Young Living Essential Oils Wholesale Price List

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How to purchase Young Living essential oils? Essential oils play an important part in my personal life and my work as a health coach.

I use essential oils to make super simple home – cleaning products, perfumes, moisturisers, to diffuse toxins out of my home environment, (and make it smells sooo good!), in cooking and so much more. I just love them!

An essential oil is a natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic odour of the plant or other source from which it is extracted. They are found in leaves, barks, stems and leaves and other parts of plants and which possess the properties of each particular plant. Young Living essential oils are extracted through careful steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing, the purest essential oils are far more powerful than the botanicals from which they come.

Why I chose Young Living (YL) over other oils, and what I love about them is their ‘Seed to Seal’ quality assurance and the passion and purpose with which Gary Young founded the company – One little plot of land and a big dream over 20 years ago and now many farms around the world. YL follow a five-step process which selects and plants seeds, farms, distills and bottles with vigorous independent and internal testing to produce the purest, most authentic essential oils. YL own many of their own farms and have their own exclusive partner farms (ie farms that produce only for Young Living to adhere to the seed to seal process, they test and bottle on site, no pesticides are used on their farms and my favourite transparency fact? A Young Living member can visit any of the farms at any time. When it comes time to harvest, they will be testing a plant every two hours with micro samples, to assess the level of plant actives, so that they harvest at the absolute most active time of the plant, resulting in the highest ORAC scores possible, with that testing commitment. You can smell the difference on the nose with a simple side by side sniff test.

One of my favourites is the kit with the Dewdrop Diffuser (pictured above) which is a great low cost option. The diffuser is lovely and quiet, gives you the option of having the light on or off, it diffuses for 4 hours and automatically switches off. It’s perfect if you have a medium sized room and if you like popping off to sleep with something diffusing but don’t want it on all night (Hello Camomile, Valerian and Lavender!)

The code for the Dewdrop Starter Kit is 546502 and it’s $259 (valued at $380 +)

Or if you really want to treat yourself, you can’t go past the Aria, made of solid American oak and a beautiful glass dome. Also great for a medium sized room.

The code for the Aria Premium starter kit is 546502 and it’s $419 (valued at $550+)

There are other premium starter kits which you can look at once you’re signing yourself up and choosing, but the ones mentioned above are my favourite options.