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Welcome to the page of current 14K gold price per ounce. It provides current 14K gold price(including bid price and ask price) and 14K gold price history charts(London gold fixing price). Generally, the commonly used karat gold is 24k, 22k, 18k, 14k, 10k, 6k, etc, whereas 24K gold is thought of pure gold. 14K gold price per ounce today is being updated once every 1 minutes. 14K Gold Price Per Ounce = 784.

43 US Dollar Bid Price: $784.43 Ask Price: $785.01 Day's Range: $783.32 - $785.6 Prices Updated: Jan 24, 2018 at 04:24 NY Time Karat -- a purity unit for gold Karat is an ancient unit to indicate the purity of gold alloys. A unit karat contains 4.1667% gold, or equal to 1/24 part. Therefore, the value of Karat gold represents the different proportion of gold. 14K gold is referred to as pure gold that means 58.

5% gold mixed 41.5% other metals. The Color of Karat Gold Generally speaking, karat gold is used to make gold jewelry. The karat gold has rich colors because of being mixed different metal, such as copper, silver or zinc. When karat gold shows red that mixes some copper in gold; when it shows light red that mixes some copper and a little silver in gold. Thus, the color of karat gold is based on the mixed metals and their proportion.

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How Much is Your 14 Karat Gold Worth? 14K Gold Value Based on Current Gold Price The 14 Karat Gold Melt Value Calculator, available below, can figure the total gold value of 14K gold items, measured by the weight unit of your choice. The gold value is calculated based on the total amount of actual gold content, not including any other metals used in making 14K gold alloy. The 14K gold calculator will only show what the gold is worth (intrinsic value), and not any collectible value of your 14K gold items.

The 14 karat gold melt value calculator will figure the price of gold items with a gold purity measured as 14 parts of gold and 10 parts of another metal used to make the 14K gold alloy. Use the 14 karat gold melt calculator to discover how much your 14K gold items are worth, based on their total amount of actual gold content, or to decide what you would be willing to pay for any 14 karat gold item, based on the spot price of gold.

The total 14K gold value is calculated based on the currency amount shown in the Gold Price text box. The current gold spot price is updated frequently during normal trading hours. The gold price can be changed to any value of your choice. 1. Select the Unit of Measure(Weight Type): 2. Enter total weight of the 14 karat gold: 3. (Opt.) Change gold price or leave as is: 4. (Opt.) Enter a price spread or leave as is: Price Spread: % Total Gold Value: Total Gold Weight Grams:  Kilograms:  Grains:  Pennyweight:  Ounces:  Troy Ounces:  Pounds:  Troy Pounds:  Price Spread Bid Price:  Ask Price:  You might also like to try one of these other calculators:           USD Spot Charts

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