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Small gifts, big smile. Hello Kitty always delights!

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430 93 Spectrum Center DrIrvine, CA 92618 My first time in the area was during the holiday season earlier this year and the line extended past the ferris wheel. I came back beginning of this month for vacation and stopped by. No line! I ordered a strawberry mint lemonade and it was so refreshing! Unfortunately $5 for food truck items is average, so no complaint on the price. There were a few tables and chairs to hangout in the area, but definitely not enough to serve people during holidays.

They serve cute snacks! I did not try one because it looked too sweet with my lemonade. Stopped by here after going to Tanaka Farms Hello Kitty Pumpkin Patch. This review is based on the goods they serve up and service. I had their donut macaron and the passion fruit iced tea. The macaron is very similar to the raspberry Mickey macaron in Disneyland...just harder to eat than the Mickey one. The iced tea was good and refreshing on that hot day.

I also got to sample a friend's birthday cake that they serve up, which was SUPER sweet...diabetilicious! lol Overall, the place is whatever. It makes sense if you're a HK fan that you'd hit this place up. Everything is cute. I think their offerings are overpriced for what is it but I would assume that the price hike goes to the HK licensing. Also, my bias is that I'm not that big of a HK fan anyways.

Since its move to Irvine's Spectrum, its cute pink colors wouldn't attract my attention to buy anything from this truck. Until I followed my sister-in law who's fond of trying out cold sweet drinks at various cafes was looking forward to this place. As I was looking through their menu and I was having a hard time choosing because these Hello Kitty themed pastries here are expensive and I was afraid of wasting money for sweets that doesn't look all that interesting.

So I played it safe and bought a "Rose Water Iced Tea" I believe its around five dollars. Surprisingly, this drink wasn't too bad and it's not overly sweet, but refreshing. It has a little taste of orange in it and a hint of rose pedals. Also, I tried the "Strawberry Dream Smoothie" this drink reminded me of something my mom made when I was kid, its a simple blend of strawberries, dairy and smoothie powder.

I did like how they topped it off with a sprinkle of pink crystal sugars on the whipped cream. Overall, it tasted okay. As for its pastries, unless Hello Kitty is nice enough to offer samples I won't buy into them, but their drinks are okay for now. We got lucky that we made it there with no line! When did that ever happens? Walking up this pop up shop, its not hard to miss this bright pink trailer with a Hello Kitty symbol on the roof.

Up the ramp you go, there is a small patio with about 4-5 tables to only fit small parties. So if you are rolling up with more than 4 people, good luck in trying to find seating. There are some cute merchandise like tshirts, mugs, and an adorable way to overpriced metal cantee...but its so cute with the Hello Kitty Cafe logo. The menu focused on desserts and drinks. There were some unique drinks like rose water and some other strawberry mixes and such.

We got a strawberry lemonade which came with actual chunks of strawberry. I ordered the season special dessert: pumpkin tart which was pretty creamy and savory. It wasn't too sweet but the gram cracker cookie on top was a bit hard to bite into and it was a bit sweeter than I would have liked. The desserts are quite cute however the flavors are subpar. It wasn't the best dessert I have ever but at least I can mark this experience off as apart of my Hello Kitty obsession.

It's cute. If you're a Hello Kitty fan, it's a must to at least visit once in your lifetime. With that said, there are a few things I like and dislike about the products and placement here. It's not the entire cafe experience you see online with locations internationally where there's soup, salad, entrees, and other things. This location only has small pastries, desserts, and drinks. It also has shirts, drinkware, and some plushies to buy.

..but they're all overpriced in my opinion. The pictures of their birthday cake, and it's abundance of sprinkles had me hooked so I purchased one along with a Strawberry Dream Smoothie and a Rose Water Iced Tea. The smoothie was my fiancé's favorite and tasted like strawberry milk in a frap form. My rose water iced tea was delicious. In fact if I ever get the chance of coming back I'll order that drink again.

Not too sweet and not heavy on rose water. Birthday cake was waaaay too sweet even for my sweet tooth. It was moist but it's was like eating frosting out of the canister. Yuck. Luckily one of our friends was with us and she had an even sweeter tooth. So I gave the rest to her. Ha. Let's get something straight right away: I ain't no girly man. Actually I was walking nearby on my way to another store (really) and saw no line here and figured it was an opportune time to see what all the fuss was about.

