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Bix Weir Where The Price of Silver Is Going and Why Nobody should under estimate the COILED SPRING EFFECT that underlies the silver price. 45 years of computer price suppression won't blow off smoothly! I will attempt to quantify the potential price movements in Silver based on my 20 reasons to SELL/BUY from this article: 20 Reasons to Sell (BUY!!) Physical Silver //www.roadtoroota.com/public/571.

cfm In each instance I will give my reasoning but it must all be taken with a grain of salt because there are MANY factors and consequences related to each point...but here it goes. CURRENT PRICE OF SILVER = Let's use $20 as Jack Lew could sneeze and send the price of silver to $20! 1) The removal of the gigantic concentrated short position on the COMEX Silver market as reported in the CFTC Commitment of Traders and Bank Participation Reports.

In 1980 the Hunt Brothers attempted to corner the silver market with both COMEX contracts as well as holding physical silver. When the US Government made the decision to shut them down and end the supposed manipulation the Hunts held 90M ounces worth of long COMEX silver contracts. When the COMEX changed the rules to allow only selling of silver contracts the Hunts were forced to liquidate their COMEX position and the price fell from $50 to $10 in a matter of 2 months.

Since the current manipulative short position held by less than 3 US Banks is estimated to represent over 100M ounces short it is reasonable to project a slightly larger % move to correct the manipulation. Since silver dropped 1/5 when the Hunts were taken out let's assume a little more when the US Banks are taken out. PRICE ANALYSIS = $20 x 6 = $120/oz Let's now move on to the reversal of point #2 starting from a base of $120.

.. 2) The announcement of charges filed by both the CFTC and the FBI in the investigations of Silver market manipulation (as forced at the end of the LBMA "Silver Fix"). We have had 3 major investigations into silver market manipulation all of which concluded there was no manipulation because the price of COMEX silver matched the price of "physical silver" as evidenced in the LBMA price. Wait...the LBMA "Silver Fix" will be gone on August 14th so what will they use to justify the rigged silver price in the next "investigation"? Let's face it - Silver must be allowed to return to it's Fair Market Value or another investigation will begin shortly.

This one will provide no LBMA "Silver Fix" benchmark to justify the low silver prices. Freely traded silver is only a matter of time when the fix is gone. The "free market" effect on the price of silver should be SUBSTANTIAL and without the bad guys there to cap the price again on any news..look out above! I'll put the dropping of the LBMA "Silver Fix" as a doubling of the price of silver. PRICE ANALYSIS = $180 x 2 = $360/oz Now let's move on to the next active fraud.

.. 3) The shut down of the iShares Silver ETF (SLV) and the subsequent attempt by SLV investors to transfer into physical silver in their own possession. For anyone that believes that the iShares Silver ETF is legit I have a nice piece of swamp land in Florida I'd like to sell you! The extent of the fraud at SLV should not be underestimated as it involves the entire banking cabal that is currently being coordinated by the hedge fund BlackRock.

I know this because after BlackRock bought the SLV from Barclays they kept JP Morgan on as the Custodian of the physical silver. Can you imagine the liability that was taken on by BlackRock KNOWING that JP Morgan was under investigation by the CFTC and the FBI and has multiple class action suits against them for silver market manipulation. YET THEY STILL KEEP THEM ON AS CUSTODIAN DISREGARDING ALL FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITY TO THE SLV SHAREHOLDERS! The mass exodus of SLV investors out of the iShares ETF and into REAL PHYSICAL SILVER will be a sight to behold.

I'd say that's enough to double the price again... PRICE ANALYSIS = $360 x 2 = $720/oz Ok, 3 big injustices have been reversed and the price of silver has risen above $700...but how will it continue to rise? 4) The implementation of COMEX Position Limits in Silver of no more than 5,000 contracts and the enforcement of the Disruptive Trading Practices law. The implementation of significant position limits is HUGE.

It's doesn't stop manipulation but it REALLY handcuffs the market riggers. They currently continue to naked short to unlimited amounts...always enough to stop silver from blasting off. With ENFORCED position limits they can only play their dangerous games to a point and then they get CRUSHED. Anybody bumping up against the limits in order to slow the price of silver will be playing with FIRE! I'll settle down a bit and give that a 10% bump to the price.

