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A Toro Z Master Commercial Zero-Turn mower A zero-turn riding lawn mower (colloquially, a z-turn) is a standard riding lawn mower with a turning radius that is effectively zero. Different brands and models achieve this in different ways, but hydraulic speed control of each drive wheel is the most common method. Both commercial duty and homeowner models exist, with varying engine power options, size of cutting decks, fuel type (gasoline or diesel), and prices.

A z-turn mower typically drives faster and costs more than a similarly sized conventional riding mower that has steerable front wheels. Most current models have four wheels: two small swiveling front tires and two large drive tires in the back. Bush Hog mowers sometimes come with a small, pivoting fifth wheel mounted in the center behind the driver. Instead of controlling the swiveling tires to steer the machine, the large drive tires rotate independently of each other based on the driver's input.

They may rotate in opposite directions. The mower can pivot around a point midway between the drive wheels (the classic z-turn), or it can pivot around either one of the drive wheels if one is stationary, or it can turn in a circle of any radius. Reversal of the direction of travel can be accomplished by causing both wheels to rotate in reverse. Steering controls differ on z-turn mowers. Instead of a steering wheel, most z-turns have two throttles that control the rotational speed and direction of each drive wheel.

The throttles are typically moved by a seated driver who operates levers mounted waist to shoulder high. The mower's engine throttle is controlled separately, if at all. Some zero turn mowers are steered by a joystick or a steering wheel, the advantage of either one being the location of the hands may permit less fatigue during prolonged mowing and the use of a single hand for steering. History In 1949, Warrensberg, MO resident Max Swisher invented the very first commercially available zero-turn mower and called it the "Ride King".

It was a three-wheeled machine - one wheel in front and two in the rear. The patented system utilized the front wheel as the drive wheel that also was able to turn an amazing 360 degrees. The wheel was driven by the motor in the same direction 100% of the time. In order to reverse and/or utilize the zero turn capabilities, you simply turned the steering wheel 180 degrees and the mower would reverse course.

In 1963, John Regier was an employee of the Hesston Corporation, a manufacturer of farm and agricultural equipment. The company had recently engineered a device called the swather, which, propelled by a series of belts, cut hay, alfalfa and other farming materials and laid them out in windrows. The way the belts and pulleys operated allowed for counter- rotation—a process which particularly struck Regier.

An idea came to him one day: What if he could incorporate the same technology into lawnmowers? "So he went home and invented this thing that was able to operate on the zero-turn radius," says Ken Raney, advertising manager at Hustler Turf. "He began selling them, but they weren’t really taking off the way he wanted them to. Nobody knew the technology then, so nobody wanted to buy it." Regier's patent was eventually sold to Hesston, which would eventually become Excel Industries—parent company of Hustler Turf.

The mower was called—appropriately enough—the Hustler. "We were the first company to offer mowers with zero-turn technology," says Paul Mullet, president of Excel Industries. "After Regier sold us the patent, he came to work for us and the rest is history." Excel Industries is the parent company of Hustler Turf Equipment, Inc., which manufacturers Hustler Turf and BigDog Mowers zero-turn mowers.

[1] In 1969, Grasshopper Mowers introduced the first commercially viable zero-turn mower,and in 1974, Dixon coined the term "zero-turn radius" with their entrance into the mower market.[1] In 1997, Robert D. Davis Jr. obtained United States Patent 5644903 for a new steering control he had invented for a zero turn radius mower, based on eight previous patents.[2][3] Currently, there are more than three dozen zero-turn mower manufacturers offering a range of mid-mounted and out-front mowing deck options and accessories.

Steering For most zero-turn mowers today, steering is simply changing the speeds of the drive tires, a method called differential steering. The tire speed is controlled by two levers that protrude on either side of the driver and typically extend over the lap. It is not that different from steering a shopping cart.[4] When both levers are pushed forward simultaneously with the same force, the mower moves forward; when both levers are pulled back simultaneously with the same force, the mower moves backward.

