by no means feel pressured to make everything match—contrast can be interesting.

When choosing colors, also consider your climate: If you live somewhere warm and have lots of natural light streaming into the kitchen, you may want to stay away from dark paint, which can act as a magnet for the sun’s heat. Keep in mind, too, that very pale and very dark shades show wear, tear, and cooking splatters more quickly than the wide range of hues in between. As for cabinet interiors, you can skip painting them altogether if you line them with contact paper—an inexpensive, attractive option that can protect and extend the life of your shelving.

Photo: istockphoto.com Prime before you paint. Priming will keep discoloration, splotches, and visible knots in the wood at bay. Primers fall into two main categories—light and dark—so generally speaking, you’ll choose your primer based on your paint color. If redoing your cabinets in white, cream, or a pastel shade, use a primer suitable for light paint, and if going with a dark color, get a primer that won’t peek through.

 Most manufacturers clearly state each primer’s paint color suitability on the label, so it should be easy to find what you need. Purchase enough primer for two coats to go over finished cabinets (or, less likely, just one coat for raw wood or matte-painted cabinets). Address the oil versus latex debate. The two primary differences between oil-based paint and latex-based paint on kitchen cabinets are final texture and dry time.

Oil-based is more traditional and popular with purists who like the “painterly” look of brush marks, while latex gives a more consistent finish. But oil-based paint can take up to a full day to dry, as opposed to a couple of hours for latex. Plus, if you choose a low- or no-VOC latex paint, the odor will be considerably less offensive as it cures. Go for the gloss. With all that opening, closing, cleaning, and other handling, kitchen cabinets endure a good deal more wear and tear than other surfaces—something to keep in mind when choosing a paint finish.

Higher-gloss finishes stand up better to daily use and are far easier to clean without dulling the color over time. So skip matte, satin, and eggshell finishes in favor of semi gloss or high gloss. If you choose to paint the interiors, use an eggshell finish, which stands up well to the weight of heavy dishes. Glossier finishes, while ideal for cabinet exteriors, can dent slightly when used on shelves and even stick to the bottom of your dinnerware.

Once you’ve chosen your primer and paint and picked up a few accessories like paint trays, drop cloths, an angled sash brush (great for cabinet grooves), and perhaps a small roller to ease your way across broad, flat surfaces, check out this tutorial on how to paint kitchen cabinets and you’ll be on your way to a brighter, fresher kitchen in the span of a single weekend. All of the Expert Painting Advice from BobVila.

comOf all the options available to remodelers, paint provides the quickest, easiest, and most affordable way to achieve a transformation, inside or out. Ready to look at your home in a new way? Click now for the color ideas to make your project beautiful.

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