Located in the Irvine Spectrum, this is essentially a food truck with an attached covered patio. They have cute Hello Kitty decor and their short list of offerings feature that famous silly cat. The kind woman at the register answered my questions about several of the items in the display case. I pointed to one pastry in a package and asked what it was. She responded that it was basically a strawberry pop tart with Hello Kitty decor on top.

That's what I went with. And you know what? She was right - it was exactly like a strawberry pop tart except the icing on top had a HK ribbon and it cost as much as an entire box full of pop tarts. I'm sure kids will love this place as well as Hello Kitty fans. Come for the cutesy-ness of it but don't expect anything special from the food. Kawaii desu ne! Everything from drinks to desserts to t-shirts are adorably cute, but what happens is everything looks better than it tastes.

Also prices are quite hefty even for mall prices e.g., $5-6 for drink, $9 for cake. Overpriced and not that great, I went here with my wife just because we had to follow the trend of getting a Hello Kitty drink! It was disappointing! It was worth a snapchat and maybe a Facebook post, but other than that, I'm not coming here again. I got a strawberry lemonade that literally tasted like a Capri Sun and the worst thing was it costed around $7!!!! It's cute, but that's it.

Also it's just a cafe truck so there's not that many options on the menu. I also got some macarons that tasted like they came from a grocery store. I finally got to go here after all the hype. I definitely loved this place. As soon as I go up to the cashier, I ordered a passion fruit iced tea, a strawberry pastry, a birthday cake for my daughter and a tiramisu cake and a lemonade. I paid around $38.

I truly enjoyed my strawberry pastry. I had sliced up strawberries and a cream inside the middle. The outside was a phyllo dough type crust. So good. My favorite was the passion fruit iced tea. This was made to perfection although there was too much ice in my drink. I should have asked for less ice. I love Hello Kitty and all affiliated to the company. I do miss the Sanrio stores in San Diego. I definitely like this place and I would come back if I came back to Irvine.

There are tables in front of the Hello Kitty cafe. The ladies working here were nice and offered me a rewards card. The more points you earn, the more you get back. I highly recommend this place if you love pastries and drinks. They also sell shirts and mugs. Too cute! Hello Kitty Cafe Truck has been located in Irvine for quite some time now. I do enjoy going to all the Hello Kitty Cafe places but for some reason Irvine is my least favorite.

I think it's just because this one is located outdoors and the sun can be really bright and also hot. The seating is pretty alright and the lines now a days are short because people might not always want to go to the cafe. They don't really change their menu items and it's mostly the same so what you see on the photos are what your going to get. I would say the best is the macaroons. They are super cute and you can also save the box as well! I did also try one of their drinks but it was super sweet.

So I would say stay clear of the drinks but try some yummy desserts. If your a Hello Kitty fan you will still enjoy this store. The only thing you might not be happy with is the amount of money you spend when you can't resist on buying just one thing! Tip: Buy the hello kitty cups and shirts because that can last much longer than the food. Wife is a big fan of Hello Kitty and it was our first time checking out this small cafe that offers coffee, smoothies, cakes, macaroons, and nostalgic gifts.

There american iced coffee is quite delicious with added vanilla syrup. All the other pastries and such were not much of a hit but you're here for the nostalgia and Hello Kitty themed items. 4 stars for coffee and Hello Kitty everything here. Okay, so - I stopped in here with my daughter on Saturday. I understand the good and bad reviews. I think my daughter (who is two and a half) would probably give this place 5 stars! But since I am writing it, I'm going to give it a more realistic 3 and here's why: The prices are high, guys.

$3.00 for water, $4.00 for a sugar cookie. Small cakes and pastries are anywhere from $7-15.00 - so prepare yourself for that. The cleanliness of the truck was a bit questionable for me - tables were pretty dirty and there is a large crack where you can see underneath where the seating area and the actual truck meet and you can see all the run-off from the truck along with some trash and some rusted metal and general gross-ness.

That was totally appetizing to look at while we were eating our cookies... Unless you're getting a drink, everything is completely pre-made. I know, I know - "comon Michelle it's just a food truck" BUT GUYS WE KNOW HOW DELICIOUS FOOD TRUCKS CAN BE. DON'T BLAME ME, BLAME ALL THOSE OTHER DELICIOUS FOOD TRUCKS MAKING FRESH FOOD ON THE SPOT. They spoiled me. Nothing is unique about the food here. Nothing to write home about - so if you're a culinary snob you may want to keep on walking past this pretty pink place.