Push one lever more than the other and the mower makes a gentle turn. Push one lever forward and pull the other back and the mower pivots from the drive wheels, creating a zero-radius turn.[5] Zero-turn mowers can use steering wheels but must be designed much differently. Husqvarna is one of the few zero-turns to use a steering wheel by connecting the back wheels to an axle. The axle is mounted in its midpoint to the body of the mower.

[6] Operation Zero-turn mowers are designed to cut so closely around obstacles that there's virtually no need to trim. These mowers pivot through 180 degrees without leaving any uncut grass. Maximum lever movement means maximum fluid flow, which translates into a rapidly turning wheel. If one drive wheel turns more rapidly than the other, the machine moves along a curved path. If both wheels turn at the same speed, the machine follows a straight path.

If one wheel stops and the other turns, or if the wheels turn in opposite directions, the mower pivots.[6] This drive system can be used on two different types of zero turn mowers, Mid Mount, where the mower is suspended under a 4 wheel chassis or Out Front, where the mower is terrain following and front mounted.The terrain following models provide a higher level of balance, comfort, safety and performance.

The Out-front models utilise a centralised main drive wheel system with front and rear caster wheels. The midmount has front caster wheels and rear drive wheels. As both types use traction only as a steering system, care must be taken on any sloping terrain. Loss of traction causes total loss of steering. Attachments There are a number of different attachments that add to the versatility of zero-turn mowers.

One popular attachment is a bagging system that allows you to collect grass clippings. There are many bagger options available for zero turn mowers including two- and three-bucket designs. You can also add a mulching kit to the deck to mulch clippings back into the lawn instead of having the grass discharge from the side chute. Adding a hitch to the back of a zero turn mower allows use of a variety of different attachments, including a dump cart, spreader, plug aerator, lawn dethatcher, roller or sprayer.

Some zero turn mowers also accommodate front-mounted attachments such as a snow blade, snow blower or brush for clearing snow or debris. ^ a b Fasold, Danny (2009-01-12). "Zero-Turn Mowers: Past, Present, Future". Retrieved 2010-07-16. ^ Davis Jr., Robert D.; et al. (July 8, 1997). "United States Patent: 5644903". USPTO. Retrieved 2010-07-17. ^ Davis Jr., Robert D.; et al. (July 8, 1997).

"Steering control for zero turn radius mower - Robert D. Davis et al - Google Patent Search". USPTO via Google. Retrieved 2010-07-17. (more user-friendly presentation of the above) ^ "Why Zero Turn Mowers? - Easy to Drive". Retrieved 30 March 2011. ^ Maxwell, Steve Care must be exercised when turning as a tight turn on one wheel can induce scuffing and turf tearing. (2007-08-04). "Zero-turn radius concept mows over grass, competition". Retrieved 2010-07-16. ^ a b Berendsohn , Roy (December 7, 2004). "Zero Turn Mower Reviews - Best Zero Turn Mowers - Popular Mechanics". Popular Mechanics. Retrieved 2010-07-17. Retrieved from ""

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If you own a big lawn, garden or farmhouse then you require an efficient lawn equipment in your garage, that can mow the grass swiftly. Probably, your eyes looking for a best zero turn mower which works wonder for your cause. What is unique about Zero-turn mowers? A zero-turn riding lawn mower is a standard riding lawn mower with a zero-degree turn radius, can turn inside in circle of any radius. Also, comes with significant advantages like faster mobility than a conventional riding mower, clear-cut finishing, and well within homeowner budgets.

Yes, they do cost more than a similar zone traditional riding mower with steerable front wheels, but all those superior edges have a total worth of it. Predominantly, such mowers come with a string attached that these machines shouldn’t be operated at slopes more than ten degrees. Everyone who falls for their green landscape or lush garden, it is a blessing to own. Such riding lawn mowers are suitable to use for both commercial landscaping and homeowners purposes.

For beginners of zero turn lawn mower, it is recommended to test driving it first. These Zero-turn or Z-turn riding lawn mowers can pivot across 180 degrees without abandoning any uncut grass patches. Now disclosing you the biggest advantage, they assist in delivering a very close cut around every stumbling block in the work area.In fact, Zero turn mowers are designed to one particular mission that is mowing grass.