PRICE ANALYSIS = $720 + 10% = $792/oz But we're still not at "Fair Market Value" as there is another monster short bubble that needs to be unwound... 5) The winding down of the outrageous and manipulative Silver derivative positions held by both JP Morgan and Citibank as reported by the US Office of Comptroller of Currencies. As of Jan 2014 the JPM/Citibank derivative position in silver was around $17.

5B. With silver trading for $20/oz their total derivative games going on with silver is in the 875M ounce range! Considering there's less than 1B ounces of investment silver and only $16B ounces of discovered reserves in the entire WORLD this number is RIDICULOUS! The unwinding of some of this will be taken care of above in points #1 & #2 but there still remains a large portion of these derivatives to be unwound.

I'll give this "great unwind" a 20% bump to the price of real physical silver. PRICE ANALYSIS = $792 + 20% = $950/oz Are we done with the fraud aspects yet? NOPE! 6) The mass redemption of paper Silver currently held in Pooled Silver Accounts and Silver Certificate Programs into physical silver held in the possession of the owner. Here we have the rare case in which the Banking Cabal has ALREADY admitted to running a scam with warehousing phantom silver for investors when Morgan Stanley was busted for charging storage on metal that they didn't even have in their warehouse.

..and they claimed it was an "INDUSTRY STANDARD" to store phantom metal for account holders! The pooled account model is also a JOKE because they charge hardly any fees...clearly not enough to cover storage, insurance, marketing, administration, profit, etc. etc. The only way that business model works is if they DON'T actually buy any metal for the customers account but rather invest the money somewhere else believing that if customers cash in their certificate they can go into the market and source the metal at that time.

"FRACTIONAL RESERVE METAL STORAGE"! This was the model set up by Jon Nadler for the Perth Mint and then for Kitco and then for The Royal Bank of Canada. It was his invention many years ago and now it's his FAULT. THAT IS WHY NADER IS SO ANTI GOLD AND SILVER!!! The mass redemption of all this silver will drive the price of REAL PHYSICAL towards the moon once word gets out....and it's getting out. I'd give that one a 50% bump.

PRICE ANALYSIS = $950 + 50% = $1,425/oz Now here we are sitting at $1,425/oz silver with much of the fraud in silver shaken from the market so now we get to concentrate on the REAL supply/demand issues... 7) The Silver to Gold Price Ratio reflects the true physical relationship between above ground gold and above ground silver that is available for sale on a free and open market. This is where the ENTIRE WORLD needs a big slap in the face.

100-1 silver to gold ratio just a few years ago?! If you are invested in silver in order to ride the wave back to 12-1 gold/silver YOU WILL SELL WAY TOO EARLY! Most of the monetary history of silver has seen 10 or 15 to 1 ratio but THAT WAS BEFORE SILVER WAS DEMONETIZED! 10 Billion ounces of above ground silver that was used as money up until a few short decades ago has been DESTROYED in modern electrical applications! ALL THE SILVER THAT HAD BEEN MINED OVER 1,000's OF YEARS IS NOW GONE FOREVER!!! Before this is all over silver will reverse history and trade at a 1-1+ ratio to gold.

That means at $2,000 gold we will see $2,000+ per ounce price for silver. That's how much potential price energy is inherent in silver due to 100 years of price manipulation. I'll be conservative here since our price is already above the price of gold and just call it a REASON for silver to stay high. Should the price of gold take off silver will take off with it maintaining a high ratio. PRICE ANALYSIS = $1,425 + 0% = $1,425/oz Ok.

..Here's where it gets tricky... 8) The realization by industrial users of silver that the supply of physical silver is rapidly depleting and with the future of producing their products in jeopardy they begin stockpiling physical silver. At $1,425 silver we will lose a good chunk of industrial uses due to the cost but not as much as you think. Most electronics use silver measured in grams and not ounces.

Tiny amounts in cell phones, computers, RFID chips...and although a large flat screen TV may see it's price double due to $1,425 silver for those who want that big screen football game price may not be that much of an object. On the other hand, at today's price of $30 silver every manufacturer in the world should be crawling over the competition to get their hands on every ounce of physical silver they can find because for some silver is 100% necessary to create their products.

No Silver...Goodbye Company! So the trade off will be interesting between those who cut back on silver use and those who scramble to get their hands on industrial silver at such cheap prices. My short term outlook on price is VERY bullish for this reason so I'd give it a +50%. PRICE ANALYSIS = $1,425/oz + 50% = $2,138/oz Are you getting a little shaky at these numbers...as in are you thinking "Not a chance"? It gets better! 9)The reversal of Silver's ever increasing use in industrial applications due to either high prices or the discovery of a viable substitute with similar physical properties and attributes.

