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Whistler Blackcomb Lift Tickets How much is a lift ticket at Whistler Blackcomb? Find the latest Whistler Blackcomb lift ticket prices for single day, half day and multi-day lift tickets wherever that information is available and provided by the ski resort. Tab over to Season Passes to see the various season pass options that Whistler Blackcomb offers returning skiers and riders. For the most up-to-date prices, deals and discounts or to purchase lift tickets and season passes, visit the Whistler Blackcomb website directly.

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Here is a complete rundown of Whistler Blackcomb lift ticket prices for the winter of 2012/2013 as offered by the resort of Whistler Blackcomb. You will find prices on...A collection of some of our pastWhistler Blackcomb lift tickets single day tickets multi-day tickets pre-purchased multi-day tickets sightseeing tickets tickets for the Magic Chair tickets for the Coca-Cola Tube Park Fresh Tracks Breakfast tickets afternoon lift tickets and late-afternoon lift tickets Are you guaranteed of getting the best deal on lift tickets by choosing one of the options on this page? Maybe yes, maybe no.

Although in most instances, I would say probably not. A Cheaper Way To Purchase Lift Tickets 7-11 Fast Tracks Lift Ticket You see, many times there are cheaper ways to purchase a Whistler Blackcomb lift ticket. For example, a single day lift ticket purchase at the resort will cost an adult $102 plus tax, or $114.24. The same ticket purchased at a participating 7-Eleven store in Vancouver or Squamish (located on the way from Vancouver to Whistler) will only cost you $85.

95 plus tax, or $96.26 And there are other ways to save. Do you live in Canada or Washington State? Then a Whistler Blackcomb Edge Card is probably a much better option than purchasing multi-day lift tickets. Whistler Edge Card Is your group (you and your family/friends) going to be purchasing at least 20 Adult/Senior/Youth lift tickets during your stay in Whistler?  Then "have I got a deal for you".

By purchasing your tickets from this little known source, you can save up to $832 compared to purchasing comparable multi-day lift tickets. So how can you save the most when purchasing your ticket? Well, unfortunately there isn't one hard and fast rule that I can offer to everyone that will ensure that each person gets the best deal on lift tickets. And that's why I recommend that you "take a ride" on our Whistler Lift Ticket Wizard.

The Wizard asks you a series of questions at the end of which there is a very good chance that you will save yourself (and your family and friends) a bundle on Whistler Blackcomb lift tickets.Although I must warn you, this creates another problem. What do you do with all the money you save? Well, here are just a few ideas off the top of my head... Enjoy some après-ski at the famous Dusty's BBQ in Whistler Creekside.

.. do a little shopping with your Mom at Roots in Whistler Village... jump on a tube at the Coca-Cola Tube Park and soar down Blackcomb Mountain, or... simply treat yourself to another great day on the mountains! But I digress.Let's get to looking at some Whistler Blackcomb lift ticket prices shall we? Single And Two Day Whistler Lift Ticket Prices This is what you will pay (plus 12% tax) if you wait until you get to Whistler Resort to buy your single or two day lift tickets.

If this is the only type of ticket you need you are best to opt for a 7-Eleven Whistler lift ticket. Multi-Day Whistler Blackcomb Lift Ticket Prices Although pricing for single day and two day lift tickets typically remains constant throughout the winter season (the exception being the first 2-3 weeks of the season when prices can be a few dollars less), multi-day lift pass prices vary depending on the time of year.

Below you can find the various pricing schedules for the seven different "seasons" within the winter season at Whistler resort.When going through the prices keep the following in mind:1. Prices shown do not include the 12 % sales tax.2. The "pre-purchase" pricing can be obtained by either purchasing your tickets ahead of time through your accommodation provider, or through Whistler Blackcomb. Also, you can only get the "pre-purchase" pricing at least 3 days in advance of using the tickets.

1-Day Tot Lift Ticket(children 6 and under) 3. If the dates you will be skiing overlap two different "seasons", the price you will pay is the price that corresponds to the first day that you will be skiing or snowboarding. For example, if you purchased a 5 day Whistler Blackcomb lift ticket and started using it on the 21st of December, you would pay $390 (plus tax) for the full five days even though you would be overlapping into the more expensive Christmas season.

With a little planning you could use this to your advantage next time you're booking a trip to Whistler.4. On the multi-day ticket packages shown below, you are allowed one flex-day or "day-off" per ticket.5. "Tots" (children 6 years of age and under) ski for free, although you must still acquire a ticket for them before they get on the lifts.6. And finally, remember that there is a good chance that you could achieve an even greater discount on your lift tickets by choosing a different ticketing option than shown below.

Try out the Whistler Lift Ticket Wizard to ensure you get the best pricing.To find the pricing you want, either scroll down to find the appropriate "season" you want or simply click on one of these links:LIST OF "SEASONS"Early Season (Nov 22 to Dec 14)Pre-Christmas Season (Dec 15 to 21)Christmas Season (Dec 22 to Jan 4)Regular Season (Jan 5 to Feb 8)Mid Season (Feb 9 to Mar 31)Late Season (Apr 1 to 21)EARLY SEASON - NOV 22 TO DEC 14 Back to top of the list of seasonsPRE-CHRISTMAS SEASON - DEC 15 TO DEC 21 Back to top of the list of seasonsCHRISTMAS SEASON - DEC 22 TO JAN 4 Back to top of the list of seasonsREGULAR SEASON JAN 5 TO FEB 8 Back to top of the list of seasonsMID SEASON FEB 9 TO MARCH 31 Back to top of the list of seasonsLATE SEASON APRIL 1 TO APRIL 21 Back to top of the list of seasonsSight-Seeing Tickets Peak 2 Peak Gondola looking towards Whistler Village Make sure you grab a discount voucher in oneof the local Whistler shops Sightseeing at the top of the Whistler Village Gondola Magic Chair Tickets If you are just a beginner who is learning how to ski or snowboard, a Magic Chair Whistler Blackcomb lift ticket might be a good option for you.

The Magic Chair is located at the base of Blackcomb Mountain, and offers two gently sloped runs, perfect for small children and beginners. And you will save a bundle compared to a regular lift ticket. The Magic Chair at the base of Blackcomb Mountain.  A great lift for beginners. Coca-Cola Tube Park Tickets If you have some time in the evening, or on a day off from the slopes, check out the Coca-Cola Tube Park located on Blackcomb Mountain.

*Whistler Blackcomb Edge Card holders receive a 25% discount at the tube park**Whistler Season Pass holders receive a 50% discount at the tube park***10% Family discount available  (2 persons over 18, and 2 persons under 18)Above the Coca-Cola Tube Park, Blackcomb Mountain Base 2 Fresh Tracks Breakfast Tickets Be the first to hit the slopes in the morning and do it with a nice full belly. Make sure you grab a discount voucher in oneof the local Whistler shops Afternoon (Half-Day) & Late Afternoon Lift Tickets If you don't plan on skiing or snowboarding the entire day, an Afternoon or Late-Afternoon Whistler Blackcomb lift ticket might be an option.

Keep in mind that during much of the first half of the ski season many of the lifts close at 3:30 pm. As the season progresses and the daylight lasts longer, some lifts will stay open until 4pm. Like Whistler-Vacation-Tips.com?

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