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Product Description Trek Kids' MTB bikes deliver true off-road-ready features in a kid-sized package. Knobby tires, lightweight frames, quality components, and durable construction will take them where they want to go. Frame: 24" Dialed frame size, Alpha Silver Aluminum Front suspension: Dialed SR Suntour suspension, 40mm travel Sizes: 24" Dialed frame size Wheels: Alloy front hub, alloy rear hub; 32-hole aluminum 24" rims Shifters: Shimano Revo, 21-speed twist Review Options:  Sorted by Latest Review | Sort by Best Rating Reviews 1 - 13 (13 Reviews Total) User Reviews Overall Rating: Value Rating: Submitted by RyanDate Reviewed: October 21, 2015Strengths:    I am considering either this Trek MT 220 or a Giant MTX 225 for my 8 year old son.

Looking for any good info to compare.Weaknesses:    I am considering either this Trek MT 220 or a Giant MTX 225 for my 8 year old son. Looking for any good info to compare.Bottom Line:    I am considering either this Trek MT 220 or a Giant MTX 225 for my 8 year old son. Looking for any good info to compare. Overall Rating: Value Rating: Submitted by Serge GrigoryanDate Reviewed: August 22, 2014Strengths:    8 years later it's still tough and ride quality is superb.

Weaknesses:    NoneBottom Line:    I'll keep it brief. Today my 8 year old fell in love with this bike. The bike is as old as him. Yes, it's scratched up and shows signs of a beating. But it's whisper quiet and 100% functional. And my boy's words were "wow daddy, this bike is so light!". It cost me $65, a way better value than any shiney Mongoose or Pasific could ever offer. Get one, you won't be disappointed.

Overall Rating: Value Rating: Submitted by Austin Wray a All Mountain RiderDate Reviewed: June 26, 2013Strengths:    the rims are insanely strong and take an incredible amount if force to warp. I have come off of a 4 ft. drop and landed straight on the front tire on a huge rock and it didn't do a thing. The suspension is amazing also.Weaknesses:    noneBottom Line:    A great bike with great parts such as the tires, rims, gears, derailer, crank, ect.

It will last for as long as you want it. Overall Rating: Value Rating: Submitted by multimodalmamaDate Reviewed: May 6, 2013Strengths:    Easy to adjust, maintain; good for trail and pavement; fast; durable; designed to crash like kids will; parts are standard.Weaknesses:    Doesn't magically turn into an adult size bike when the kid grows to 5'10"Bottom Line:    I bought a 2006 for my son when he was eight.

He rode as much as 30 or 40 mile rides with it on pavement and dirt roads. He crashed it a couple of times and there wasn't much damage. We never even had to get a professional tune up - just a bit of adjusting and wrenching here and there and the odd inner tube. He loved it so much that he was tearfully upset when he outgrew it. Now it has a new 8 year old owner, who is deeply in bikey love with it and who promptly took it and his parents out for a 15 mile ride because he could.

The gearing is great for most suburban terrain and low gears crank right up the hills. Light but strong, it takes a beating that kids can give but has some neat features - like the derailleur guard - to keep it intact. Comfortable for moderate distances, too. Overall Rating: Value Rating: Submitted by AARONDate Reviewed: June 23, 2012Strengths:    nice feel to bike good parts specWeaknesses:    poor suspension fork , and wimpy grips heavy compared to his fisher 20 precaliber,Bottom Line:    My son has put a few hundred off road miles on his mt 240 in the last month since he has got it he adapted will to this bike it is more comfortable for him then his fisher precaliber 20.

I paid extra for the mt240 overer the 220 for better shifting better fork and better overall parts spec well worth the extra $50 Overall Rating: Value Rating: Submitted by Lenore Hutchins a Weekend Warrior from Saudi ArabiaDate Reviewed: March 3, 2012Strengths:    GearsWeaknesses:    Derailer, grips, chain guardsBottom Line:    I bought the MT220's for my 9-year old twins, one boy and one girl.