This is similar to the above but with a twist. Silver is the BEST conductor of electricity and the BEST reflector of light which are two key requirements in the ever expanding solar energy field. We are in the very early stages of development of alternative power and silver is sure to be part of any future technological breakthroughs. Not only that but nothing replaces silver as a use in soldering and it is used in such tiny amounts that PRICE DOES NOT MATTER! So far nothing comes close to silver in most industrial uses so until we find something to replace it you can expect manufacturers to pay through the nose to get it.

It's hard to quantify the future uses of silver but where there's necessity of invention there is a pocketbook ready to pay for it. I'll add 10% for now with an option to raise that number as the next great thing is invented. PRICE ANALYSIS = $2,138/oz + 10% = $2,352/oz Now here's where we get a little silly... 10) The realization by the remaining 99.9% of the investing public that does not currently own any physical that Silver is extremely undervalued and should be held by all investors interested in portfolio safety and value appreciation.

Almost NOBODY is invested in physical silver. I mean it. Ask around. Ask 1,000 people if they own any physical silver bullion and you will get a few "my mother left me her coin collection" or "I have some jewelery" and most of those people will offer to sell it to you because they have no idea that it will be very valuable...very soon. As all these reasons for investing in physical silver become reality the investing world will stand up and take notice.

TRILLIONS WILL FLOW INTO THE PHYSICAL SILVER MARKETS FIRST TO TRY AND GET RICH AND THEN OUT OF FEAR OF LOSING EVERYTHING MADE OF PAPER!!! That is what lies ahead so I'm going to double our Silver Fair Market Value again! PRICE ANALYSIS = $2,352/oz x 2 = $4,704/oz So here we sit with many of the more "manipulative imbalances" worked through the reversal process. But there are many more reasons that we have still not reached the true Fair Market Value for silver even yet.

11) Acknowledgment by the Bullion Banks and US Government that they have been involved in the price suppression of Silver for over 50 years in order to support and extend the global confidence in un-backed fiat US Dollar. When the first 10 reasons are actualized there will be many questions raised by the people of the world. "Why wasn't the rigging of the silver markets stopped if the government and market regulators knew all along?" Of course there is an answer and that answer is "To facilitate the the fiat monetary system.

" That's it. That's the reason that the CFTC, SEC, FBI etc have not stopped the scam. THE PRICE OF SILVER HAS TO BE CONTROLLED OR THE UN-BACKED FIAT MONETARY SYSTEM WOULD FAIL! This admission by "The Powers That Be" will totally destroy the current paper and electronic monetary system and there will be a necessity of instituting a new system with some kind of backing...most likely gold and silver. Given it will be a "new money" that will be issued we may revert back to $1 silver but with different purchasing power.

For the sake of argument I'll keep this analysis in un-backed fiat terms as well as a potential gold/silver backed currency. PRICE ANALYSIS = $4,704/oz x 2 = $9,408/oz 1oz SILVER/GOLD BACKED CURRENCY= $1 Now let's more towards the truth behind the supply/demand fundamentals of silver. 12) All Silver statistical reporting companies have completely revised their historical numbers to reflect the true supply/demand realities of the past and admit to the massive annual physical silver deficit going forward.

Lies, lies, lies. Over 100 years of lies about how much silver in available above ground as well as below ground. Today GFMS and the CPM Group are the liars and shills set up to obfuscate and conceal the truth about the rareness and importance of silver. They have no idea how much silver is bought and sold every year but they serve their purpose very well...to keep people in the dark. They make up numbers year after year such that it won't diverge too far from the prior year's numbers as to raise red flags.

All pure bullshit. One day...very soon they will be taken out to the woodshed and replaced by a REAL reporting system and it will become known that the demand for silver is much, much greater and the supply of silver is much, much smaller. PRICE ANALYSIS = $9,408/oz x 2 = $18,816/oz 1oz SILVER/GOLD BACKED CURRENCY = $2 So now we are closer to discovering the truth about the scarcity of silver let's move on to some of the realities of that scarcity.

