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Wholesale Used Clothing Export A&E Clothing Corporation processes used clothing and exports overseas as well as distributing in the United States. Our clothing is collected from the best areas of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, and Maryland. We export to various countries in South America, Europe, and Africa as well as Haiti and other countries in the Caribbean and Central America.

Being a wholesale second hand clothing distributor we mostly sell in small 20 ft. or big 40 ft. containers. By selling in large quantities we can offer you the best per-pound price! We do our best to satisfy our customers, so if you plan to order 2 containers or more, we can offer even better pricing. We strongly advise you to contact our staff to get a full second hand wholesale price!We are conveniently located within the New York metropolitan area; the warehouse is easily accessible from Manhattan (40 min) and Newark Liberty International Airport (20 min).

If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online, we would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, we will be happy to help you.You can contact us at (732) 802-8100 or by fax at (732) 396-9277. You can also reach us at our e-mail address: [email protected] Recycling Clothes We collect, sort and grade thousands of pounds of credential clothing daily.

Our mission is to become a viable alternative to landfills. The recycling clothes process not only reduces waste and saves our environment but also creates new jobs for the U.S. citizens. We cooperate with many online thrift stores that sell used clothing and also with charities and organizations that take care of people and our environment.A&E Clothing run campaigns in schools and churches as well as hand out flyers on how to deal with textile waste.

We bale clothing to ensure almost 100% of container utilization. The last step in ecological footprint reduction is we reduce the amount of garbage to a minimum by recycling destroyed clothes.

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For anyone that is pondering stepping into the organization of marketing wholesale solutions at retail rates, the very first thing that arrives to mind is, the place do I get the wholesale goods from? The 2nd consideration will likely be, which wholesalers or drop shippers am i able to have faith in?

Gone are classified as the times when gentlemen would just wear anything they d in the closet. In recent times, males are merely as fashion conscious as females, and they are ready to commit revenue to buy the clothes they like. In truth, a great deal of guys favor to get model name dresses for the reason that they are guaranteed to be of good excellent and elegance. If they should buy branded mens don at wholesale prices, then they may go out and buy more of those economical excellent apparel.

Used Clothing Wholesalers specialize in selling Used Clothes to worldwide markets including, but not limiting Africa, Middle East and Pacific Islands.  Typically, graded and sorted to yield no holes and no stains.   They often offer selections of recycled, near-new clothing and shoes, at a mere fraction of their retail cost.  Name brand labels are found throughout.  When dealing in this market, make certain to ask the proper questions to find out the exact quality of apparel.

  Make sure to research the companies prior to making purchases or sales.   A&E Clothing Corporation:  A&E Clothing Corporation is conveniently located in Carteret, NJ, USA.  Close to New York (40 min) and Newark International Airport (20min).  They process used clothes collected from wealthy areas of New York, Maryland and New Jersey States and resell them in U.S. and worldwide.  They ship to Africa, South America, Europe and Asia.

  Their products are sorted into more than 200 categories including premium and second quality apparel, shoes, handbags and more.  Clothes are graded, baled and packed into 20 or 40 ft. containers.  They take care of shipping and documentation.  Address 600 Federal Blvd, Carteret, NJ 07008 Phone 732 802 8100 4. E-mail [email protected]  Contact: Jack Kluszczynski   ContinentalTextile Company: Continental Textile Co.

of Wisconsin is a recycler of used clothing.  They are a large processor of used clothing also called secondhand clothing. Continental Textile Company processes and sells used clothing, vintage clothing, fashion clothing, premium clothing, reclaimed wiping rags or cloth wiping rags, mill end wiping rags, paper wiping rags, paper towels, non-woven wiping rags, water and oil absorbent products such as absorbent pads and absorbent socks, and personal care products.

  Denim Connection: Used jeans for sale.   DumontExport: Dumont Export is a large processor of Secondhand Clothing, Textiles, Vintage Clothing, Fashion Clothing, and Wiping Cloths based in Philadelphia (USA).  They recycle over 70,000 pounds of clothing per day in their Textile MRF and sell their products in over 30 countries worldwide.   Erexcorp: they are graders/sorters of American used clothing.