Within the first month both derailers had come off and needed to be replaced. In addition, the handle grips were in need of replacement. Now both bikes have lost their chain guards. We've also had problems with tubes and brakes. By far, the worst Trek we have ever owned, I would not recommend it. Expand full review >> Duration Product Used:   6 monthsPrice Paid:    $350.00Purchased At:   Skate Shake BahrainSimilar Products Used:   Trek MT60Bike Setup:   Assembled by Skate Shake in Bahrain - they are an authorized trek dealer.

Overall Rating: Value Rating: Submitted by Joe a Cross Country Rider from Little Britain, PaDate Reviewed: April 22, 2008Strengths:    Nice frame, and adjustabilityWeaknesses:    Would love to see a decent fork on a kids bike!Bottom Line:    Upgraded my son to this bike last year after riding a 20" wheeled Gary Fisher for a year. We swapped on some Kenda Small Block Eight tires for less resistance on hardpack and blacktop.

He rode this bike in his first 15 mile charity road ride (Iron Tour) and put 30 miles on in one day in Jim Thorpe on the the Switchback and Lehigh Gorge trails. The upgraded freehub with a 34 tooth big cog gave him confidence on the hills, but he rarely uses it any more. I would reccomend that inexpensive upgrade to anyone who rides in hilly areas to help their kids learn to use their gears to their advantage.

He used to hate hills but now sees them as a challenge and feels good when he tackles a tough one. The only other upgrade I would make to this bike would be a better fork, but I can't find one for a 24" wheel and threaded headset. I would highly reccomend this bike to anyone looking to start their child out on a quality montain bike. Expand full review >> Favorite Trail:   Coal Cracker-Jim Thorpe, PaDuration Product Used:   1 YearPurchased At:   BikeLine Exton, PaSimilar Products Used:   Gary Fisher CosmoBike Setup:   Kenda Small Block Eight Tires, Shimano freehub with 34t megadrive cog Overall Rating: Value Rating: Submitted by jim a Weekend Warrior from Pittsburgh PA USADate Reviewed: March 13, 2007Strengths:    This is a nice product that has held up well.

Many adjustable features on it (stem, pedals, etc).Weaknesses:    kinda heavy...but what do I expect for $250?Bottom Line:    Overall this a nice ride that my daughter has enjoyed and now my sons will also get to ridse and grow with it. Expand full review >> Duration Product Used:   1 YearPrice Paid:    $250.00Purchased At:   bikelineSimilar Products Used:   previous bike was a pink job purchased at a yard saleBike Setup:   stock Overall Rating: Value Rating: Submitted by Richard a Weekend Warrior from Glen Rose, TXDate Reviewed: January 21, 2007Strengths:    Trek quality.

Was probably more bike than my eight year old needed, but I wanted her to have a sweet Trek ride like me. Designed to grow with the child. Put together well and looks great.Weaknesses:    For the price paid, I would have like to see quick connects all around. Can't take anything loose without tools. Shifters are a little stiff for my eight year old. Maybe triggers would have been easier for her.

Cannot easily get on my carrier in truck.Bottom Line:    I feel like Trek has put a good bike out with this one. No harder than my kid rides, this bike is more than she needs. Looks good and rides good. With a couple of upgrades, I will be as happy as my daughter with it. Expand full review >> Favorite Trail:   Dino ValleyDuration Product Used:   6 monthsPrice Paid:    $289.00Purchased At:   Bike Rack, GranburySimilar Products Used:   Dept store bike was my daughter's previous ride.

Bike Setup:   Standard Trek MT track 220. Purple and Silver paint. Overall Rating: Value Rating: Submitted by tony ochoa a Weekend Warrior from san antonioDate Reviewed: January 21, 2007Strengths:    great durabilty. my son has beat this bike up severely and no problems yet other than proper maintenance. if properly maintained will last for years.Weaknesses:    tubes and tires are the cheapest in my opinion , but what should you expect.

upgrade asap and they will do fine.Bottom Line:    very good to best true mountain bike for kids at a great price. my son has really learned the fundamentals of biking and beyond in this bike . he enjoys it very much. i enjoy him riding with me in the trails . we go out and test our limits together. we have confidence in trek. Expand full review >> Favorite Trail:   comanche outlookDuration Product Used:   1 YearPrice Paid:    $229.