In fact, Zero turn mowers are designed to one particular mission that is mowing grass. Furthermore, they mow very fast and reduce your time in trimming around obstacles. It is important to know that they are not made to pull any loads. Selecting the best zero turn mower out of the market is driven by an accurate factor-based analysis. Which ultimately grant you an opportunity to get the finest grade, durable product.

It is evident to get confused while navigating through such a vast sea of the product market. If you are searching for the best zero turn mower but didn’t get any breakthrough so far, this article will help to find your target. Here we made the best possible measure for all vital aspects of a quality zero-turn mower thus delivering the exclusive buyer guide for you. Also, access the most relevant reviews of present best ones.

Table Of Content The Comparison Table ~ Best Zero Turn Mower Summary of advantages ~ Why should you use a Zero Turn Lawn Mower? Before the final consideration of Zero Turn Lawn Mower, you must be aware of those facts and benefits associated with it. Coming to the point, even the most affordable efficient ZTR cost you more than thousand dollars. But that investment is well worth for the luxury of a lush, resilient lawn and enchanted gardens.

Benefits – Zero-turn mowers are much faster, safer, easy to handle, highly efficient and save you loads of time by gradually reducing mowing time by greater than 70 percent. These mowing machines are super maneuverable, much comfortable than any other riding mower designs. And they are available in a variety of size and capacity, suit best to your specific requirements. Zero Turn Riding Mower’s biggest expertise lies in precise close cutting irrespective of surfaces, obstacles like bushes, flowerbeds and more alike.

Further, you don’t need to spend extra hours on whacker to trimming thus delivering a time efficient operation. Factors to check before your purchase:- Now, it’s time we switch to the vital parameters that need to considered carefully while deciding on your product choice. It helps you to determine what is best for your needs and conditions. When you able to purchase the best available ZTR Mower in the arena that serves the dual purpose of best machinery and value for money.

# Durability While evaluating, you must watch for zero-turn mowers that consist of rugged, stable frame and a robust, consistently reliable engine providing greater durability. Frame strength and construction of the deck are two crucial factors to determine the machine’s durability. Also, product specification about the steel frame size and design along with safety guard for the rear mounted engine indicate the machine strength.

Perfect maintenance is key to your best zero turn mower experience. # Engine Design and Capacity There are different quality engines built for homeowner, economy and professional applications; average horsepower ranges from 19-24. The V-twin engine delivers more power than a single-cylinder driving force, comes within 700 cc range. Also, provides less vibration, quieter operation with enhanced comfort.

# Transmissions Most standard transmissions in  Z-turn mowers are the hydrostatic Hydro-Gear EZT 2200, 2800 and 3100 types. Best riding lawn mower boasts an excellent track record regarding maneuverability, ease of use and permanence. Each rear wheel with independent transmission imperative for the zero-turning radius. # Type of the Deck Selection an appropriate deck size and design is entirely depend on practical and personal preferences.

There are multiple factors to determine are; the movement space, nature and type of working surface, construction of the deck and internal components. Average size ranges from 30 inches to 62 inches and more, four-bladed cutting deck proves ideal for cutting tall grass without hiccups. # Controls In most of the Z-mowers, operating function went through twin throttles/lap bars or joysticks instead of a steering wheel controlling the rotational speed and direction of each drive wheel.

Some Z-turns also equipped with a steering wheel that controls front steer wheels. # Rider Comfort The Comfort factor is utmost when it comes to ZTR Mowers. The leg room, adjustable driving seat and Control levers, parking brakes, step bars and hand rails are crucial to your cause. The properly designed seat provides you necessary back support while in work and control panel positioning should be appropriate within your reach.

Vibration-less engine, improved seat suspension, and proper armrests help to make your mowing less tiresome task. # Pricing Prices are variable depending upon the model, make and features, high-end features, and durability proportional to the range of mowers. The residential zero turn mowers start from over thousand dollars and go up little more for the commercial models. Paying little more to your purchase and owning a mower with great features is a wise decision.

# Large, wider wheels Zero turn lawn mowers rely much on hand controls for any movement. One should look for a mower with large wide rear wheels that evenly distribute its weight and exert less pressure on lawn surfaces. Low center of gravity provides better traction and stability on uneven riding surfaces. # Height Adjustability of Cutting Deck A swiftly adjustable cutting height mechanism is an integral part of good zero turn mower.