13) The USGS alerts the world to the reality that at the REAL current Silver consumption rates there is less than 10 years of known below ground Silver reserves remaining in the world. The USGS currently reports global silver reserves in the ground to be 510,000 tons or around 16B ounces. Industrial demand alone stands at between 600-700M ounces and is rapidly rising year after year. Of course when you add all demand together you will get somewhere between 1-2B ounces per year.

As the above conspiracy issues are resolved a big bright spotlight will be shinning on the "silver as an investment" issue so expect massive demand from the investing public which only heightens the shortage. I'd give the silver in the ground about 10 years to be totally spoken for in one form or another...then what? Yes, they can and will find more but at ever escalating prices. There will be a significant PANIC to buy silver from all areas of manufacturing and investment.

Powerful stuff. PRICE ANALYSIS = $18,816/oz x 2 = $37,632/oz 1oz SILVER/GOLD BACKED CURRENCY = $4 So here we sit at $37k silver and the same purchasing power in the new 1oz silver currency sitting at $4. But we still aren't at Fair Market Value. 14) The realization by investors that significant increases in the price of Silver would not curtail industrial demand as silver is mostly used in very small amounts in each product produced.

We have already seen a 10 fold price in silver in the last 10 years and all those those doomsday Sayers who believed higher prices would destroy silver demand are surely scratching their heads. Yes, demand for silver in photography has decreased massively but it has done absolutely NOTHING to stop the rising price. Most photography silver was recycled anyways. The fact is that more and more applications for using silver are being discovered everyday and the physical properties of silver are JUST BEING RECOGNIZED by modern science and will continue to grow exponentially! Most of these application are in tiny amounts that will never get recycled.

Since silver is also a monetary metal, as the price rises more and more investors want to get their hands on some. The higher the price goes the more people will get involved on an investment side increasing the demand. Word is spreading. PRICE ANALYSIS = $37,632/oz + 50% = $56,448/oz 1oz SILVER/GOLD BACKED CURRENCY = $6 15) The mainstream media highlights that the investment drivers for Silver far out weight the investment drivers for Gold.

Those of you who are in a love driven lip-lock with gold should seriously get your head examined. Really. Other than gold's ability not to tarnish silver is a vastly better investment. Silver has ALL the monetary properties and history that gold has but many more uses currently and as yet undiscovered. Very soon it will be revealed that the world does not possess 160,000 tons of gold above ground but rather OVER 1M TONS! This gold has come from secret stashes all around the world including Yamashita's Gold, Nazi Gold, Grand Canyon Gold, Chocolate Mountain Gold and on and on.

Lot's and lot's of gold out there...AND ALMOST NO SECRET SILVER STASHES! Why do I believe this? Because in the early 1990's the US dismantled the Manhattan Project's Y12 Facility, the most important nuclear processing facility on the face of the earth, just to retrieve the 500M ounces of silver used in the Calutron Magnets. If they had any other source for the 500M ounces needed to calm the physical market they would have used it first.

Soon it will be common knowledge that silver is much more rare than gold and the price implications for silver in relation to gold are staggering. PRICE ANALYSIS = $56,448/oz x 2 = $112,896/oz 1oz SILVER/GOLD BACKED CURRENCY = $12 16) The US Mint starts to produce US Silver Eagle coins "in quantities sufficient to meet demand" and no longer illegally rations their dwindling supply. Recent word that the San Francisco Mint will start coining US Silver Eagles caught the market by surprise.

..but not here on the Road to Roota. I pointed out two years ago that the SF Mint was undergoing a gigantic retrofit that was supposedly a "historical preservation" but that was just a cover story. Pelosi and Feinstein gleaming at the opening ceremony was "the tell". Also the brand new CNC (computer numerical controlled) coining machines was a hint that there was nothing historic about this retrofit.

Also, the recent resignation of the US Mint Director, Edmund Moy, last December was a flushing out of the Bad Guy operatives. Soon the US Mint will FINALLY live up to it's legal mandate of producing enough coins to meet demand...no matter how high the price of silver goes. (It will also add a higher premium to the price of US Silver Eagles as they will be deemed the very BEST silver coin investment) PRICE ANALYSIS = $112,896/oz + 10% = $124,186/oz 1oz SILVER/GOLD BACKED CURRENCY = $15 17) When investors stop saying that silver is "too hard to store" and start worrying that silver is "too valuable to leave in a bank's safe deposit box".