00Purchased At:   bike worldSimilar Products Used:   n/aBike Setup:   custom air horn (bell) mounted alerts cars strongly!! Overall Rating: Value Rating: Submitted by paul rice a Weekend Warrior from daytona beach, florida, usaDate Reviewed: July 15, 2005Strengths:    It is very strong and durable.Weaknesses:    The bike rattles a lot when going downhill fast.Bottom Line:    It is a very good bike for the beginner and / or the intermediate rider.

I have had it for 3 or more years and I have had no major problems. The only problem I have had was the gears becoming sticky, but proper maintenance will solve that small inconvenience. My overall rating of this bike is great. Expand full review >> Favorite Trail:   grahm swampDuration Product Used:   More than 3 yearsPrice Paid:    $320.00Purchased At:   the bike shop Overall Rating: Value Rating: Submitted by Parker a Cross Country Rider from Manitoulin IslandDate Reviewed: June 18, 2004Strengths:    Overall a great beginner bike.

Small frame size with 24" wheels provides the best combination for a 10 y.o. 51" tall kid. Strong frame and highend components.Weaknesses:    Rear derailer mount is a bit weak. The rear derailer twisted back when a stump was run over. This was easily fixed but now twists back with ever increasing ease. SRAM grip shifters would be nice to upgrade.Bottom Line:    Excellent choice for a kid looking for a quality bike but cannot handle a 26" wheel.

Nice light bike with an excellent very low gear. Expand full review >> Duration Product Used:   3 monthsPrice Paid:    $350.00Purchased At:   Outside StoreSimilar Products Used:   Kona Mekena Overall Rating: Value Rating: Submitted by Tom a Weekend Warrior from Raleigh,NCDate Reviewed: February 18, 2004Strengths:    Bulletproof, very fit specific, excellent stsrter bikeWeaknesses:    A litle on the heavy side for kidsBottom Line:    MY kid has been stompin this bike since day 1 and not the first mechanical problem yet.

Stands up well to his constant airing it out over anything he can find. This bike is burly and well built compared to the hotrock and some of the other starter bikes. Expand full review >> Duration Product Used:   3 monthsPurchased At:   Flythe CycleryBike Setup:   All Stock Reviews 1 - 13 (13 Reviews Total) Review Options:  Sorted by Latest Review | Sort by Best Rating

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Remember your first bike? The sense of freedom and adventure? The thrill of moving faster than your feet could carry you? We want every kid to have a great first-bike experience, and a great experience with every bike after that.  That's why every model in our kids' bike collection is made to inspire a love of the two-wheeled life, from bikes with training wheels to performance road and mountain bikes for kids.

21 Results Fuel EX Jr $1,889.99  How to choose the best kids' bike Learn more Émonda 650 $1,049.99  Superfly 26 $999.99  Superfly 24 $489.99  Kids' Dual Sport $469.99  Kids' Neko $469.99  Superfly 20 $399.99  Precaliber 24 21-speed Girl's $369.99  Precaliber 24 21-speed Boy's $369.

99  Precaliber 24 7-speed Boy's $319.99  Precaliber 24 7-speed Girl's $319.99  Precaliber 20 6-speed Boy's $289.99  Precaliber 20 6-speed Girl's $289.99  MT-201 $259.99  Precaliber 20 Girl's $229.99  Precaliber 20 Boy's $229.99  Precaliber 16 Boy's $209.99  Precaliber 16 Girl's $209.99  Precaliber 12 Girl's $199.

99  Precaliber 12 Boy's $199.99  Kickster $159.99  NEED HELP CHOOSING? Use the Bike Finder to narrow your choices, compare models, and find the Trek that’s right for you. GET STARTED

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