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What customers are saying... I am a jewelry maker and love Fire Mountain products, their pricing, and most of all their customer service is exemplary. I have recommended this company to others and will continue to order from their vast inventory. One other thing, I love their tutorials and look forward to their newsletters in my email ... always informative. - Judy F. Christmas Charms Have a jolly, CHARMing Christmas Cord, Thread, and Beading Wire Complete selection of cord, thread and wireto match your next jewelry project.

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Best of luck! View Recent Contest View Contest Schedule Stay Ahead of the Design Curve Create the season's hottest jewelry with on-trend color palettes, textures and styles. See 5 big fashion trend forecasts--4 for women & 1 for men--as well as bridal themes and popular materials. View All Trends View Bohemian Summer Trend Get Inspired! Explore an ever-expanding library of jewelry designs with full materials lists and a 400% zoom feature to see each piece up close and personal.

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Search beading patterns, 3D tutorials, project instructions and more. View Featured Project Browse All Tutorials Design IdeaBBC4 Timeless Designs Surprisingly Easy to Make This exclusive email features a piece of jewelry and explanatory article to help you learn fundamental techniques while producing a gorgeous design in just one day. View Featured Project View All Projects ProjectH62U

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For anybody that is thinking of moving into the company of offering wholesale items at retail costs, the very first thing that will come to brain is, exactly where do I have the wholesale items from? The next thought might be, which wholesalers or drop shippers can i have confidence in?

Long gone would be the times when gentlemen would just put on nearly anything that they had during the closet. Lately, guys are only as fashion conscious as women of all ages, and they're prepared to shell out money to buy the clothes they like. In actual fact, many gentlemen like to get brand name identify clothing since they are certain to be of fine high quality and magnificence. Whenever they can buy branded mens put on at wholesale costs, then they may head out and buy much more of such inexpensive excellent outfits.

Wholesale Jewelry Making Supplies, Wholesale Bead Supply, Wholesale Beads, Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry -- We are a wholesale bead supplier for sterling silver jewelry findings, wholesale Swarovski Crystals, Bali, alphabet letter beads, turquoise, prayer boxes, semi-precious gemstones, silver charms, watch faces and beading supplies. Christmas/New Year Schedule Our showroom will be closed December 22, 2017 after 12:00pm and re-open on January 2, 2018 to observer the holidays and for year-end inventory.

  You can still place your orders online during that period.  However, your order will not be processed until January 2, 2018.  Please take into account the heavy volume of the holiday season and plan your order accordingly.  Thank you and have a great holiday. New Items(Sterling Silver Head Pin) New Items(Sterling Silver CZ Connector) Check out some of our Best Sellers Wholesale Findings/ComponentsSterling Silver Toggle Clasp, Lobster Clasp, Bail,SS & GF Bead, Watch Face, Wholesale Jewelry Findings.

Wholesale BeadsSwarovski Austrian Crystal, Alphabet Cube (Letter Bead), Bali Bead, Czech Glass Bead, Cat's Eye, Fresh water Pearls. Wholesale Semiprecious StoneTurquoise, Citrine, Cherry Quartz, Onyx, MOP,Rose Quartz, Jasper, Coral, Amethyst, Peridot. Wholesale Charms & ChainsSterling Silver Charm Bracelet, Enamel Charm,Prayer Box Charm, Sterling Silver Chain by the foot. Wholesale Sterling Silver JewelryPrayer Box, Locket, Pendant, Earring, Ring,Bracelet, Necklace, Hand Beaded Bracelet, Anklet.

Wholesale Jewelry Tools & SuppliesSoftFlex Beading Wire, Beadalon Memory Wire,Crimping Tool, Beading Board, Silver Foil Gift Box. Here are some Jewelry Q's & A's What exactly is sterling silver jewelry (or 925 sterling silver)?Silver, even that has been fully work-hardened, gradually recrystallizes and softens at room temperature.  To maintain hardness, other metals are added to form alloys that are harder, stronger, and less susceptible to scratching and marring.

  The best-known copper-silver alloy is sterling, which is 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper (hence the name 925 sterling silver). What is gold filled jewelry (GF)?Gold filled is a process of pressure bonding a thin layer of gold to a base metal core (usually brass). � Gold filled (unlike gold plating) has an actual layer of gold, giving it more value and making it tarnish-resistant.

What is vermeil?Vermeil or vermeille (pronounced either ver-meel' or ver-MAY') is gold-plating process developed in France in the mid-1700s.  Early-day vermeil involved the use of mercury.  Modern-day vermeil is produced by a safe electrolytic process.  The inside core is sterling silver and the outside is a coating of gold.  Gold plate adheres OK, but not perfectly to silver.  Where the plating has not bonded, the silver will tarnish underneath the plating.

  On the gold-plated surface, this will appear as dark, blotchy spots.  The gold-plate will darken over time, and will eventually wear off.  On highly decorated surfaces such as Bali beads, the irregular darkening adds an antique effect to the piece.  If you are mixing vermeil and gold-filled pieces together, remember that the vermeil will darken, but the gold-filled will not. What is enamel charm?Enamel charm is created by applying powdered glass, colored with oxides, to a base metal (sterling silver or gold) under high temperatures to melt the glass and fuse it to the metal surface.

  The vivid colors of enamel charms make them very popular in making charm bracelets. What is mother-of-pearl (MOP)?Mother-of-pearl is the lining of a shell.  It is usually the same color, composition and quality as the pearls that were produced by the particular mollusk.  Mother-of-pearl is often used in sterling silver jewelry because of its regal and sophisticated look. What are Bali beads? What's the difference between Bali silver and sterling silver?Strictly speaking, Bali beads are silver beads produced in Bali, Indonesia.

  These beads are handmade (not cast) with unique design and intricate detail.  Because of its popularity, more countries are now producing this type of beads.  Therefore, the term 'Bali beads' is now generally referring to 'Bali-style beads'.  Bali Silver usually has less than 92.5% silver content hence cannot be designated as Sterling.  When buying Bali beads, one should always look for handmade Bali beads (vs.

the cheap cast ones).  Handmade Bali beads are far more superior in quality, giving more value to your jewelry. What is Swarovski Crystal "AB"?Swarovski crystal offers a wide range of colors and special coatings.  Special coatings are bonded chemically to the outer surface of the Swarovski crystals for a more brilliant effect.  The special effect and special coating of the beads are permanent.

  Aurora Borealis, better known as "AB", is one of the more popular Swarovski crystal coatings that gives off a rainbow-like effect. What is CZ (Cubic Zirconia)?CZ looks very similar to diamond and usually hard to distinguish the difference with the naked eye.  CZ has many characteristics like diamond but at a fraction of the cost.  CZ is slightly less brilliance (liveliness and sparkle) than diamonds, while having more fire (flashes of rainbow colors).

  CZ has a scientific hardness rating of 8.5 (vs. Diamond 10) on the Mohs' scale, hence can scratch glass (hardness 6~7).  CZ is about 75% heavier than diamond and comes in variety of colors.  High Quality CZ is machine cut to exacting tolerances that duplicates the diamond-cutting process.  Main sources of CZ are United States, Switzerland, Thailand and China.

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