Storing silver is FUN! At these ridiculously low prices it is also a great workout! If you are one of those people who don't buy silver because it is too difficult to store then let me ask you a question...Do you think the equivalent amount of gold would be too difficult to store? Think about it. If you had 10,000 ounces of gold you'd buy a really nice secure safe or keep it in a secure facility that you trust and take care to keep it out of the hands of the Banksters (hopefully).

So why is 10,000 ounces of silver any different? If you truly know how valuable silver is in relation to gold you would go out of your way to make sure that silver is stored properly. It's a value perception problem that investors have not a storage problem. As far as a safe deposit box I can't tell you in more plain terms...they are DANGEROUS. Why would you let the very same Banksters that rig the silver markets hold your physical silver? One day people will not be concerned about the hassles of storing but rather the problem in FINDING MORE! PRICE ANALYSIS = $124,186/oz + 10% = $136,604/oz 1oz SILVER/GOLD BACKED CURRENCY = $16.

50 18) When Central Bankers around the world stop printing money every time there is a "bump in the road" on their never ending quest to foster perpetual growth and end the extraordinary transfer of wealth from "the many" to "the few". Here's the root of the problem. The fact is not that silver is of infinite value but rather that un-backed fiat currency is totally and completely intrinsically worthless! The United States and most every country, state and local government is bankrupt with NO WAY TO PAY BACK DEBT EXCEPT BY PRINTING MORE OF IT! The monetary supply must ALWAYS expand in order to pay the interest on the debt money that is already in existence.

It's a vicious circle with total and complete destruction of debt as the only conclusion. This is what lies directly ahead of us. The total and complete destruction of all paper and electronic debt money. There are many ways this can happen but the most likely way is through a derivative meltdown and banking collapse that was averted in 2008. Strike that...delayed in 2008 and will reappear this fall.

The END of un-backed fiat money is upon us and physical silver and gold will become non-existent for any exchange in worthless fiat paper terms. PRICE ANALYSIS = INFINITY IN UN-BACKED FIAT DOLLAR TERMS 1oz SILVER/GOLD BACKED CURRENCY = $50 in relation to Gold Eagles 19) The US Government and the Citizens of the United States recognize and acknowledge that Article I, Sec. 10 of the US Constitution specifies that only gold and silver coin can be legally used as money and the Coinage Act of 1792 defined the US Dollar as "three hundred and seventy-one grains and four sixteenth parts of a grain of pure, or four hundred and sixteen grains of standard silver.

" Here's where is gets very interesting. The new gold/silver backed currency of the United States will surely begin with the US Silver and Gold Eagles but at what price in US Dollars will the metal be valued? Will it be another FIAT currency mandated by the Government that Silver Eagles will be valued at their face value of $1 and Gold Eagles at their face value of $50? Since there is far less silver than reflected in that ratio there would be a mad rush out of gold and into silver.

It won't work. If silver and gold are to be used as money they must be allowed to float against each other relative to supply and demand. In this respect silver should fly by gold in the new backed currency. 1oz SILVER/GOLD BACKED CURRENCY = $100 in relation to $50 Gold Eagles and finally... 20) The price of silver has risen so high that it has fulfilled all my hopes and aspirations as an investor and I can now sit back and enjoy those other pleasures of life that I had put off in pursuit of FREEING THE SILVER MARKET FROM THE CLUTCHES OF MANIPULATION! It's been a long hard fight up against a very formidable opponent.

This battle has gone on for over 100 years but we will have FINALLY slain the Banksters and returned to an honest monetary system. Remember all those who have fought these battles with you but never lived to see the end result. Jefferson, Jackson, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Buffett Sr. and the list goes on and on. WE OWE THEM ALL A DEBT OF GRATITUDE. So that was my attempt to QUANTIFY the subsequent price action in Silver when these issues are addressed by the market.