They select only very high quality for resale and export their products worldwide. Over 30 years experience. Over 300 different grades of clothing for men, women, children -- also shoes and household items. They welcome visitors to their 100,000 sq ft warehouse/factory. Address: 708 Powdermill Lane Wynnewood Pennsylvania 19096 USA.  Visits to the warehouse should be by "appointment only". Phone: 610 642 4410 Email: [email protected] Contact: Eric Warshaw Wholesaler Item # 1: used clothing   Frenchy's: Importer and exporter of used clothing.

  Scotia Wipers is a Canadian company based in South-Western Nova Scotia having "30+ " years of experience in used clothing. Scotia Wipers sorts and grades thousands of pounds of clothing, and then packages them in 1000 pound bundles for transport world wide.   Mid-West Textile Company: Mid-West Textile Co. Founded in 1982, Mid-West has grown into one of the largest graders of used clothing in the world.

 Their clothing has achieved a reputation for consistency and value throughout the world. Over 200 employees are highly trained in the art of processing, sorting, and grading clothing in large volume.  Their El Paso, Texas based facility grades more than 50 million Lbs. (22 million Kgs.) of clothing per year in our 180,000 square foot (15,000 square meter) facility. If you are interested in used clothing, second hand clothing, vintage clothing, ropa usada, wiping cloths, or fiber for recycling contact Mid-West today.

  NIH Enterprises:NIH Enterprises is a leading Canadian distributor of vintage and used clothing. This family owned business purchases second hand clothing by the trailer load. An experienced staff of 80 people then sort and grade the clothing according to its condition. Address: 135 Commander Blvd. Toronto, Ontario MIS 3M7 Phone: (416) 299-3631 Fax: (416 299-4207   OldCustom Inc.: is one of the largest and most experienced wholesalers of authentic used and recycled 501 Levi's and other denim wear in the western United States.

  Address: 8268 Miramar Road San Diego, CA 92126 USA Phone 858.566.0212 Fax 858.566.0674 E-Mail [email protected]   Row Clothing : The Row Companies grade and export high quality used and vintage clothes, shoes, and general textiles to people around the world. They also offer top grade shoes and clothing, obtained as returns from major American department stores. From their shipping locations across the country, they provide bales in sizes from one hundred to one thousand pounds, based on your needs.

  Sort & Export Company: they sell used clothing from the USA to other countries.   The Suit Bank Inc.: they resell men's executive wear. Suits, sportcoats, dress slacks, top coats, shoes, dockers. They also buy and resell altered returns. They resell USED MENSWEAR! They need used inventory; tuxedos too. Address: 1550 south rt.59 Naperville Illinois 60563 USA Phone: 630 416 7011 or 630 416 7000 Fax: 630 416 6667 Email: [email protected]  Gender: Men's Wholesale Item # 1: used suits altered returns Wholesale Item # 2: used sport coats Wholesale Item # 3: used dress slacks Wholesale Item # 4: used italian suits Wholesale Item # 5: used allen edmond shoes Wholesale Item # 6: used dress shoes Wholesale Item # 7: used dockers   Tiara Trading LLC: they are reliable source of large and small bales of top grade tropical weight used clothing.

  They are world wide exporters and their goods are a well received in all warm climates.  They also have goods for colder areas.  They are proud of their quality and how they treat their customers.  Contact them with your needs.  Address 1620 Main Street Suite 8 Sarasota Florida  34236 Phone 1-941-365-4554 Fax 1-941-365-4664 e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]     Trans-Americas Trading Company:  In business since 1942, Trans-Americas Trading Co.

is a large processor of secondhand clothing, vintage/ fashion clothing, wiping rags, fiber and textiles. Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, 95 employees sort 12 million pounds of secondhand clothing annually in their 80,000 square foot facility. The Trans-Americas Group is comprised of: Trans-Americas Trading Co., Trans-Americas FSC, Inc., and Trans-Americas Textile Recycling Co. All three are involved in the purchasing, recycling, processing and sale of post - consumer textile waste / secondhand used clothing.

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