The pros? Well, for us - it wasn't crowded at all. And everything was friggin' adorable (DUH). So it's an instagrammer's DREAM. So, if you like Hello Kitty, I imagine you'll be at least somewhat impressed because you'll have something adorable to put online to make all your friends jelly. Very cute cafe/shop. If you're a hello Kitty fan you'll love this shop. They sell drinks, desserts, and accessories.

The prices are a bit high for what you're getting, in my opinion. I saw they were selling hello Kitty headband with a bow for $30! I tried their drinks and they are way too sweet. Also the cleanliness wasn't too great all the tables did not look like they were being cleaned regularly. I use to love Hello Kitty when I was younger so naturally, I thought the Hello Kitty Truck was cute. I never thought I would come here with all the hype but my friend wanted to go check it out so why not.

I was expecting a long wait but I guess during the week, there's no crazy crowds. I looked over the menu for a long time. Although everything is really cute, I don't really eat sweets so it was tough to choose but of course I had to get something. I got their mocha coffee, nothing special but it was cute with the Hello Kitty design. I also got the Hello Kitty head cookie, a mug, a water bottle and was able to try a strawberry macron.

I spent $25 for everything I got. I don't think it was expensive. Coffee was $4, like Starbucks. The mug was $15 and even that was super reasonable. It's a fun one time experience or if you're a Hello Kitty lover. Cute little hello kitty cafe truck in irvine spectrum mall!! Beautifully decorated with an assortment of desserts.. macaroons, cakes, cookies. They have a little outdoor patio where u can have coffee and a dessert while u take a little shopping break! I came here just to get one of the thermal water bottles that are pretty much the same as hydroflasks.

I happened to come across hello kitty cafe's Instagram and found out they just restocked so I went the next day (9/9/17)! I am very happy with the purchase. There are two sizes. The 18oz cost $29 and the 32 oz cost $36. I haven't tried any of the drinks or pastries so I can't comment on those but I'm very happy with my water bottle purchase! :) Must stop for Hello Kitty fans!!! Hello Kitty is love! Plain and Simple! I don't know why anyone wouldn't give this place 5 stars.

First of all before Arcadia opened this was the only site you could get HK cafe desserts other than if you were lucky enough to have the truck come to your city, which I have been to also twice! The truck doesn't have nearly as much as this location. Keep your expectations in line people. Will t be expensive? Yes of course it's so cal at the spectrum and it's Hello Kitty. You are paying a premium for the brand and the location.

The shirts are super cute and must have! So I got them. They have 2 styles one in black and one in grey. They also have 2 mugs. I already had one from the truck so I picked up the other design this time. They sell out of the sweets so they may not have everything on the menu. Some stuff was gone already by the time I went but I still picked up the cutest mini cakes! I tasted the opera and the strawberry cake and both were delicious and beautifully decorated! The hot beverages like the cappuccino I got have Hello kitty's face on it! How adorable is that.

The lemonades are delicious! I found it to be too sweet but they added more unsweetened tea to make it more palatable for me as an Arnold Palmer. The staff is super sweet and hard working. Overall if you are a Hello Kitty fan I dare say you will not be disappointed! It's exactly what I would want out of a HK cafe! Tasty treats with lots of Hello Kitty decor! :) Plus they have an awesome rewards program so be sure to sign up.

I already got coupons for 2 free beverages that's good for a year with my one purchase today! Yay, not that I need a reason to come back! :-D My 3 years daughter loves here. Everything's ok also they have happy hour on weekday buy one get one drink. When u have time try to here and enjoy with hello kitty. I am so happy the hype for the HK Café died down because I went on a Saturday afternoon and thankfully there was no line.

I came during the Halloween season and they had some special items on the menu. They had a pumpkin pie, but they were out. I tried the Strawberry Pocket Pie which is similar to a pop tart and it was really delicious. The breading was good and the filling was sweet. The HK face is drizzled with frosting and topped of with round sprinkles. I absolutely loved it. The service here was great. Definitely an eye catcher when you see this truck bc of how cute Hello Kitty is, it's definitely something I always wanted to check out.

I got the strawberry dream smoothie no whipped cream with one of the sugar cookies. The cashier was nice and patient despite the long line. The drink lacked a lot of flavor, barely tasted like strawberry, kind of like blended yogurt with lots of ice. Mediocre overhyped food everyone must try at least once for the picture! I wouldn't come back though, overpriced for everything.

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