At some point we WILL return to a TRUE "FAIR MARKET VALUE" for silver and the final conclusion will be shocking to most...but not to us. Remember, it's not the numerical value attached to currency but rather the purchasing power of that money. UNTIL THESE 20 REASONS TO SELL ARE REALIZED I WILL NOT SELL AN OUNCE OF SILVER. LET THESE NUMBERS SINK IN AND ASK YOURSELF IF YOU HAVE ENOUGH SILVER TO LIVE COMFORTABLY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

.. IT WON'T TAKE MUCH! *Note: I am currently working on the 2016 Silver Timeline article which will be released by Jan 1st. This is a Private Road Article for paid subscribers so if you are interested click on the "Subscribe" button on the left. Here's the latest posting for Private Road Members containing all the secrets you are not supposed to know about :-) //www.roadtoroota.com/members/1491.cfm May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

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More information about this product What is the price of silver?Silver can be found in many different forms, quality and locations, which means silver has different price points at any one instant in time based on supply and demand. The most universally quoted prices for silver are for the large commercially standard .999 fine pure silver 1,000 ounce bars, depending, of course, if one is buying or selling.

To have one price of silver, it would be the price between these buy/sell numbers where traders are not inclined to be a buyer and seller, suggesting a fair nominal price as reference, which is broadly called the spot price of silver at any point in time. Over time, silver prices are recorded, compared and charted to suggest trends and overextended price moves. Besides the most current silver price, comparison to the previous day's final price and the 100-day average of final spot closing prices are frequently monitored.

What silver price charts does Monex produce?The Silver price charts above feature Monex Spot Prices per ounce, which represent the midpoint between Monex bid and ask prices per ounce, for pure (minimum .999 fine) 1,000-ounce silver bullion bars. The 3-Month Live chart above incorporates the latest Silver Bullion price for the current trading day, while the 6-Month Candlestick, 1-Year Close, 5-Year Close and 10-Year Close charts include the last Silver Bullion price for the previous trading day.

These charts incorporate the widely accessible Monex price information available not only to Monex customers and prospective customers, but also to all websites, competitors, researchers and government officials alike. In addition, Monex is pleased to offer our customers and prospective customers a wide selection of other tools, including exclusive and customized charts not available to the general public.

Located on special restricted-access pages, these additional charts and tools are available via special links which can be sent to qualified recipients in special emails sent from Monex. For access to these additional charts and tools, please call a Monex Account Representative at the phone number listed at the top of this page. FREE Guide to Reading Gold and Silver Charts This handy guide introduces you to valuable tools you can use to identify and prioritize the opportunities in today's gold, silver and platinum markets.

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The current price of silver is the result of all buyers and sellers across the globe meeting at transaction prices, according to combined supply and demand forces. Fundamentally, the availability of supplies of silver bullion – from mines, scrap recovery, government stockpile disposals and investor liquidations – versus demand – from industrial uses, jewelry/silverware fabrication and investor acquisitions – are the driving force behind silver's worldwide marketplace prices.

Today, the factors most notably influencing silver prices are (a) the unparalleled degree of geopolitical uncertainty making silver an exceptional investment alternative; (b) ever-increasing industrial uses due to silver's unique reflective and conductive properties, especially in batteries and electronics; (c) growth in demand for medical applications using silver as a more organic antibiotic agent for germicide and disinfectant purposes; and (d) the loss in silver demand from the declining film photography sector.

However significant, declining photography demand is replaced, to an extent, by incredible demand from electronics as film's replacement. One sector with exceptional potential is the 'photovoltaic' necessity of silver in solar panels, which could see phenomenal global growth. What is the spot price of silver?Technically speaking, “spot” refers to a current rather than future price. Common practice of the metals industry is to publish a benchmark market value, which most universally is a particular day's final settlement price per ounce of the New York commodity futures exchange spot month.

At other times of the day, metals dealers assess world markets to infer what they believe to be a benchmark spot silver price. Don't be fooled by e-commerce sites that represent spot prices which do not relate to this common usage in order to hide their markup. Monex Spot Silver Prices have been published for fifty years, along with quoted ask and bid prices of Monex silver products, which have been an industry respected price reference.

If a dealer has two different spot silver prices, that suggests buying or selling spot bullion at ask and bid prices, and is not a precious metals industry commonly-used benchmark value for price comparison purposes. The Monex Live Spot Silver Price for its 11-hour trading day can be found here at our Live Prices page and by using the Monex Bullion Investor smartphone app available for both Apple and Android smartphones.

How is the spot silver price calculated?Silver in varied physical forms and different derivative contracts is bought and sold between buyers and sellers around the world and around the clock. Most universally, the spot silver price represents a nominal price for bulk industrial grade silver relative to the day's settlement price per ounce, basis the current month on the New York Futures Exchange (NYMEX).

