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The Jack Daniel's Black Label Page 90 % proof, paper sealed black label part III [ Click here for Part I , Click here for Part I] "Finally in 1975 Congress passed the Metric Conversion Act." The new matrix bottles c.1982 ml From c.1980 they started with bottling the new Matrix bottle, the "ml" bottles. Only differance is that there is only one "volume" embossed at the base of the bottle. They are available in: 050ml 200 ml 375 ml 500 ml 0700 ml 0750 ml 1000 ml 1750 ml During the years 1980 and 1984 both the transition and the ml size bottles where sold.

I haven't found any Flasks with only the "ml" volumes" on it (that is with 90 % proof whiskey and paper seal). If someone has a sample please drop me a line 200 ml Square bottles Very rare is this 200 ml size bottle, almost imposible to find and very expensive . This bottle is made around 1982. Try to find one... 375 ml Square bottle This 375 ml version is a special one made for Japan.

It has a Jack Daniel's Distillery seal instead of the normally used Eagle paper seal. There is a little sticker on the side label with some Japanese writting on it. Also the cardboard box is very rare! It is in top condition with no tires or scratches. 500 ml Square bottles + gift tin A more standard size is this 500 ml bottle. This bottle was widely available in most liquor stores all over the US.

500 ml This is one of the first gift tins from the "new" bottle line. They started making these tins in the urly 70-ties with the 4/5 quart and the pint size bottles. This version below is a 500 ml size paper sealed bottle with two shot glasses. Four Seasons Wooden gift box If we are talking about a bit of luck then this is for sure a "bit of luck" ... finding such a great Jack Daniels gift box in Mint condition with very unknown (and problebly very rare) shot glasses.

Found them on Ebay and won the auction for a very resonable price. Below we see a gift box made specially for the Four seasons hotels. On the box is also that little funny Four Seasons sun-logo etched on a metal plate. Inside the box is also an adressed letter from the original owner printed on the four seasons office paper. Inside is a 500 ml size Jack Daniels paper sealed 90 % proof bottle with 4 specially made shotglasses with both the Four seasons logo and the words Jack Daniels printed on them.

The 700ml, 750ml and the 1 liter versions are sold with black cardoard gift boxes like below. Top Front. Foreign paper sealed 90 % proof bottles Jack Daniels exported to a few countries in the early 80-ties. Don't know how many but a few of them had there own back side label with there importer name and address printed on it. Finding these different bottle is another goal for my collection.

If you got any Paper sealed black or green label bottle that is not on this page please Email me and I am sure we will do some good business for both of us. So far I got paper sealed bottles from Germany (a few different versions), Italy, Japan, France and Denmark. Paper sealed Japanese 1000ml bottle + wooden Giftbox Below you see one of my most rare giftbox in the collection. This is a wooden case with smooth silk inner that holds a 1 liter (1000 ml) 90 % proof paper sealed Japanese bottle which is also in mint condition.

Bottle and box are a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10... awesome piece of Jack Daniels... With ths case there came a small full color brochure with some Japanese writting inside. Notting special, just a 90 % proof paper sealed bottle sold at the Singapore airport back in the begin 80-ties.Standard gift box. Nice extra would be the importers name on the side label. Another great Airport version (Tax free) paper sealed bottle.

This version is also in Mint condition and has a very cool "Tax free" sticker on the front of the bottle. It's a 700 ml size bottle. 90 % proof paper sealed Italian bottle I The bottle below is a very special one, it has a special back label made for the anniversary of an Italian man called Edward Giaccone (Buffo). This Edward owned a Maltwhisky-Bar in Salo Italy. Mr. Edoardo Giaccone's collection of whiskey was listed in the Guinness Book as the largest whisky collection of the world in the 1997.

This Jack Daniels bottle has a silver colored label! Bottle size is 700 ml and the whiskey inside it is the 90 % proof one, the better one... Nice cardboard box as well. All the European size where sold with these cardboard boxes.His collection before the acquisition of Giaccone one, was over 1.200 very rare old bottles of single malt. Quantity is not important for Begnoni, only Quality counts! The is my second Italian bottle.

This is the standard version of the bottles made for Italy around 1982. Paper sealed in the US but alos did customs place another (tax) paper seal over the other seal. This is commin in Italy and is still done (2008). The bottle, the paper and plastic seal and the box are in Mint condition. Below we got a perfect bottle from Germany. This sample is a 700 ml size bottle and is sealed with a blue/black colored paper seal with mr.

Lem Motlow's cameo print. These blue/black paper seals where used for Export purposes. The plastic seal is in mint condition. Nice back side label in mint condition. Name on the back side label is from the German Importer "Diversa Spezialitäten". The words "Ausländisches erzeugnis" stand for "foreign product" Nice back side label in mint condition. Name on the back side label is from the German Importer "Diversa Spezialitäten" 90 % proof paper sealed 700 ml German bottle II This is my second German paper sealed bottle which is also in almost mint condition.

This bottle is imported by another importer in Germany called "Sturm". They also imported a few miniature bottles and they all got that small back label wih the Strum logo printed on them. Back label of this 700 ml size bottle 90 % proof paper sealed 700 ml France bottle The next Foreign bottle in my collection is this France bottle. Nice detail on this bottle is the size marking on the label.

No 700 ml like on most labels but 0,70 l. Not seen often on labels. Another thing what makes it special is the big letter D on the left side of the bottom of the label. Nice crispy plastic and paper seal with Eagle and "export" printed on it. Top bottle ! 90 % proof paper sealed 4/5 Quart Danish bottle Not seen often but here is a bottle specially made for Denmark. Sold in a nice cardboard box.

Paper and plastic seal are in mint condition. This bottle does belong on another page cause it's an older 4/5 Quart size bottle and is made c.1976. Imported by Erik Andersen in Kopenhagen (Capitol of Denmark) This 4/5 Quart size bottle is also sealed with the black/blue Lem Motlow seal.

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