At times, with the help of control levers, you can quickly elevate the deck for shorter durations. Cutting the grass up to a certain height is essential. # Pro-user features Operating a zero-turn mower is quite different from other conventional lawn mowers/ tractors. The proximity of operator controls and fluid lever movement are keys to fatigue free mowing. The ‘Top-mode’ drives max speed for mowing open and even surfaces, while ‘Low-mode’ gives maneuverability when cutting through narrow spaces.

Cruise control mechanism allows you to engage the same rate to mow straight, longer stretches. Are you not so familiar with zero turn mowers? Read here “How To Operate” a ZTR lawn mower. Top Best Zero Turn Mower Reviews This Z200 series mower is a perfect combination of cutting edge design, finest performance, and next-gen features. Powered by B&S V-twin endurance engine superbly complimented by premium air filtration; chrome plated valves, super finished bearing surfaces and an oversized cooling fan.

Power flows through Dual hydro gear EZT transmission. 54-inch reinforced stamped cutting deck comes with top and bottom air intake, designed to improve grass lift and providing excellent cut. It also has four anti-scalp rollers and an electric clutch for smooth blade engagement. Thick steel reinforced construction infused extra strength and durability for maintenance free service. The deck lift system and control panel are conveniently located thus keeping entire operation at ease.

For operator safety, it has anti-slip foot space, bumper with integrated led headlights. The feature like, automatic park brake system and rear engine guard reflect growing sense of confidence. Check Lowest On Amazon * Husqvarna MZ61 Best Zero Turn Mower Under 5000 This mighty mower from Husqvarna elevates performance, productivity and comfort to very next level. With 61 inches fabricated cutting deck and 27Hp B&S endurance V-twin engine, qualified for your complete property maintenance.

The heavy duty steel frame, intuitive operator interface and commercial grade hydraulic system good enough to produce the unique mowing experience. Paddle assisted cutting deck lift and three blade cutting system deliver fine-tuned results. Its rugged fabricated steel deck has additional mulch and collection capabilities those makes your work much efficient. For operator’s joyride, you found a high back seat with armrests and adjustable ergonomic steering levers.

MZ61 is a gas-powered zero turn mower. Check Lowest On Amazon * Poulan Pro P46ZX Best Zero Turn Mower Under 3000 Poulan Pro P46ZX is designed for entry level zero-turn mower segment and also, one of the most affordable riding mowers in the market. But this budget pricing doesn’t come at the expense of any significant quality aspect.  If you own a large or medium sized garden with professional service requirements but lacks in finances, then it is your best bet on the board.

It boasts of 22 HP Briggs V-twin Pro engine and 46″ stamped reinforced deck with massive ten years warranty. Big 3.5 Gallon fuel tank save you the time off due refueling while electric clutch and hydro gear EZT transmission make lawn maintenance a fun ride. Pro P46ZX is capable of providing professional cut matching with any of high-league mower in the market. Dual wheel transmission ensures maximum maneuverability that translates into shorter mowing time.

Other productive feature includes; foot assisted deck lift, bigger tires(11″front, 18″rear), and six position cutting adjustments. For operator convenience, it has a digital hour meter, easy to access control panel and comfortable extra high back seat. In total, a finest mix of performance, durability, and comfort. Check Lowest On Amazon The largest riding lawn mower from Troy-Bilt’s house designed to mow your lawn in quick and efficient manner.

Its powerful 25hHP 724cc twin cylinder engine loaded with dual hydrostatic transmission and an added oil filter aggressively leads the mission. While 54″ triple-blade side discharge deck targetted to cover the vast landscape with ease. Integrated Electric power take-off(ETO) is perfect for fast and smooth blade engagement. Provided greaseable four castor deck wheels and a rear roller gives surplus efficiency.

For rider convenience, it has two-way adjustable lap bars, fuel sight gauge and floating front axle. Dual deck wash assists to achieve a well-curated professionally serviced lawn. Troy-Bilt’s ergonomic design, eight cutting height adjustment, foot assisted deck lift and easily accessible control panel to deliver acute operational excellence. Comfortable high-back seat with dual suspension springs brings you smooth ride around obstacles.