A Spot Silver Price is calculated based on a virtual non-stop price discovery process of comparible silver vehicles, based on the marketplace's comparative pricing. For example, if the price per ounce of the current “Spot” month is fifty cents less than the NYMEX futures contact price, then at a time when that future contract trades at a given price, say $20, it suggests a spot price of $19.50.

Spot Silver rises and falls based on supply and demand factors that influence the price at which buyers and sellers are willing to engage in a transaction. The Monex Spot Silver price is published here on the Live Prices page and is updated throughout its 11-hour trading day. Monex shows one spot silver price at any point in time and it is the midpoint between its ask and bid prices for 1,000 ounce silver bullion bars.

Don't be fooled by dealers with spot prices that they set higher than the nominal benchmark price in order to conceal their markups and transactional spread. How often do spot silver prices change?Spot silver prices can and do change throughout the day. Monex monitors marketplace activities and adjusts its Ask, Bid and Spot prices as much as 50 times or more throughout its 11-hour trading day. In active market conditions when spot silver prices can become extremely volatile, prices can change almost continuously, moving up and/or down many times in a single minute, and for hours on end.

The latest spot prices are listed here on the Live Prices page. Using the Monex Bullion Investor smartphone app. They may also be obtained by calling a Monex Account Representative at the phone number listed at the top of this page. What is the difference between spot, bid and ask prices?An “Ask” price is quoted by a dealer who invites an investor to buy, and the “Bid” is a price quoted at which the investor would sell.

The amount that the Ask price is greater than the Bid price is the dealer's bid-ask spread. Common industry practice is to reference a “Spot” price, which is a benchmark that relates to the per-ounce price of the current (“Spot”) month on an exchange, such as the New York Futures Exchange (NYMEX) for bulk investment/industrial grade pure silver bullion, for immediate delivery and payment settlement.

To reference one price of silver, it would be the price between bullion buy/sell prices where traders are not inclined to be a buyer and seller, suggesting a fair nominal price as reference, which is broadly called the spot price of silver. As far as different forms of physical silver, certain lots may be more or sometimes less desirable than the standard industrial grade .999 fine bars, resulting in Ask and Bid prices that can be much more or far less than the nominal spot price.

Monex lists its spot, ask and bid prices on the Live Prices page and on individual product pages, and updates these prices throughout its 11-hour trading day. What currency are spot silver prices quoted in?Though silver in its various forms is traded around the world and generally priced in local currency, for the most part, spot silver prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars. Obviously, it is easy to programatically convert the U.

S. Dollar spot price to a foreign currency equivalent at some assumed conversion rate. The reasons the marketplace leans toward using a U.S. Dollar figure is that the two most significant longstanding markets – the New York commodity exchange (NYMEX/COMEX) and the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) – both trade in terms of the U.S. Dollar. Are spot silver prices the same all over the world?Because silver is the most bulky of all the precious metals, it is costly and time consuming to transport.

Supply and demand dynamics in a particular geographic location can make the nominal benchmark spot price vary to some extent. How are final silver prices calculated at Monex?The final “Closing” silver prices at Monex are the last prices quoted for its 11-hour trading day for each of the silver products it offers. Can I buy silver from Monex at the silver spot price?Monex does not have two, ask and bid prices to reflect a spot silver price.

Monex uses the common industry practice of referencing to a nominal (not a quoted offer) spot price. If you are an investor who desires to purchase authentic investment grade silver in quantity at very attractive prices, please refer to the Monex preferred bullion prices. It should be quite evident that it is not logical to expect to buy industrial and investment grade .999 fine bullion bars at a spot price that is genuine, if a dealer is to be an ongoing business concern.

However, there may be times due to an oversupply of a less desirable form of silver that is not deliverable for bullion transactions that can be purchased at levels below standard bullion melt value. An example is junk 90% silver bags. For some investors, such a situation represents a rare buying opportunity to acquire their silver “below the market.” A Monex Account Representative may be your best source of information for determining the silver product, price and timing that fits your needs.

How much does Monex charge above the spot silver price?Monex does not sell bullion at spot. Monex does make a very competitive market in bullion reflected as Ask and Bid prices for standard personal delivery transactions, which are quoted continuously through its 11-hour trading day. Furthermore, Monex quotes extremely competitive Atlas Preferred Prices for depository delivery. Depending on the size of a transaction, Monex publishes a commission schedule detailing this additional charge.