Check Lowest On Amazon Best described by its bar-raising compact size, with uncompromised performance and enhanced values. This zero turn mower generate maximum efficiency with its rugged steel tube frame, maintenance less drive system, simple controls, and high-performance cutting deck for hassle free operation. Vital features of Husqvarna RZ3016 Mower are 30″ stamped 13 gauge cutting deck and 16-1/2 HP Briggs & Stratton Endurance engine.

Although it has a single-blade manual engagement system, then dual hydro-gear EZT drive system improvised it amazingly. Here you have a 3-gallon gas tank provided to take care off your refueling task. Other intuitive additions consist of a 12-volt electric start,  1-1/2″ to 4″ cutting height, foam cushioned lever and vinyl seat with built in slide. The Air Induction mowing technology improves grass lift and delivers an excellent cut to your lawn.

Check Lowest On Amazon Another Poulan Pro ZTR Mower made to offer you the best of comfort, durability, and performance. It has some prime benefits such as increased maneuverability and shorter mowing time with excellent results. With 24 HP Briggs V-twin pro engine, robust 54 inches(3 bladed) stamped reinforced deck and Dual wheel hydro transmission operator zip around obstacles swiftly. Six positions cutting height adjustment, four anti-scalp rollers, and Easy electric clutch blade engagement ensures you to spend less time on mowing.

For Rider’s comfort, it has 15 inches high back seat, a digital hour meter, easy-to-operate dual levers with foam padded hand grips. You’ll feel confident and comfortable on your lawn cutting job. Other intuitive features are 18 inches rear tires, 3.5-gallon fuel capacity, and up to 2.8 acres per hour cutting rate. Check Lowest On Amazon This Z-track riding lawn mower specially designed for residential users searching for an efficient machine with unmatchable maneuverability and trimming capability.

The 42 inches Accel Deep Deck combine with 20 HP v-twin John Derre engine resulting in enhanced cut quality and processing at greater speeds. Accel Deep mower deck is unique with its Accel Deep mower deck is unique with extended near 5 inches depth shell, which maximizes airflow to lift grass up for most possible cut levels. While Dual EZT transmissions and 18 inches drive tires to ensure higher up to 7 MPH mowing speed for better productivity.

Heavy duty formed welded steel frame provide desired reliability and strength. Convenient controls, a foot platform flips up,  and 15 inches adjustable seat gives ample comfort to the rider. Further multiple position motion control levers and on the go tracking adjustments allows you to easily operate from the seat. Check Lowest On Amazon The ZTR2760BS is an industrial sized beast with sporty looks come from one of the biggest names in zero turn mowers -Swisher.

A massive machine with high-powered performance well suitable for professional grade lawn mowing operations. Powerful 27HP commercial turf B&S Engine and latest rapid response control system offers exceptional maneuverability. Also gives full 360 degrees quick turn capability. Large 60 inches cutting deck with pave super-wide paths and 3 Gator mulching blades optimized for rapid and smooth cutting.

Heavy duty frame made up of high grade welded steel. Despite its massive weight, hydro gear 2800 transmission ensures to put up continuously variable speeds. Other high-end feature includes foot assisted deck lift, 8-gallon fuel capacity, full engine wrap and 8MPH forward and reverse speed. For extended comfort, you got an hour meter, composite fenders with integrated storage, battery compartment, and 12-volt adaptor.

This Swisher riding lawn mower is one of the fastest, powerful and top performers in its class. Check Lowest On Amazon As the tagline speaks “Don’t Just Cut. zOOM”, Arien packed comfort, convenience, and capabilities altogether inside its compact frame. zOOM 50 is an excellent residential mower, fully equipped to manicure your small to medium sized lawns without any trouble. Mower backed by 21 HP Kohler 6000 Series V-twin engine which is capable of delivering powerful cutting performance.

For the optimum cut quality, it has 12-gauge 60″ stamped Xlerator mowing deck. On the other hand, foot-operated deck lift gives you the benefit of variable 1.5″ to 4.5″ cutting height adjustments. This machine facilitates a stable ride and continuous cutting performance, credit goes to the 4-point professional deck hanging system. Other vital features comprise of hydro-gear EZT Transaxles with 1″ axle shaft, 2-gallon fuel capacity and 18″ high back seat.

Check Lowest On Amazon Husqvarna managed to infuse performance and style altogether with the brand new Z200 Series model. Z246 mower powered by B&S 23HP V-Twin 724cc endurance engine featuring a large cooling fan, fine-tuned bearing surfaces, superior air filtration and chrome plated valves. Here cutting-edge design, proven performance, and latest innovative features join hands to deliver an excellent lawn maintenance service.

The 13 gauge, 46 inches reinforced stamped cutting deck fortified by heavy flat-stock steel provided necessary strength and durability. Robust frame and castors reduce chassis flex, and spring assisted deck lift system makes mowing a fun task. This zero turn mower comes with some innovative features such as tube-style chassis with removable foot pan, ergonomic control panel, and bumper with integrated red headlights.

It also has anti-slip foot area, rear engine guard, and automatic park brake system. Check Lowest On Amazon * Ariens ZTR 60 – Best Riding Lawn Mower For The Money Ariens Max zOOM offers you a commercial-standard performance by delivering finest cut and maximum productivity. Loaded with 25HP Kohler series pro-V-twin engine, 725 cc Hydro-gear ZT 3100 transaxle transmission proves an ideal option for quality seeking homeowners.

Due to 60 inches, triple blade cutting deck this mower provides incredible cutting time with fewer passes. Additional features include, 10-gauge fabricated with 25 gauge cast iron spindle deck welded steel frame, 6 deck wheels, and nine cutting heights. With its 13 inches front and 20 inches rear wheels this mower sprint at 8 MPH speed. For Rider safety, there is foot-operated deck lift, fully welded steel frame, and an adjustable sliding high back seat with armrests.

The control lap bars bettered with vibration insulators and are fully adjustable. Other feature including 4 points commercial deck hanging system, electric PTO foot, and big 6-gallon fuel capacity. Check Lowest On Amazon Swisher owns 60 plus years expertise in consumer high powered mower, lawn and farm equipment. Here ZTR2766BS mower offers the user a unique ability to turn full 360 degrees quickly.

This precisely built machine provides a professionally maintained lawn in less time and affordable budget. The latest Rapid response control system The most recent rapid response control system got you improvised monitoring and comfort. Here are the key features of Swisher mower; 27HP B&S engine, Hydro-gear 2800 transmission and Ogura clutch, 66 inches 11-gauge fabricated cutting deck fitted with 3 Gator mulching blades.

Also, have a foot assisted deck lift allowing a smooth raising of the mower deck. It has robust commercial-grade heavy-duty welded steel frame, full engine wrap, battery slot, and a digital hour meter. Massive 8-gallon fuel capacity and 8MPH forward/reverse credentials covers almost entire arena. With such productive report card, it is your best riding lawn mower for the money. Check Lowest On Amazon Closing Thoughts Zero turn mowers facilitate a highly productive mechanism for residential and commercial property owners who owns a lawn, garden, farms, and up to an acre or more land.

Although, you have other regular, low maintenance, and budget-friendly options like standard rear engine riding lawn mower or tractor. But when you thought of Mowing time, efficiency, high maneuverability, work quality and ease of use, nothing can match the class of zero turn mowers. Each of these mowers offers you high productivity, incredible performance, along with their specific cutting-edge features.

Here is the factor of investment, Yes they do cost more and require more commitment and additional budget to maintain properly. They mow lawns nearly two times fast as the average standard mower. Do apply these practices before you go for your zero turn mower – Make consultation or take a hands-on experience with one or more mowers, if someone in your social circle owns them. This helps you to analyze them practically and find what is best for your lawn also, receive authentic user feedbacks.

Now, browse the zero turn mower reviews and make a selection from your particular factors. Following these, you got a perfect idea about zero turn mowers and buy the best product out of your investment. Recently Reviewed Buyers Guide:

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