Monex offers a transparent marketplace quoted live online or via the Monex Bullion Investor smartphone app available for both Apple and Android smartphones. Does the spot silver price include dealer markup or shipping costs?The spot silver price does not include anything whatsoever, because it is a reference price. In fact, a genuine spot price is truly not a quote at all, because it is not where dealers offer to buy or sell, which is their ask and bid prices.

The Monex Ask Price for a particular silver product, be it silver bullion bars, bullion coins or 40% or 90% silver coin bags, is usually higher than the spot silver price. Generally, investors have a preference for depository delivery when it comes to silver because silver is the most bulky of the precious metals. With depository delivery, there are no delivery charges. Are dealer premiums a fixed amount or percentage over the spot price of silver?Just as there are many different dealers offering silver products in the marketplace, so too are there many different ask prices and methods for making a market in the various silver products offered.

In a free and competitive marketplace, dealers set their buy and sell prices at their discretion, and it is rare to find any two dealers with the same exact price for the same product at any given time. Prices can and do vary from dealer-to-dealer, and from minute-to-minute. Monex prides itself on a reliable two-way, buy/sell marketplace. It is always a good idea to “shop around” and compare the various prices, quality and services available for the silver products you desire to acquire before you make a purchase.

Why aren’t your final prices listed on your website?At Monex, with 50 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of customers executing over $55 billion in physical precious metals transactions, you cannot have a “one-size-fits-all” attitude. To meet the requirements of each individual customer on a specialized basis, you cannot average the offerings to try to fit all. Monex endeavors to fulfill the requirements of each customer on an efficient basis for the benefit of the customer and the customer's overall market pricing advantage.

Why is the Monex spot price different than other companies’ spot prices?Monex, as America's oldest dealer specializing in a reliable two-way precious metals market, its billion-dollar volume of business enables it to offer an extremely competitive and reliable two-way buy/sell marketplace for precious metals investment transactions, and especially for silver bullion. Please see the Monex Atlas Preferred Prices for pricing relating to the longstanding depository delivery services it offers.

Monex believes it is best to offer transparent market pricing as quoted in Ask and Bid terms, and referencing its midpoint as a spot nominal price, which may be less than other companies' spot prices. Over the years, Monex spot prices have tracked the COMEX and NYMEX spot prices for precious metals almost perfectly. In fact, the correlation of those prices is available for review in our company brochures and on our website.

Why have silver prices been dropping in recent years?Although most recently the silver bullion market has been on a generally positive path, silver is down significantly from its high price of about $50 per ounce a few years ago. You see, though the U.S. Dollar has significant fundamental weakness, and some say will sooner or later fail altogether, it seems to be in better shape than many other troubled currencies around the globe.

Furthermore, America's stock market seems to be in a bubble advancement phase, and few investors wish to exit the train until it shows signs of failure. This presents a less bullish scenario for alternative investments such as precious metals and puts downward pressure on prices. The Silver price charts above feature Monex Spot Prices per ounce, which represent the midpoint between Monex bid and ask prices per ounce, for pure (minimum .

999 fine) Silver Bullion bars, currently available from Monex in units of either one 1,000-ounce silver ingot or one 100-ounce silver bullion bar. The 3-Month Live chart above incorporates the latest Silver Bullion price for the current trading day, while the 6-Month Candlestick, 1-Year Close, 5-Year Close and 10-Year Close charts include the last Silver Bullion price for the previous trading day. But these charts are by no means the only chart information available from Monex.

Monex is pleased to offer our customers and prospective customers a wide selection of additional charts and other tools, including exclusive and customized charts not available to the general public. Located on special restricted-access pages on the Monex website, these additional charts and tools are available via special links which can be sent to qualified recipients in special emails sent from Monex.

For access to these additional charts and tools, please call a Monex Account Representative at the phone number listed at the top of this page. FREE Guide to Reading Gold and Silver Charts This handy guide introduces you to valuable tools you can use to identify and prioritize the opportunities in today's gold, silver and platinum markets. The E-Z Guide helps you identify the most common price chart patterns, including: Head & Shoulders formations, Gaps, Island Tops and Bottoms, Bull and Bear Flags, and more.

Each section is clearly illustrated and includes explanatory text to help you understand what to look for... and what actions you should consider taking based on your analysis of price trends. To receive a copy of this free guide, call a Monex Account Representative at 1-800-444-8317

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